Thursday, September 14, 2023

Push to get ready for winter.

When you are in the boonies LOL you look at food and meds, power, heat and water. 

We have food and most meds. Local CVS will deliver. We have probably too much of some things (zucchini and corn). I am getting pears and apples this week. Will pick up garlic (B is selling extra) , sweet potatoes, butternut, acorn and orange pumpkin... yes I have to specify as a lot of Amish in this area grow tan pumpkins. Hubby grew some in the compost pile AGAIN.

Finish processing gardens. I only planted radishes as M is running us over with other veggies. She had her oldest son haul a wagon load over to E's dad to take to auction. He works the auction twice a week.

 There are some condiments I use that we are really low on. I ordered them from Amazon as no one around here stocks them. Post office rejected box as it was damaged and leaking. Our mail carrier said you could hear the glass, and could tell it wasn't wrapped with bubble wrap correctly if at all. Two days later FED X rejected a box from Amazon as it was leaking (not the same stuff) SIGH. At least I didn't have to deal with it since they rejected it. Amazon refunded the money of course. We will be down in Dayton in two weeks for my dermo appt. I'll check the store around the corner from there.

HEAT... I already paid for the propane for the winter.  We have 4 cords of wood in barn (need 18 cords)

Hubby brought this home from 309 sawmill

it's almost 3 ft across. Hubby said about 1 week of wood. He went back to get more this morning and to move some things around for the Amish owner. 

Then he brought this home. The guy actually stopped his sawmill to cut these in sections that Hubby could handle on his own with a chain saw. Also told Hubby he had some other he needed cleared out and showed him so Hubby could come up and do it without him there. Between the two loads there is about 5 cords. That makes half of what we need. He brings wood on our property, spends a day cutting it down to fit on buzz saw, then another day cutting it to size for stove and then a day to stack it. Takes him about a week to get it done.

He had E's dad H whom came over to use the phone in the barn (and then had to go back home to get the phone number that was in his coat he took off before heading over so spent a good hour on the road) check out the wood shed and advise him if there was anything else to do as we bought new siding and roofing. H said a window to let light in on the back side and to not put a ceiling back in it as it would let there be airflow due to roof being vented where it joined the sides of shed.SO Hubby went a got 2 clear plastic (not plexiglass but what they use on barns with animals). Decided since he was doing that to get the second on and replace the window on the barn at the hay- mow. 
THEN H  told the story over that shed. It's studier but the sides are loose, window and door was missing. N (H's younger son) used it for a wood shed the 18 months he lived here. It was here when he bought the property from AB who is M's older brother's( Which is E* N's older brother's wife) AB wanted $10,000 for the shed on top of the $$$ that N bought the property for. Then dropped it to $5000. N talked it over with H his dad. H said when you buy a property all the buildings are included. Tell him he can take the building with him. AB left without the building. IN fact has refused to stay at his sister's right next door because of it. His parents told him the same as H, when you buy a property all the buildings are included unless specified before the sale. SO he's still ticked at his parents 8 yrs later. They just shake their heads and keep dealing with him. 

I've started slowly changing out warm weather bedding, curtains, and clothing for cold weather. Hubby's clothing is done. I am to sweaters.... I don't need them at home if the wood stove is on, half the time I am in a tank top, I wear a cardigan if it isn't.  I've lost enough weight (not on purpose thanks to Crohn's off and on for 2 months) that even my tops are too big. I don't want to get rid of them in case I gain weight.  I am sorting in the barn rather than bringing it all in and then sorting it. WHILE sorting it, some is going into the donation boxes. Daughter 2 got tank tops as she wears the same size as me. Daughter 4 will get some old tee shirts that she can wear under uniform to save her own good shirts. 

Hubby checked the generator. Need to restock gas for it. We need fresh mineral spirits for the oil lamps. 

Simple pump won't pump water to pressure tank. Company is in Nevada. Asked him to film it while running... then it was OOPPS, they forgot to send the directions to recode it to connect to pressure tank so gave that to him over phone. The customer service there told him to call them before he starts to redo that part so they can be on line with him in case he needs more help. If he thinks I won't slap a garden hose on the end of the hand pump to pump water to house, he best go over and look at how M does water to her wash house as the water pump is in the BARN.

Prayers for peace
Stay safe
Blessed be