Saturday, October 1, 2022

Caught the flu and I really don't want to share.


Yes I sleep on the bathroom floor when I am sick. For the first time she felt she needed to sleep with me and was willing to cuddle (that was Wilbur)... AND she went and got Hubby who was asleep in his chair. He thought she wanted out but she guided him to my bathroom to "show" him I was sick. THEN when I finally went back to bed... she went and got him again to show him I was in bed. We had a laugh over it. Rascal would do that when he was alive.

At least it's not Crohn's nor is it COVID . We were thankful we just had that shot. We get the flu shot in Oct. I know a friend whom had the flu last month he thought it was worse then when he had Covid. I am not as bad as he was but I haven't had Covid and don't want to. 

MEANTIME... sigh... since I can't process any food. Hubby went out and finished harvesting the potatoes by himself. 

I started reading A THOUSAND WAYS to PLEASE a HUSBAND. With Bettina's Best recipes... been very interesting as it first was published in 1917. 

Then I started playing with our diet/meals.

I did a spreadsheet of colors of veggies and fruit. I was looking at the varieties not how much as that is on the inventory. We will have each color once a day. 

We have 30 varieties in the red color. 

We have 27 varieties of yellow/orange color (is banana white or yellow? )

We have 19 varieties of green color. I was surprised at that but realized I only counted green beans as one and not the varieties of Italian wide, French cut and regular or stir fry. I didn't count the green chilis or the green jalapenos that are canned. I didn't include fresh lettuces/greens either. 

We have 14 varieties of blue/black/purple.

We have 13 of white/tan. Onions are on the table in some form almost daily but it might be a red onion or yellow onion instead of the white onion. 

Mixed colors...9  that is home canned veggies soup, cole slaw, ratatouille, Russian salad, giardiniera, 7 bean soup,5 bean soup, 3 bean salad, tropical fruit blend and fruit cocktail. 

Daughter 4 suggested we pick our veggies and fruit first, then our protein and grains. AND  add quinoa... that was backed by Son 2. 

We talked about starting eating from the pantry now Oct 1st (TODAY) since we will get the turkeys at Thanksgiving. Even though I still have tomatoes, 2 different apples to process and carrots and onions in the gardens

Hubby still wants us to "eat out" once a week and rotate thru our local owned restaurants to be supportive on them  

Pfeiffer station on Wed (meatloaf) or Thurs. (beef and noodles)

Belly acre, Michael Angelo's, Ralph's, Royal Buffet, En Lai Chinese and Marathon gas ($11 pizza and good sandwiches. Neighbor's family works there).

I agreed to Pfeiffer on the week we don't have appts with rotating which day. 

The others will rotate on Tuesday when we have appts and are out anyways. Pfeiffer is 1 mile from us.

I also realized I am in a rut of what veggies I serve together. Green beans and corn, peas and carrots, white potatoes, yellow onions and carrots (with any roast), cauliflower and broccoli.... then white potatoes and white onions with any beans, ratatouille with pasta, spinach with hominy. Kraut with mashed potatoes.

I need to switch it up. Daughter 1 does Hungarian cabbage rolls with tomatoes.

Daughter 2 does green beans with onions and mushrooms (she only eats fresh mushrooms).

Daughter 3 tosses greens with tomatoes and yellow or orange bell peppers

Daughter 4 does brussels sprouts with red onions and yellow bell peppers

Son 1 does V8 fusions as he hates the texture of veggies and fruit.

Son 2 does butternut squash with red onion and kale... he tries to get purple kale if he can. 

They sure didn't get those combinations from me. LOL 

Need to go let Charlotte out and take another round of meds. 

Blessed be

Prayers for peace