Friday, January 22, 2010

my money saving at the grocery store and home

I take my youngest. Really.Even though she is my baby ( who is an adult that has worked full time, been laid off and buried one of her own children) she is my baby.

We started going to the store together when she totaled her car. Funny how you learn things about your kids.

Coupons are required and if you don't have any you get the lecture.

If it's not on the list you don't buy it.You have to give her your list unless you have proven you can stay to the list...and on budget.( she prefers you to bring cash or a debit card)

If you list buy 2 then you better have a really really good reason for buying 3 and just being on sale is NOT enough.

name brand does NOT go in the cart unless there is NO store brand of that item.I told her that her dad didn't want the store brand fritos because they were greasy.She called him and told him to put them on paper towels, nuke in microwave for about 10 sec and then blot with another paper towel.Now if I am going to the store with her( she does have a car again) he will stop and do the "chip shopping" .LOL

I drink coke classic in a plastic or glass bottle.Any soda pop in a can( or any Pepsi) will trigger my acid reflux and I prefer coke classic.Her answer was to not buy ANY. Hubby gets it with the chip run along with his Vernors ginger soda.It's not like we drink a 12 pk a week...maybe a 12 pk a month if that.Don't think of buying water unless she's tasted your water and agrees it is nasty.

She doesn't buy paper plates( she is 25 yrs old with a family of 6), she washes dishes after every meal( no dishwasher).She doesn't buy paper napkins.( face cloths stand in line of napkins)She doesn't buy paper towels( will use them if given to her) has rags for that.She doesn't buy tissues,cheap toilet paper will do. If I hadn't been there ( hee hee) when she was born I would swear she wasn't mine

Her brother ( okay he is my son SMILE) is single, not married and has not lived with anyone beyond barricks. He doesn't buy paper plates( I thought it was required of single guys),he doesn't buy paper napkins( uses cloth ones like his mom), doesn't buy paper towels often( when he has none he lays his cooked bacon on a cooling rack and lets the grease drip into a meat platter, then scraps the grease into a bowl for using to fry his eggs or potatoes in later), doesn't buy tissues BUT does buy a really good toilet paper because he doesn't want to blow his nose on cardboard.
I wonder where their habits came from.

I used cloth napkins when they were growing up instead of paper napkins. Still do that most the time unless I get given paper napkins.I am still using up the paper napkins that someone gave me for Tday dinner. My kids blame my mother for me having paper napkins and paper towels.Yes I grew up with that right along with the box of tissues so I guess they blame her for that one also.

BUT I make my own laundry soap, fabric softener, shower cleaner, use windshield fluid for window cleaner, baking soda for scouring powder, vinegar,baking soda, and boiling water to keep drains cleared,a damp rag to dust with ( furniture oil once a month)laundry soap to scrub the carpets and I have been known to take the bottom off the empty box of tissues and put a roll of good toilet paper in it with the cardboard tube removed beside my bed.

I've also been known to add a scoop of coffee grounds to the old batch to make a second pot of coffee.BUT hey, I'm not as bad as Grandpa and do it until half the pot is actually grounds instead of coffee.

Have a blessed day