Monday, October 5, 2015

October shopping plans

My pantry is pretty full and we are now starting to eat mainly from it. I do have a few things that I will look to buy if the right price during the fall and early winter.

I got our winter squash at the Amish produce auction for a $1 per squash,usually around 3 lbs. Pumpkins were $1 per pumpkin that weighed around 30 lbs.I also got 50 lbs of white onions and 30 lbs of red onions. We got potatoes for 20 ¢ lb.

 I would like to have acorn squash if I find it at the farmer's market for the right price. I hope to be able to order 50 lbs of potatoes from our local store for 20 ¢/ lb this fall.

I dehydrate my potatoes raw, after shredding or slicing or dicing I soak them in apple cider or lemon lime soda pop or fruit fresh for about 15 min. They sometimes turn a tan depending on how long it took me to get them in the soaking water I think is that issue.

 I will cook and puree and then dehydrate the puree of the pumpkins to grind in my blender. Takes a lot less room and last longer for me, plus I can toss a tablespoon or so into anything I am cooking and not wondering what to make with what is left in the container.

I need flours for holidays, that usually comes on sale soon so I am on the lookout.

I have a couple rices and Kraut I want to add to the pantry.

Our local butcher usually has pork on sale during Oct. I will pick up a case of smoked sausage and dinner sausage patties if within our price range.

We are finding the garden is producing a few things still that will help with fresh foods.

I have some broccoli,kalettes and lettuce plants to put in this week.

I am still processing apples and cabbages. I will wrap a few of the cabbages in plastic wrap for short term storage. The pumpkins are usually the last I process.

I'm going to have to break down and get some clothes for both of us. Still checking the thrift shops and yard sales.