Friday, January 4, 2013

Pantry challenge day 4

I was sick last night so didn't cook. Hubby had a ham sandwich and some raw veggies and I had Ramen noodles (no broth) with butter and garlic powder and went to bed. Still the food was from the pantry and not the local fast food shop which I normally send hubby to when I am sick. So tonight, even if I am not feeling well I am fixing ham slices,garlicky mushrooms and kale, creamy cheese polenta and citrus salad with creamy Italian dressing. I don't like kale, but like my Dad I am going to start eating what is good for me not necessarily what I like.Besides I think the garlic will cover the taste. SMILE. Heading to the couch now with a pot of ginger tea and hopefully feeling better. Blessed be Juls