Thursday, January 19, 2023

by oil lamp light and birthday


E was over last night to let Hubby know when they were leaving for M's great nephew's funeral this morning and that his oldest might need help with moving a wagon as he struggles to harness the work horses. He got a kick on the oil lamp by the laptop instead of me turning on a light.  Amish neighbor on our other side came over this morning to move the wagon and helped with chores and let me know he took care of it and another should be over tonight. The oldest daughter of the another Amish neighbor is going to stay at the house and take care of the younger kids while the older ones are in school. She will stay until M and E get back home. They are rotating who is coming to help with chores since so many have went to the funeral.

When it hits 77 degrees in house with only wood stove heating, I open windows and doors. Took 2 windows and 2 doors to get it back down to 72.  Several now have had pneumonia in the Amish community. Hubby has hauled 2 of them to the ER. Since I started running a low grade fever yesterday,  I went on aspirin and onion juice immediately. Onion juice helps with the lungs. E did the same thing. Aren't waiting until we have to go to ER before dealing with it. E's mom said the stoves are getting the homes too warm and then they walk out into cool damp weahter Weather has been a roller coaster from mid 50s to mid 30s for our highs. We call it pneumonia weather because of it. I am better this morning. Not well but better. I can take deep breaths without coughing or struggling. 

We "celebrated" my birthday by staying home. I added onions, bell pepper, mushrooms, carrots and ground beef to the pasta sauce, made extra sauce as Hubby wants manicotti next (sauce froze now)  and made 2 servings (go me!!!) of spaghetti. Make King Arthur birthday cake , yep that is what it is called. More like a coffee cake but only makes 9 servings so works nice for us.

I will probably replace the cocoa line with cinnamon next time. Maybe put the cocoa in the cake batter instead of the "filling" batter.

We tried a new recipe for our loaf bread. It made two loaves so I wrapped and froze the one. It was quicker to do 

Blessed be

Prayers for everyone

Another death

 M's great nephew at age 16 months died due to being hit by truck. The driver hauls for the family. Hubby has hauled to this family and he is struggling himself. M and E left this morning along with half the community *which is related*. The rest of the community with us Englishers will be helping with covering for chores and childcare. At this point no one here knows how it happened.

My oldest *late husband's daughter with 1st wife* memaw died.

My grandson that used to live with us, stepmom (his dad past several years ago but he still claims her as his stepmom) grandma die.

The man that died in LaRue fire was friends with my brother's friend, our neighbor and her kids and my youngest's grandparents on her biological side.