Tuesday, August 24, 2021


 The brake system on the work truck is broke. This sucker has 6 tires and a brake system for what ever trailer Hubby is hauling. 

$5000 to fix.  He has already lost 8 days of work and will for at least the rest of this week as they couldn't get the parts until this coming Wednesday and said it usually comes in late afternoon and it's a 5 hour job so will be Thursday before they start on it. So a total of 12 days most likely of no work on top of wiping out what little net profit he did have.

He ran into another hauler that had wrecked several times so quit hauling. Said the man can hardly walk now because he just sits around like Hubby's parents started doing. Hubby said he doesn't want that to happen to us. Considering how much I walk around this house and around the perimeter I don't think it's going to be me.

We were supposed to move Daughter 2 but that's a no go now as she needed the livestock trailer for her stuff and my truck doesn't tow that trailer. Might end up being best as her son thinks he found an apartment (instead of her moving in with a friend )that will be ready to rent Oct 1st that is in her price range. 

Hubby was supposed to have a hearing aid appt last week. Doc was a no show and no call to cancel or explain. Receptionist called yesterday and apologized as she thought the doctor had called everyone as she had covid. She picked up the day after Hubby had been in. She got it at church. The whole church got it. My sister in law got hers at church and the whole church caught it a couple months ago. 

I was getting my blood work done when they were setting up the area for booster shots for covid. Said the Delta variant was hitting our area hard and to mask up even with being full vaccinated. It will help stop the spread to children and those not vaccinated. We also have RSV hitting kids and we have not had that happen in August before.

Daughter 4 got her 1st covid shot at her primary doctor's. She was going to have a check up for her lupus but when the insurance got the report the surgery and treatment was done and she is in remission. The insurance canceled her policy. Her notice that it was being canceled is in the mail GRR. Her doctor told her to keep doing what she was doing during her cancer (since she couldn't take her meds) and call him when she has her insurance from the job she starts Sept 8th. 

THEN she was driving home and heard a rattle under the car so took it straight to her mechanic. Bolt was loose but her other tie rod is going out... so it's back in today for a tie rod and a complete inspection because I KNOW something will happen when she starts work and we won't have an car to loan her to get to work while the jeep is being worked on.  THEN she got called from Columbia Gas that the program she was on before Covid had not renewed and she had an outstanding bill that had to be payed in full before Oct as it's the new heating season. They did take part of the amount off since they told her she was still on the program through the state. AND they were willing to take 3 payments. I told her to get the full amount for the bill and the car brought up for winter and text me the amount. Since she is going to work 3 months before she would be off our budget she can use that money to fix the car, get that debt off her back and start with a clean slate when she starts work. She was freaking that she would have to change her car ins and go back to door dash etc... I redid her budget and sent it to her and HER DAUGHTER said Daughter 4 wilted to the floor in relief.  

I did not tell her 3 of her siblings have already said door dash is doing poorly in the area. 

SO based on all that $$ going out, I am glad we spent the money on another half bushel of peaches and a full bushel of apples to finish the pantry. I am not sure I am getting corn for corn relish from M as half of her canning jars of corn came back open and spoiled. I told her to make sure she had what she needed as I was only making corn relish not a need but a want. 

I think September needs to be a NO SPEND month.