Sunday, July 16, 2017

Mid July... 11 days to surgery..staying frugal

I have a post it on my desk that I sit down at every morning that says"what can I do frugal today?"

Sometimes that is only take a shower when I really really want to soak in the tub even though we don't pay for water (live in the boonies) we pay for the electric to heat the water and the electric to run the pump for the water. BUT the last few days I've had to soak due to a rash from the weeds we cleared from our daughter's. Not the type of soak I was wanting. I used epsom salt, witch hazel, rubbing alcohol and Aloe on the advice of my doctor since I am allergic to so many things that most use for rashes

Wikibuy cancelled my order for the 2nd dehydrator. I got one during Amazon's Prime day sales for half of the normal price cheaper than what I would have gotten through Wikibuy and BIGGER... that is frugal.

I made 5 gallons of laundry soap that cost me less than $1.50 to make.Used the clothesline or drying rack when I did the laundry.

Used the inserts to the cold cereal (Hubby's meal before he lays down in the mornings)to layer meat on cookie sheets for the freezer to freeze individually before I bag them. I buy cereal when it's on sale and I have coupons that puts a big box around $2.

Hubby fixed his tailgate twice and then fixed his rear lights.

AC has been off a couple nights and I kept the windows shut and just turned the fan in the bedroom on low. Windows open every morning, curtains closed in the afternoon.Hubby ran the window AC in the bedroom when there is enough breeze I won't turn on the Central Air.Lights off when not in room or needed, Computers and coffee makers on powerstrips that are turned off ( I unplug at night or during storms)

The fuel tank for the tiller is to be in this week and that will be fixed. They gave us a discount due the wait of getting the part in.

We used Speedway fuel card and Kroger pts for our gas.

I am weeding daily to keep up with it so Hubby isn't overwhelmed when I go down on surgery. Cherry tomatoes are starting to turn, eggplants are about half my thumb length, bell peppers are getting a decent size, Should have a couple nice green tomatoes to fry next week.Still have lettuce which is a shock with this heat.

I got my son's wardrobe done without buying anything to refinish it. Score for both of us.

I am working on the buy list to be stocked up when Hubby retires and by doing so I have found some things that should have been in one spot but was in another so we aren't as low as I thought.I brought a bookcase that was sitting in the farrowing house (storage building now) that we bought over a year ago and used it upstairs to sort the Personal Items on for storage.I moved a smaller bookcase into another bedroom upstairs to put empty canning jars on so I can get to them if I try canning with one hand.

I dehydrated spearmint, peppermint, thyme and basil.

I used milk/water mixture to treat the mold on the plants. I use borax and sugar at the base of the hummingbirds feeders to get rid of the ants. I use borax to scrub the bathroom and floors.

I changed a 30 day med order to a 90 day on 2 prescriptions saving $10 between the two so that is $40 a year.

We went to a hog roast on behalf of the man that Hubby had to do CPR (none of the Medical people had ever seen someone that gray that survived with very little damage). I took 2 salads from our pantry and gardens.We took water also instead of buying it.

I picked up medical items I will need after surgery on sale at Dollar General.

We went to Menards to pick up weed killer for our daughter (should have done that before we all got rashes from the honeyvine milkweed) and ran across several good FOOD buys of things we needed to fill in the pantry. I almost have my pasta filled back in and I got a few more boxed dinners that Hubby thought he could handle to get us pass the two week mark.I figure by then I can start cooking with one hand and not mess myself up.

I fixed egg sandwiches tonight for dinner just to see if I could crack eggs one handed, fry them and then make the sandwich and then cut it. Closing the bread sack was the hardest.

We are at what Hubby's employer considers catastrophic medical wise so we no longer have copays or deductible which hit just at the right time with the surgery in 11 days. What we do owe is sitting in the saving waiting for the bills. Two of them will give us discounts for paying before the due date. We try to wait until about 3 -4 days before it's due to pay it.

I wrote up a menu for 37 weeks even included sides on some. If there was a recipe I noted where it was (computer bookmarks main, side etc, what cook book , BRANDY.( The Prudent Homemaker) yeah the eat beans for a week and whatever is on her menus that I had already in the pantry and freezers is listed.

 I am half way through my have to be done before surgery list. Even if I only get 1/4th of what is left done... I will consider it a success.

May you find peace in your day
Blessed Be