Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday thoughts

I keep a copy of this picture (from somewhere on the internet) on my frig. WHY? because the kitchen looks close to the one I grew up in and loved (20 x 24) with a 40 inch range,(Mom's uncle built the house originally for the preacher). The woman looks like my Nonna and the apron in my favorite design of aprons.Mom had the dish drainer on the left  and Dad built a cabinet under the sink.

Mom passed about in Nov 2012 but I still have Dad, he has dementia but is doing well enough to still be living on his own.

I don't miss being a kid, life was very rough while I grew up. But I miss the routine of the home.Something I have struggled with since running a home when I turned 13 is getting my own routine of home care that I refer to as Home Blessing.

When the kids were little, no problem, when the kids were teens, no problem. When I worked out of state 2 wks out of every month for 8 yrs, no problem. When our grandson lived with us for a year, no problem.

Pushing 60, just the two of us and two dogs (four legged kids) BIG PROBLEM .

SO if you have the same problem, no matter what your are not alone. NO PROBLEM