Sunday, October 1, 2023


 give me the strength and the right words to say since I can't give my family hugs and be there for them  while  I have covid.

On a good note, Little E asked his mom if he could help bake chocolate chip cookies for us so we would feel better. He remembered I gave them a ice cream bucket of chocolate chips a while back. We got too many and had no storage left for them. He loaded the chips in as she let him put what he felt was right in. So we got 2 dozen cookies from Little E (might let him take more food if it gets us cookies like that) and 3 dozen eggs as they know we feed eggs to Charlotte for her allergies and we have been able to handle eating that also. 

The kids definitely have found how much they lean on me instead of their dad (who can't be there either) since 5 out of six is NOT married or in relationship. I told the ones that have adult kids that responsibility has to be moved down which means we still deal with the 2 sons. Son1 just went and signed papers for two of his close friends that live close to him to sign papers for him in health emergency. Son2 is counting on Daughter 2 and 4. Daughter 3 does not drive so could not go to hospital to sign. Daughter 1 lives farther away from him then we do

I don't usually get on line on Sunday's.  Day 5 or 6 as we think the "cold" Hubby thought he was getting was actually Covid. We just decided when we finish the meds we would take the 2nd test then because we definitely missed a dosage , me morning and hubby night.  We actually ate a meal last night, kept it down but then both of us spent the evening in the johns. 

We had an Amish neighbor around the corner call us to ask if we needed anything from town, even meds as he was going in and thought since we had covid we wouldn't be able to go to town. He dropped off a loaf of bread that his wife baked so I wouldn't have to when Hubby said bread as he is eating toast to keep his stomach settled. Then M sent a loaf over also. So he has plenty of toast.

9th person in family in crisis within 8 wks. Daddy's baby sister's husband in critical condition with heart. Mid 80s. Laid in ER for over 8 hrs. They couldn't find a bed for him at a hospital that does heart surgery. So her son called my brother. As they live in southern Ohio and brother lives in north eastern. My brother called me. I told him to call his own Cardiologist and have him find something and to point out uncle is ARMY RETIRED VET. He was transferred within a hour. I made sure I sent a message to brother's cardiologist thanking  him. Covid has taking a lot of beds AGAIN, STILL, SOMEMORE.  This aunt is 10 yrs older than my brother, my Daddy was 10 yrs older than her so brother and her feel more like siblings. He was the same way with Mother's youngest two twin sisters as they were 5 yrs older than my brother.  He was really struggling but knew I had just went through the NO BEDS with Hubby's heart surgery, hated that he had to even call me since he know what I am struggling with.   Instead of going to a family reunion next Sunday we might be going to a funeral instead. Aunt said we could come in last, sit in the back to the side with mask and leave first. Probably would just make a trip later to see her if this doesn't take her too as she's not been well for the past 3 yrs since Daddy died.

Then my calm, keep it  based on fact brother went off on a rant over politics and lies and media keep spreading the lies and courts allowing it to continue... when he got done I asked him what part of our parents saying ,politicians are liars did he miss? They tell you what they think you want to hear to get voted in and then do what ever suits them best when they get in. All at one time or another does good work but in reality, they aren't just putting stuff in for those of us that elected them, they are doing it for ALL of our country. What is best of OHIO might be the worst thing for Indiana. SO they have things that they are dealing with that we don't really see  or understand.  I have gotten to the point I watch the weather. Hubby let me know the house passed a 45 day clean and Biden signed it. I haven't even watched the weather, I checked my phone for it. Not like I am going to be out in the gardens. ( I can get back in gardens on Monday and canning is limited to 14 jars a day, BOY does Doc know me)

SON 2 is on the waiting list for getting into a Cardiologist for his heart follow up(another Army retired  vet working as civilian for Air Force. Air Force is now involved trying to find a doctor to take him in), Hubby's offered but he isn't in their network for insurance.  But did tell him to make arrangements for his cats and car and to have a packed bag with him at all times. His ex girlfriend has agreed to take care of cats (was bad break up but they are decent friends and lives 5 minutes away) and Daughter 2 in on call for transport and being next of kin until I can take back up that issue. She said she might just stay in that position until unless they do surgery at some point as she's 15 minutes from him and he could return the favor even though her 4 sons are adults, they don't live as close as he does.

Covid is defiantly taking it's good old time going away. Both of our fevers broke Saturday morning... that's a good sign right but Doc said 48 hrs. I still am down this morning so there is hope except I have Crohn's so run a fever over 50 % of the time anyways. SO hard telling. Doc told me to judge by Hubby's symptoms, he has a nasty cough that only happens at night. It's better also. But I have nothing but the fever and diarrhea that I have with Crohns. . Would not have tested if Doc hadn't had Hubby test due to cough.  Makes you wonder how many have this crap and not know it as it is the same as other crap they have.

Great Granddaughter is having another surgery. Shunt was not working at removing fluid off brain so they removed it and the VAD, Moved the catheter from the shunt to the fluid bag on the other side of brain. Will be putting a new shunt on that side I think Monday. Becka wasn't sure, they are going more of when baby is stable instead of "let's do surgery this day" trying to keep her from struggling with all the surgeries. Daughter 4 (grandma) is holding on by finger tips working 3rd shift (her car blew the engine)  saving for new car, homeschooling the teenager, having the older teenager hate being an adult and having to work (LOL) and not in the field he went to vocational school for and babysitting Becka's older daughter so her and Daddy can be at hospital. The neat thing they have now is there is a camara at baby's crib so her big sister can see her and talk to her every day. When Mommy and Daddy go visit her, Daughter 4 will call them and they let baby hear big sister's voice so she will recognize the voice when she does get to come home. Daughter 4 videoed big sister singing to baby sister and Mommy and Daddy show her every time they go to see her.

I am going to have to toss food I bought 3 wks. Some of the apples are rotting that I will have to deal with. I hate it but as Hubby put it , we can still buy more apples and make do with what we end up with. I told him we were pulling the gardens for the year as I finish harvesting tomatoes probably within a week or two. As there are still some green. I've canned enough of green ones. I sat down yesterday and wrote out the new to do list for both of  us so if someone asks if we need help with something we can check the list and say YES. E's oldest came over and looked at floor of wood shed. It needs replaced in the one section. He tore out the rotten wood and cleaned it up a bit and said if we had plyboard we could just lay it down over that spot and deal with fixing it next summer when we would clean it out for fresh wood. Hubby has about half of the siding on, E thinks they could put the roof on during one good afternoon as it's not rotted just metal got a hole in it when the tree limb went through it. Hubby has new metal roofing pretty much cut to fit so it's take off the old and screw on the new. I told Hubby I thought we could take it off ourselves but have E or couple of his boys help put it on. They are trying to get M's wash house finished for winter and the out house finished at the same time. 

Their 1000 gallon cistern went dry. First time in 10 years, we pointed out half his rain spouting is down due to wash house construction and it has not rained in 3 wks. to amount to much. In fact we have gotten more moisture from fog than we have rain and it's not much even with as thick as it is. 

I told Hubby I wasn't putting water in the pond, if it got much lower, the Amish was going to have to have a fish fry to keep us from having a fish kill. He told E that when E checked on us the other day. E went out and check and said right now it's okay but he also had his brother who put the pond in check it. He okayed it also but did leave a marker that I can see from the house so E or him can see the level and know when it hits too low and to go fishing. 

I think I am going to take a nap.  I know I will be running to the bathroom