Thursday, December 9, 2021

wondering thoughts


Does she think if he can't see her, he won't know she is there looking for what ever he drops while eating? As begging is not tolerated.

If I change the laundry routine and do table linen on Sundays to ease Monday laundry even though I don't like doing laundry on Sunday but with being limited to 2 drying racks it is happening. Can I get the bedding washed after supper and dried on drying racks over night through the week and not use the dryer at all? I already "air out" the blankets over the railing of the deck . I really miss the kitchen porch clothes line and so does Hubby

If I change the menu to use the stove oven on cold days will it help keep the main area warmer without turning the furnace up higher? A cold east wind hits the entire house and it's colder (and Hubby cranks the furnace up to 74 or higher) than a north western wind as it only hits the one corner . The barn protects a lot of west and northwest side.  We have already changed Wednesday and Thursday to meals that can be heated or reheated when Hubby comes in the door as he floats between 1 pm and 8 pm from work on those days. Like today that he was supposed to be done at 2 and got a call that a driver went down and they needed a load that is over 2 hrs. away one way. By time he gets it and gets back, then unloads, it will be close to 8 pm. 

I made an itemized spread sheet to list all credit card charges. Hubby caught 2 things he thought he had canceled on his credit cards. 

I ordered my Amazon order history.  I usually do it end of Dec but since our "new finance year" is starting the 20th. I ordered it now as I won't be ordering anything before then. 

I walk around the house wondering what else I can do to save money.