Tuesday, May 31, 2022

end of May.

 petite peas are starting to come in, not even 1 serving so I froze them.

Scallions, radishes and strawberries are starting. Good on the strawberries as I had just cut the rhubarb back so we had strawberry rhubarb pie and I put 4 jars of the filling in the freezer. I harvested mint and red raspberry leaves for teas.

Love my peonies that have bloomed. I can sit on the deck and smell them. Reminds me of sitting at Daddy's and Mother's bedroom window where Daddy had planted them for Mother.

SIGH, well at least she didn't dig the potatoes up that is planted in that box. Hubby cleared the drain pipe he has stuck in the small lean to on the barn hoping she will lay there instead. Otherwise those potatoes probably won't make.

The summer curtains are up so that's off the to do list. 

Deep freezer #1 has been cleared of bad food (not much but I do need to stay with vacuum bags instead of freezer bags), reorganized and inventoried.  I now have only the other 2 deep freezers to do. 

The last 2 days has been finish planting potatoes, harvesting spinach, strawberries, lettuce, scallions, radishes and a couple cherry tomatoes. WEEDING... LOL Catching the yard work up since it is now dry enough as we got almost 3 inches of rain in 2 days. 

We got 7 items on the grid list done, 3 on order and paid for (wood/coal stove, solar pump and chimney for stove). We have 5 left to to get done. Have to save up the cash for those.

I've been hanging the wash on the kitchen clothes line so it blocks the sun from heating up the house. 

We have been opening the windows in the mornings to get the coolness in. I opened the skylight and the floor vent (old fashion cast iron floor vent) in the lofts to have the heat go up to help cool the 1st floor. We run the ceiling fans while sleeping if too warm. AC and box fans have not been on yet even though we hit high 80s the humidity is still low.

Meals are light and from the pantry. 

Left over water from dog bowls, glasses etc was used to water flowers. If flowers didn't need it I poured it in the drain off the kitchen porch that goes to the pond as last year I was having to run the well pump to keep enough water in to not have a fish kill on my hands.

I reworked the budget since the "grid down" stuff whacked out the get the mortgage paid off. ADD on top of the stock market hitting the IRA's. It's nice for both our IRA guys to call and keep us up to date with what is going on, how they are handling it and what we can do on our end to help keep things stable.

I want to tweak it a bit more for setting it in stone. 

Blessed Be 

Prayers for peace. 

Stay safe