Saturday, November 26, 2022

Saturday evening.

 Hubby is watching football on tv because his best buddy can't and is moving his daughter... so Hubby is texting scores until Buddy gets home.

We had a cold morning mid week and she came in to did this. First time she's went anywhere near the stove. Wednesday, we turned the furnace on and let the wood stove go out. Mornings have been in the low 40s and high's in the 50s. No sense burning the wood and opening doors and windows to cool the house down. Next Wednesday night we will most likely fire up the wood stove and turn off the furnace if the forecast says the same as now.

We had Thanksgiving for 2. Two of the daughters had to work and their kids went to their dad's side, and the other 4 kids went to their other side. Which is why we used to have the family Thanksgiving dinner the Sunday before the holiday until kids said to quit as it was becoming too much for them. Since it was at our home , we quit, didn't have to say something twice especially when it came from 2 of them that NEVER agree on anything. Now they are dealing with their kids "other sides" and grandkids and wonder how we got it done. Daughter 2 has Christmas night as that's when her son3 comes home from deployment. Not all will make it then either.

We have decorated for holidays. I made a cross out of plastic hangers and outlined it with lights for our new decoration for this year and Hubby hung it on the house. I try to add something every year. 

We love it that the cross shows right through the light tree.

I ordered the prime rib roast for Christmas eve (Son 1 will be here). I got a discount for ordering this month. This is the only thing Hubby ever asks to have for holidays. His grandma on his Dad's side always served it when it was her turn to have Christmas eve dinner.

Hubby's business has not been doing much this week. So he used the time to cut more wood and do a couple small repair jobs he's had on his to do list forever. There has been several deaths in many of the families that require them to go out of state. Rough as it is since they automatically bury on the 3rd day of the death. 

With the weather being decent, I have washed the Christmas table linen and odds and ends and hung them on the yard clothes line to dry. Don't usually get that all done in one day since I usually have to use the drying rack at this time of year. It was really nice to have that completely done.

We are going down to Son2's tomorrow for lunch. 

I am ready for a mini break LOL