Saturday, September 16, 2023

Update widow maker lost


He had a deformity in his heart.... and that is the ONLY reason the widow maker didn't kill him. That is actually how the cardiologist put it. I already buried a husband due to the widow maker. I know how easy it is to miss the signs of the main artery of the heart being blocked. 

Hubby was trimming the back fence line, felt cold, couldn't get warm. It's 75 and sunny... came in and I took his temp thinking he's caught the bug going around and his temp was 95... that's a BIG WARNING sign. 

He watched them do the procedure, as it was on an screen that he could see. Surgery was to take an hour. It took 2 as the surgeon decided since he was in there to check a few more things that could "pop" up. Follow up in 2 wks. He comes home tomorrow. I'll take him to see his Dad on our way home. 

He can't drive for a week, can only lift 5 lbs. When he starts moving around etc, if he can't talk steady while working, it's too much. Surgeon thinks when he is recovered he will actually be able to do more than he was.

Hubby cracked the joke he should have waited until the 1st when Medicare and Medigap would have paid all the bills. I told him to not worry about that right now, it will take 2 months for all the bills to run through before we get the amount we owe. I will be putting money back monthly to cover it. We do have some in a money market but it's not going to be enough. 

Meantime I am trying to calm his parents and siblings, my brother, all 6 kids to just stop, he's okay, he is coming home. But we all admit it's triggered the PTSD of when my late husband died, Daughter 4 was 3 and kept asking where Daddy was. 

Daughter 2 called me tonight, told me to update FB (several friends, classmates and family that aren't local) and my blog and then go to bed. 

Prayers for peace

Stay safe

Blessed Be 

Hubby has had a heart attack.

 He was edging the back field where the roses are. Came in and said he was cold. He was working in the sun, he should have been on the warm side. I took his temp... it was 95. He went to the potty and came out and told me he was going to drive himself to urgent care. 

First clue was the low temp the second clue he wasn't thinking straight was he was going to drive himself. I got him in around 2 pm. They did the blood test that shows if you are having a heart attack. YEP. Then they got a ER doctor raising cane because the cardo that is at another hospital wasn't sending ambulance to get him and their ambulance wasn't equipped.

Cardo doctor is coming in this morning. I am going to go take a nap because he's been calling me every 2 hours after they sent me home.

Prayers please