Wednesday, August 19, 2020


Tuesday night... Hubby went over to E and M's to pick sweet corn. He was suppose to get 3 dozen but thinks between L and little E there is closer to 5 dozen. 

He also brought home from them, radishes, onions, celery, oranges, 3lbs apples,4 lbs plums, cantaloupe and 6 tomatoes that are the size of a soft ball. 

SO today I started ...  I harvest garlic chives ,chives and kale from my gardens and put that in the dehydrator. In the other dehydrator is celery from M and what I had picked up. That will give me enough for the winter as I will buy some fresh for celery salad and stir fries.

I froze cauliflower and broccoli I had gotten. Not a lot but enough for a meal or two.

I started canning the last of the beets M sent over last week when her daughter L knocked on the door and had 1 plastic grocery bag of green beans with the news of  her brother was bringing the second bag. OH well add that to the growing list. 

Hubby called to tell me he had local honey to bring home and we were being gifted with a fresh chicken as one of the guys had butchered 40 plus chickens.. 

Tonight is beef roast with M's onions and my potatoes... tomorrow is now chicken.
I have cantaloupe ,watermelon and corn to process for the freezer.

I have more kale, garlic chives and chives to dehydrate.

I have plums, green beans, pears, (another gift)peaches (yes again) pickled watermelon rind, and pickled red onions to can.

Within a week or 2  I will have beets for pickled beets from A, green tomatoes(sliced and breaded for freezer and made in to relish) red tomatoes ( picadilly , salsa  and sauce ) from N .I will dehydrate the tomato skins for powder to make paste out of when needed or add to taco meat etc 

Making noodles is still on the list also.