Tuesday, July 30, 2019

update on curtains

Old curtains
west side of dining room

east side of dining room

New curtains for all 3 windows

Old curtains in front room which are dark brown
new curtains for 4 windows. You can't tell it but this room is the crimson red room

Old curtain bathroom
new curtain for 1  window

Old curtain for office with rolled up towel at bottom

New curtain office
Old curtain for French doors

New curtains for French doors

We love the pattern even though Daughter 4 said it was grandma-ish (which I pointed out to her that 2 of her older sisters are both grandmas)

It looks close to the border I had in our kitchen when the kids were growing up...

But here it the DUH moment which is going to take a few hours to fix . I did tell the kids that it was so the dogs could lay and look out, which they do but that isn't what happened. I wrote the wrong measurement down 3 times.

Thankfully I do have more of the material and will have the lovely task of matching the print so the new seam won't show as much as it could. I plan to add to the top after I pick out all the seams bottom and top...


ANYWAYS today is not a sewing day unless I get around to it. I have 6 cases of canning jars that need cleaned and new lids and rings put on them along with Son 2 trash can to bring back in and hose down as he washes it every week so it don't stink from used cat litter and I promised to do so also. I have paper work to catch up on that shouldn't be put off any longer.  I will do ironing and pinning for tomorrow's sewing tonight.

stop and see the beauty and count your blessings...

Not a frugal weekend CLOTHES WASHER DIED

Of course it was when it was FULL of water, just kept adding water and more water. I am so glad I do not run the clothes washer, dryer or dishwasher while gone. This was Saturday morning at 6 am as Hubby was getting ready to go away with a couple of friends for the morning. I waved him off, wrung out the curtains I was washing by hand and hung them out on the line to DRIP.

I looked at a couple places we buy from , one was have a good sale. Saturday afternoon we were in the store and the young man that asked if we needed any help mouth dropped when I said yes, washer died that morning, what did he have in stock that I could haul home NOW in the larger machines. HE did say he was sorry my day started like that as it set the tone of the day.He had 2 I could chose from, same price, same space, etc.... I took the one with the better reviews.

Thing of having a large washer (I was thick comforters and king size blankets monthly) is I am SHORT... Hubby made this step for me a long time ago. It's solid, big enough I can turn around and not fall off but small enough that it's not in HIS way . It holds a bigger load so less loads for me to wash. (SAVINGS THERE ) I didn't care about what features it had but can tell you the delay start is wonderful as I have the habit of putting the first load of the day in the washer the night. Now I can actually add the soap and set it to come on.The wash cycles are a bit longer than the old one but there is a timer so you can see how long it takes and how long is left to finish. Hubby likes it plays a little tune instead of buzzing when it's done.

Since I wasn't washing curtains, bedding and clothes Saturday morning. I worked on decluttering and organizing areas that are way past due. The north loft has a new (Daddy's old ) metal stand for stock up of cleaning supplies. The grow cart is put back together and the extra stuff for it is in the garden shed. I straightened up some of my baking supplies and realized I have some of the "lesser used" items on the low side.

While getting the washer I got some odds and ends that was on the buy list AND I insisted we get a new microwave. The old one floats how much it heats. I've boiled room temp coffee in 30 seconds and other times it takes it 2 min to heat up.

Electrician is going to install whole house surge protector. Just told us to order it and when he is down to work on the drain to the wheel chair shower and a torn heat duct, he will install it also.

We ate from the pantry. Daughter 2 was suppose to come up to visit with her son 4 , that got changed due to her job an hour before they left to come up so I was glad I didn't fix anything extra for them besides the lemonade.

Since I have nothing that I have to be back for I will finish the next 2 weeks at Son 2 cat sitting until he is home. Nice to not have that 3 hr round trip or spend the money on gas. I did bring a few more things from the pantry to help with the costs of food . I did coupons with the local store sales and got a third off the grocery bill for the fresh produce and dairy.

Hubby did his laundry while I was gone. E stopped over while I was harvesting the last of the gourmet potatoes (grown in grow bags , about 125 lbs total, one of the few things that grew)  and let me know the talk of the area was Hubby hanging clothes on the clothes line while I was gone. Amish men will do laundry and will hang clothes ENGLISHERS are not know for it. One English neighbor had his wife pointing out that Hubby not only washed his clothes but put them on the line and all she was asking was him to wash his clothes and use the dryer.  😊. Guess Hubby took a picture of our wringer washer and took it over the gentleman. NO Hubby has not used my wringer washer. LOL

I pulled the shallots, didn't get very big but they did grow. I also got a couple onions, not very big also. They are curing where the garlic was which is now cured and ready to be prepared for storage.

I got 3 zucchini not very big but made 6 cups of shredded zucchini for the freezer and a bit to toss in Hubby's hamburger helper he fixed for his meals of the day. Was a couple of small jalapenos that he chopped up and added to it also.

The local farm that sells fresh veggies that they grow for their income are buying from the produce auction. Their farm didn't do well.

Hubby was offered a permanent job at the produce auction. Two days a week, Tuesday afternoon and Friday afternoon of delivering stuff bought by a few stores that buy regularly from the auction during garden season. They don't do much during the winter but if one of the stores buys shipped in (what the auction has brought in during off garden season) then he would be hauling that also. The young man that's been doing it is having surgery and doesn't plan to come back to the position afterwards. Hubby asked for the locations so he would know mileage and the pay before he agrees to it. Would be nice if it pays enough. He asked why he was the one asked to replace the guy as we know there are others that haul in the area for years... he keeps the livestock trailer CLEAN ALWAYS. Doesn't matter what he hauls even when it was Daddy's furniture to our barn. He pressure washes the trailer ALWAYS.IF he hauls critters then he sprays it out and scrubs it down and then sprays it again. Just how he was raised.

How was your week?

Wednesday, July 24, 2019


I have been sewing off and on for 50 yrs...My sewing is simple. I've made my own clothes, curtains, bedding, tablecloths,napkins etc but when Daughter 2 needed her wedding dress let out I call for my foster sister to deal with it. She's far more professional than I am.

So deciding to make our curtains when we bought the house last year wasn't anything new. I didn't have time (or energy since I was sick) to make the cold weather curtains before we moved in, nor did I make the warm weather curtains during the winter as planned. Bought some material but didn't do anything else.

So when Son 2 told me he needed me to cat sit for a month while he was in school out of state... it was perfect for me to do the sewing.

16 summer curtains 16 winter curtains with liner if not heavy material. We decided to go with a blind in the mudroom as neither of us can reach the window very well (that will be the first window to be changed).

I gathered the fabric I ordered for  the front room and dining room warm weather curtains and then started going through my stash in the barn (yes still in the barn) for the rest of the house.

I found fabric Hubby had picked out for our home over 15 yrs ago and will make the summer curtain for his bathroom out of it. I already did his winter curtain last fall.

I found fabric that we used to drape front room window in the house we had in 2008. It's enough to make curtains for the front room, instead sewing a liner in them I ordered a sheer liner from Amazon that is also an insulator. The liner was half of the cost I was going to pay for fabric before I found what I did.

I found in my stash blue jean fabric that I will line with the stash flannel fabric to make the winter curtains for the dining room.

I found heavy fleece for the French doors and then fabric that I had bought 15 yrs ago to make curtains and didn't. So that fabric will be the summer curtains as the sheers we have now don't keep the west sun out and it heats up the kitchen.

I found fabric that I had bought to make throw pillows for my granddaughter and there is just enough to make a curtain for my bathroom and the office.

I found some fabric a quilter gave me that I am lining with more stash flannel to  be the winter curtain in my bath.

I had bought a summer curtain for the laundry room that had sunflowers, my mother's favorite flower. I found the fleece I had tossed over the curtain rod and used binder clips to hold it there and made it into a curtain.

I found fabric with roses (Daddy's favorite flower) that I will make into curtains for the bedroom. I did order fleece twin blankets  to make curtains (cheaper than buying fabric) for this coming winter.

I am using the scraps from the dining room curtains to make 2 sets of curtains for 2 of the lofts. I am using the scraps of jean fabric lined with scrap flannel for the winter curtains....these are really small windows.

I found another quilting fabric that I am lining with scrap flannel for the office winter window.

I found fabric to make 7 new table cloths (we have an odd size table) and 32 napkins.

I found fabric to make 4 new aprons ( I hope to do more later as I have more fabric).

I am not color coordinating the thread to the fabric. White,blue or black is all that I am using.

I had finished 4 sets. I cut the rest of the 28 sets, table cloths, napkins and aprons out yesterday. Today is sew and sew and sew.

Which I best get at it as I have found it takes me 2 hrs to do one set, hopefully I can cut that time.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

heat warning frugal

 We still opened the house up when the temperature was below 80 and closed it up and turned AC on when it hit 85 (or higher if there was a breeze) AC is set on 78. Fan are sitting at vents to help move the cold air around.

We open curtains on side of house with NO sun , close the ones that the sun is coming in. between noon and 1 we close up the one side and open the other.

We cooked our meals in the morning and ate them cold or microwaved them to reheat. I got a few zucchini from the garden and a couple green tomatoes off a dying tomato plant.

We ate the lettuce that is now bolting. Hubby said he is feeding it to the horses next door as a bribe to let him pet them.

We have also figured out the light weight sheers on the French doors was not a good thought for the summer. Most of this summer I have had another set over them to keep the sun out. SO curtains for those doors is added to my curtain making list.

We decided on a blind for the mudroom window. Neither of us can reach this window very well as the counter (old sink and was the kitchen) that we do not want to tear out is wider than our standard Englisher counters.

We have watered the plants that are in pots using the cistern (has a hand pump in the mudroom sink)

We are drinking a lot of water, glad our well water tastes good even before we got the softener.

We are getting up early to get work done even in the house (21 items off punch list, 2 items off energy audit list).

The heat is suppose to break on Tuesday, I sure hope so because my AC needs a vacation.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

frugal choices

It's Prime day at Amazon and pretty much everything on my watch list is now down to the price I would spend on it and had saved for... couple of them even less was the antenna Hubby wanted to install when we bought the house and and we didn't want to spend that much is less than half what it was .

I also found a plain jane iron as mine died this past week in the middle of sewing 24 curtains. Lucky for me I was cat sitting at Son 2's and he has an iron. Hubby did mention he could go over and find out where M got her iron and go buy me one. I can heat it up on our cook stove... I told him to clean the barn upstairs storage out as I think N and E left one she didn't want when they moved LOL.

I did check school supplies, not that we have any kids to buy for but I get my supplies, pens, paper etc during the days they have school supplies. I will get the notebook paper and spiral notebooks at the store.

Hubby started working on the repairs needed per energy audit results starting with the foundation of both the house and the pump house. We got a bid from a neighbor to do the work....$3000 plus supplies. I think we can do it on our own for that price.

I had to buy perishable for myself at Son 2's home. I was going to drive to the store that is 30 minutes away but he told me to go to the local store as their prices are pretty much the same after adding the cost of gas. I focused on their sales. I will have to buy more milk, fresh fruit etc but I bought enough meat for the whole time I am here and repacked it for the freezer. They had family packs of chicken breasts and pork chops  on sale.

Hubby ate from the freezer and didn't eat out.

Hot and humid and no rain here, went north and south of us.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Just going to bang my head on the wall

I have 28 curtains to make for home. 14 for warm weather and 14 for cold. My expensive iron I bought 2 years ago DIED, just up and DIED in the middle of doing the cotton curtains.

We found the trouble we have been having with our microwave and clothes washer is coming from power surges, we hadn't noticed any until the other night and we called the electric company. They are checking lines etc but did suggest power surge protectors for anything that has a computer chip in it. Now I need 8 of surge protectors. Regretfully that didn't cause my iron to die.

The AC was running and we heard an unusual sound coming from the furnace. Hubby said it was not getting enough air so we went checking cold air vents to see if something was blocked. We find 2 small filters in the cold air vent and hot air vent in the north loft...didn't even know there was filters there and apparently the HVAC company didn't realize they were there either as the things are about 20 yrs old from the first English owner that built the house... YEWWW.
Hubby called the HVAC company and they said those didn't need to be replaced LOL.

Hubby went to hook up the small trailer to the old truck to help E move the fertilizer tank to his parents, he cut the bolt off the hitch and then beat the ball part to get it off hitch of the truck so he could change the ball. Guess that's what happens when you drive 2 trucks and one is a bumper pull and the other a goose neck AKA 5th wheel. Took him 4 hrs of working on it to get it changed, E felt bad over it.

My car goes in for oil change and regular check up... I am almost afraid of what else will need done. Probably brakes and rotors, that I expect but just with the way things have been going .

Hope your weekend and this coming week go better than you hope


Thursday, July 11, 2019

Energy audit results.

 We just keep reminding ourselves we knew there was going to be a lot of work, just didn't expect this part to be as much work.

There was a blower door test to mimic a 20 mph wind and thermal imaging to see where the air leaks was.

The audit through our electric company was $50. I have seen these audits run over $300... Even so I would have paid the price.

SIGH.  We really wished we could have had this done BEFORE we had all the work done so it could have work would have been done and the cost covered under the loan.

There is 120 things that need fixed. We have enough air leaking that should NOT be to match having a 16 inch by 16 inch hole in the wall 24/7 365 days a year. Costing around $700 in heating and AC.That is propane and electric bills AND that's just the house part. The pump house 6 ft wide by 8 ft long 12 ft tall is an additional $350 loss . So over $1000 in propane and electric is lost.

The 4 rooms (aka lofts) upstairs, every single seem of the walls need caulked.Which told us that there was no under wall under the paneling , just attached to the wall frame.

Four attics have the insulation installed BACKWARDS. Instead of taking it all out , we were advised to just add an air barrier.

The entire foundation needs insulated. Great Stuff is the answer to that. We will need to either crawl under porches to apply it or just put up boards on bottom of porches with insulation board on the back of what ever we use to enclose the porches. Deck will also have to be done when we get it built.The 18 yr old that built this house on his own just didn't know that you are to insulate the foundation footing. Believe me for an 18 yr old he did very well building. There are a few things not done right and you definitely understand it was his age and just not having the wisdom at that time.
This entire front room needs caulked along the baseboard and heater vents need caulked AND the crawl space under it needs the duct work repaired.

The vent to the wheelchair bathroom shower needs fixed

All 17 windows need caulked inside and out. One window need replaced or a storm window made for it. All windows need new seals. We thought all the windows were bad and would need replaced and they don't at this time so this was good news?

Two doors !!!NEW DOORS!!! need new seals.Funny thing was our French doors (French doors are well known for air leakage) wasn't leaking at all even with being out of alignment. The threshold that was installed under it was.

Outlets in some areas are leaking air. I had not done all of those, not sure if the insulators I used were old or if I missed some. I know I hadn't done the upstairs.

The old electric meter needs removed and sealed so it will no longer be leaking air along the electric wires.

The attic work will have to be done this fall as it is way too hot in them to be working. We were advised to do the pump house and the house foundation FIRST. Hubby is going to be on that. I get filling in the missing insulation in the basement and caulking everything  ( I hate caulking but Hubby makes such a mess with his tremors) and our GOAL is Oct 9th (Hubby's 61 st birthday) but if needed finish the attics by Thanksgiving.

of the 160 items on the final punch list for finishing this house.

We would have to do 6 things off the audit list (priority) and 8 things off the punch list to be finished by Thanksgiving. We average 20/month on the punch list. Looks like another year of long days and very short nights like last year.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Frugal notes ,not in order

but as I can remember doing them.

I am doing Frugalwoods Uber month of not spending anything but what is NEEDED.

Homemade laundry soap and cold water and clothes line for the laundry.

Stayed out of grocery store. Out of celery, regular carrots (shredding baby carrots that was a freebie for salads is a pain but hey LOL) fresh mushrooms and almost milk but going to Son 2 to cat sit so will not need as much milk here. Will be taking my food to Son 2. When he gets home next month (taking a class to certify him for some work, has been trying to get in this class for 5 yrs.) he will replace what ever food I use for myself for our home.

Ac only on during night except the day it hit 101 and Wilbur puked on my bare foot. This comes from a dog that is usually laying outside on the metal roof on the basement ramp in 85 degrees and wants to drink from hot mud puddles instead of the cool water available and the house was only 90 with a great breeze. Still I shut it up and turned the fan on high in front of the vent and got him to lay down there. Put cool wet towel on his paws and tummy and he went to sleep. I called the vet to find out if I should bring him in . The other two were out playing with each other.Left AC on for the next day as it was worse humidity wise. This morning it was 58 ... Panting hard would have been a better sign he was hot as I do watch to see how hard they are panting especially Rascal as he is mostly black.

We ate from the pantry, I got a 6 tomatoes (which have no flavor) from the garden, green onions which are on the hot side, one zucchini and one yellow squash  and some leaf lettuce from the gardens. We were able to harvest 36 large (about twice the size I normally get) heads of garlic to start curing. We got 6 blackberries off our bushes (first year).

M sent over Raspberry strudel she had baked, raspberries from her bushes and we have ate peaches on a daily bases. The peaches should be eaten this week.

I ordered the filters for the new refrigerator as they were on sale and there was a coupon from Amazon, I went through Brandy's web site THE PRUDENT HOMEMAKER( I read this blog daily as someone is always commenting how they saved sharing their wisdom). Saved over 50% and more than that over what we were having to buy for the other frig.

I got the filters for the HVAC, there is one on the furnace it's self and one in the fresh air duct in the kitchen. Menard's had their 11 % rebate and that is also the lowest price I can find.

I had turned in the receipt and energy star from the new refrigerator to our electric co and got $100 taken on this month's electric bill. We have a $5 credit still, I did still pay what we have budgeted for the monthly bill as I know there are going to be higher than what the budget is with the AC running. Hoping to balance that out so I don't have to rob Peter to pay Paul. I still haven't gotten the bill for the energy audit ($50) but we got the results (another post) and bought on sale some caulking and Great stuff (Menards cheapest and 11% rebate). I made sure it was on it's own receipt as I need to turn it in to the electric company also. They will "refund" the $50 audit cost if I spent $50 for items mentioned to fix what needs insulated . I spent $82 at Menards. Figured I would get 11% rebate equal to $9 and the $50 refunded back... I am only out $23( well kind of I would have paid that $50 anyways) well below the monthly budget for home maintenance.

E paid Hubby to go back into town for gas, cream cheese and baby formula  , so Hubby finished running our errands at the same time.

I mended 3 pairs of Hubby's jeans. One of them 3 times. If he rips it back out they will go into the scrap fabric pile. He said he would pay for his jeans out of his earning as it's the "job" that's causing the tears.

We do normal routine... curtains closed to keep sun out, open when sun is other side. Windows open all night or at 6 am when AC ran at night. AC not on until 4 pm unless over 85 degrees.(which is where we decided so Wilbur doesn't get sick again) I don't use a lot of foil or plastic wrap or press and seal. I do use freezer and storage bags that get washed unless used for meat . We use empty coffee cans to scrap waste in that can't go to the compost pile, AKA grease and onions are common. I save my meat grease just like my grandparents did during their lives and especially the Great Depression. Air fryer over oven if possible, grill over stove, microwave over stove top, cold meals of fruit, cheese, crackers or bread, salad or veggie tray to keep the heat out of the house. We go to bed early (so less lights on and t.v. off) and get up early.  We don't use the heat or  dry cycle on the dishwasher and we run it at night.We have our outside water lines hooked up so the water does not run through our water softener , saving on the salt and filter and also not putting salt on the plants.We wait 2 days some times 3 before buying things.

How did you save money.

Friday, July 5, 2019


Hubby's truck is fixed. One of the mechanics offered to come in early to diagnose it, and another stayed over late to get it fixed. Tow truck guy told them we hauled for the Amish and 5 families were scrambling to cover things since our truck was down. He's been working ever since even yesterday on the 4th. He even has a job tonight if he gets back from the other job in time, if not then he has it to do on Monday. He is hoping to make up the loss income and the cost of repairs as it wasn't covered under the warranty (busted hose and plugged filter) by the end of the month.

 The family that was out of state he was suppose to go get was given bus tickets for free to get home.

I harvested a yellow crook neck squash, a green onion and some leaf lettuce. I also harvest 1/10th of the gourmet potatoes that I planted in grow bags. I got enough for 4-5 meals . Hubby did some weeding and realized I was serious when I said the veggies were not growing. Compost and fertilizer did not help enough. SO we need to decide if we are going to haul garden dirt in (a friend had to do this 3 yrs in a row) and fine compost (not course as we have in the gardens now) or go back to square foot gardens like we have been. I am voting on the square foots as they are easier to weed and don't kill my back as much.Even in the one square foot I just planted with store bought soil, germination of green beans is very slow and low. We got almost 3 inches of rain in 24 hrs this week. And the heat just pours in to steam what is planted.

E and M asked about planting garden peas this fall, E's mom had asked me the same thing. Guess it's not common in this area and they weren't sure it could be done or what to plant or when. M planted 5 lbs of seeds of garden peas this spring. She harvested enough to make one meal  for her family of 10. Nothing to can. E was plowing another area up to plant for the gardens as it is an area that hasn't flooded. Their one garden has been under water 3 times so far. They are worried A LOT. Peas, corn, green beans, kraut and potatoes are their main veggies that they can to eat during the off season (late fall, winter, early spring). She is hoping the winter squash does well to help ease that lack.E asked me if they had to buy peas or green beans at the store how to buy them . I told him #10 cans as 1 can would provide 2 meals for them.Just let me know what and how much and we would go get it for him as it can't be bought here in town.  M sent over raspberry cream cheese strudel YUM. We thanked her but not thinking I asked why she was baking on a hot day... DUH, she was washing whites and needed hot water so while the stove (they burn wood) was heating water for the laundry she baked bread, strudel, coffee cake , 4 pies and made noodles(they dry them on top of the stove) and was done by 9:30 our time . She had gotten up at 2 am (our time as they don't do daylight saving time) with E when he went to the fields to get the corn in , easier on the horses to do it then. And started her daily work  so by time the kids got up at 6 our time, she was down to finishing the bread and strudels. She is now requiring ALL the kids that are home (1 or 2 of the boys goes daily to work with E, they changes which one goes at lunch time so they aren't out in this heat all day) to lay down and rest after lunch for a couple hours, says it's her way of keeping them from getting to hot during the day. E brought the kids over last night and had them sit on our old trailer behind the garden shed to watch the fireworks. Their woods behind their house blocks the view.

We have been closing the curtains to keep the heat out...the curtains I was going to make for summer is going to be too thin to keep the heat out. SO I am thinking of making curtains that are double sided , one side lighter colored for warm weather, darker colors for winter... I will be working on these while house sitting for Son 2. Still waiting for the results of the energy audit. I called Monday and he said he had forgot to drop them off the Wednesday before as they have been sitting in his back seat of his car for a week.

I paid the bills, checked to see what we are charging on our credit cards (I pay in full each month). Fuel is up on Hubby's but down on mine. Part of mine is the medical for neighbor's baby, clothes that needed replaced that was on sale for the two of us and some medical for us.The only "extra" was the cost of the book I ordered that wasn't paid in full with my swagbucks and Pinecone payments, I spent $6 which came out of my spending money. I ordered the propane, 2000 gals. at $1.649/gal. If the price is lower, they lower my cost. We ended up with 200 gals extra last year due to the price dropping. BUT it won't go up even if it costs them more. That was a big chunk of $ and I will start putting it back next month. I have a dentist appt on Monday that is cash out of hand as we don't have dental or eye coverage.I will need to stop and get furnace filter also as Hubby thought he had one back and didn't.  I need to rebuild my savings, took a hit when I bought the new frig. Hubby is holding on his.Garden not growing is a hit. I am looking hard at the pantry and deciding what is needed to get us through  instead of what we want.

I fixed stuffed pasta shells for Wed night, AND a lasagna for today, yesterday was spare ribs and potato salad... I knew I was taking my biologic Wed night and usually I'm dragging butt for 3 days...just fall asleep off and on the day after. This time I wasn't as bad so at least with this heat 10 am and already 85 in the house *we only use AC at night if Hubby has to work the next day in the morning so he can rest well* supper is already done and can be reheated in the microwave.

How is your week going?

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

not a frugal week

I finished harvesting garlic scapes. With this heat in high 90's the garlic might be ready to harvest to cure within a week.

I harvest basil and put it in dehydrator.

We bought 1 1/2 bushels (75 lbs) of peaches for $96 ($32 each half bushel) we thought that was a little high but they were cling free (meaning the pit comes out easy). We saw the same peaches 50 miles from us for $42 for the same amount. Guess we didn't do as bad as we felt. I put them in the old kitchen frig which is sitting in the front room (HA HA guess GOD knew we would be using it there). I sorted the bruised ones to go in the kitchen frig so we would remember to eat them. What is left is going in to peach crisp for Sunday bfast. SO far I have 24 pints of peaches, 16 cups of frozen peaches and 4 1/2 qrts of peach juice made from the peels.I peeled them by hand so I could use this by product. Can't really do that with peaches you blanch to peel.

I only have some in the bottom drawer and the drawer to the right. Rest are done.

I made chicken fried rice, pot stickers and egg rolls... not from scratch. I sauteed zucchini, yellow squash, onion, carrot, celery, and mushrooms and put on top of the fried rice that I served on a meat platter. Then sliced the green onion very thin and sprinkled on top. I knew with doing the peaches by myself I wouldn't want to fix meals.We had that for 1 supper and 1 lunch. There is enough of the rice and veggies left that I am going to add a can of rinsed beans and cheese for tortillas for supper as Hubby is now working through his lunch. I had peach and cottage cheese.

M brought over a head of lettuce and the normal 2 dozen eggs this morning. Mentioned E's parent cooked hamburger and crumbled it and then melted American cheese and mixed it with the crumbled hamburger and put it a salad with tomatoes and pickles like you would a cheeseburger but no bun. I think that is going to be on the menu this week. Followed by some stuffed pasta dish as I have ricotta cheese I need to use up.

On advice of E's mother I planted Jade beans. She said they should produce as she has always planted them this time of year and had plenty for canning. I put them in the square foot we just put in.AND PRAYED.
I joined Frugalwoods Uber frugal month that starts today July 1st. AND after this morning of this...
with the turbo out of the ford 350 work truck and the dealership can't even LOOK at it until Friday or next Monday..Frugal in not the word... survival might be as Hubby had 4-5 jobs lined up. He might have to rent a car to go get a family out of state as they aren't finding anyone to replace him and my little jeep won't fit an adult with 2 car seats in the back seat. He is not going to leave them stranded for sure. We are hoping that something just came unhooked, or something simple like that. One can always hope.

We knew gas was going to be up a bit as I will be going to Son 2's home to cat sit but this a solid hit on income. We do have an extended warranty so that helps.We just have to cut the budget somewhere else for what those jobs were going to cover.

We have been turning the AC on at 8-9 pm and turning it off at 6 am. It's set at 78.

Got to go weed the garden.

Stay cool and safe through the holiday.