Wednesday, February 8, 2023

down sick again BUT

 Look at the middle and then go on up the middle of the tree for a white ringed tail and all white chest... It's a hawk and he definitely is blending in. He goes over to E's after their chickens and he will be a dead hawk.

Hubby with E's help got the solar panels up on the pump house. He is waiting for the last of the wiring to come in to finish it up.

 E and M are going back to Indiana to see her cousin that lost their 16 month old son and the widower of her cousin that just died of cancer. The younger kids will be with E's family and the older ones will be still here... they have a couple "helpers" coming in the stay at night time (only 1 night) as it's a leave and be back in 36 hr. trip.  E asked if the kids needed help or something they could come here. Even though we have repeatedly always said yes, they do not assume the answer is still yes. E brought over a pork loin he had extra of from butchering.

Hubby has been taking messages over to E's mom B, she is having knee replacement today and it's been a back and forth message from the hospital. B sent over a loaf of bread for the effort. 

THEN I caught some bug ( I think Daughter 4 gave it to me)... and she always thinks she has to lay on me this way when I am sick. She definitely "cleaned" my knee cap LOL.

The only groceries we have bought this month is 2 gallons of milk at $3.39 each. Compared to the $3000 of stock up and some for Daughter 4 while she has cancer surgery once again. It will take awhile to adjust the finances over it. 

We have our tax stuff together and that appt is in March, we usually owe some as no one takes school taxes out and even though I have made payments on it, I think we will still owe.

Going to crash now...