Sunday, May 2, 2010 of rest and prepping for the week

Sunday is the day I try to rest and prep some for the coming week.

Tomorrow I will be going to the grocery store with my youngest and two of her children.

So I have the menu planned for the next 11 days I am actually here.I have the grocery list for those meals and coupons to match.

I am winging the 15 meals I will put in the freezer for hubby while I am gone to babysit "grandkids" for my son while his is out of state for classes contected with work.Grandkids being his cats.I know most think a guy having cats is weird.It was the better choice for him since he wanted to come home to some thing since he wasn't coming home to some one.He works two jobs and many times is gone for 12-16 hrs a day 7 days a week on top of living in apartments. Dogs need interaction, dogs need outdoor time and he wasn't going to be there to do that.When he needs a doggy fix he comes home and visits his dog,Cookie, we have.

SOOOO I have a to do list for before I go and one for while I am there which includes me packing up his apartment,moving him to his new apartment and unpacking him and then cleaning the old apartment WHILE he is gone.

AND while doing that amongst my own work for myself. I am to fix meals for HIS freezer.The cats just aren't willing to start dinner for him (snicker)and he is tired of crock pot cooking for one even though he also packs his lunch from it. Fast food wore out quickly.He likes his vegetables and he likes variaty and he has a strict budget.

Tonight is chicken stirfry...uses up the veggies that need used up and is a good dish to make extra to freeze for hubby.

Have a great day

Blessed be