Thursday, June 3, 2021

bfast bar day

 I know it sounds weird but it's weirder it took me all day to get it done.  Sorry, not really, more of a what the crap moment of not taking a before photo... Just think 2 feet deep across entire area. I couldn't even put my coffee cup down to the left side of coffee pot let alone prep anything. I was frustrated as it seems I am clearing this off every other week. 

I still have another hanging sign to put up around coffee pot to the right but I need to buy a picture hanger for it first. 

Hubby asked what was all on it... 

2 dozen clean canning jars he said he would take to basement for me, mail that should have been put directly in burn trash (he acknowledged that was him also), paperwork from Daddy's insurance that needed filed, recycling that needed to be taken out to can (it was raining so he stuck it there and forgot to take it out when the rain stopped, it's 6 steps to the recycling can on the deck, I don't think the rain will hurt either of us)... dishes that  I used that was stored in basement but needs to be up here for summer cooking but had no place. SIGH. I have bruised my butt from kicking it. 

I told him if he agrees to take something to basement it is to be done that day. If it isn't and I take it down I don't want to hear the whine of "you never give me time to do such and such". I have started asking for a time something will be done that he agrees to do as other wise it is NOT done until I am fighting with him over it. He actually brought this up to our doctor during our appt and doc told him  it sounded like HE had a problem with priorities and keeping his word. I kept my mouth SHUT. Our doctor has did a lot of volunteer work with Hubby so he knows him well.

I cleaned off the bar (still have a box of jars and some dishes to take down to basement) THEN I put what I wanted on there... food prep stuff. I moved the chargers that usually sit at the wall to the end of bar (yes I have plugs on end of my bar) and put the chargers in that drawer after moving the random recipes and instruction books for kitchen appliances to the file cabinet in the front room. 

I also cleaned inside the cabinets which has the pots and pans, some of casserole dishes etc. , move dishes I have not used out to go to the basement. I shifted the cooking stuff to the kitchen side and put the serving dishes on the dining room side. 

I had stopped using serving dishes at the request of Hubby a couple years ago. It bugs the crap out of me so I just told him I would rather wash extra dishes which 90% goes in dishwasher anyways. Breakfast and lunch I am okay with serving from the pans but I prefer our evening meal to come from serving dishes. I have no clue why he felt the way he does as his grandmothers and mother (even today) puts food in serving dishes. Bfast was the only meal Mother didn't put in serving dishes.

ANY WAYS I side tracked. Sorry. Since my cooking methods change with the season and I plan on using the grill more... I looked hard at what is taking up kitchen space. 

I will be buying containers for the Christmas dishes ,sitting in the china hutch, and the fancy wash by hand dishes that was Mother's and Daddy's  I use for Easter, Thanksgiving etc. also in the china hutch. But that is for another day.

Today though I will be going through seeds... to finish summer planting (raining) and prep for fall planting and then winter planting. Since costs for the basement was higher and we are refinancing house... we might just cover a few of the garden beds for winter plants. We did that a couple years at the old farm we rented.

Blessed be