Friday, December 4, 2020

November Done and December to do list

 Done from Nov.

green tomatoes

Brussels sprouts


insulator board on attic doors and crawl spaces

perimeter fencing


Back injections

I got a bone in ham (would like another bone in) and 5 lbs of sweet potatoes. 

**** Hubby hauled 2 stoves and a dryer (Daughter 4s), a frig (original owner here) , fencing, 2 metal clothes line poles (about 4 ft tall) and an old flat bed trailer to scrap yard. The money he got goes into the fund for projects. E is taking the old dog house and some pieces of metal roofing and the fence around it can be used on a spot that the dogs could go through when the dog house is moved. Getting rid of the trailer (everything has been sitting on it) cleared a good area so Hubby could move things around to make it easier for him to park his work trailers and his truck.


2 hot sauces 

red tomatoes 

north attic.

DECEMBER done already

appt for primary doctor. Weight stable and blood work good for me. Hubby lost two pounds and his blood work was great like always.

First vein procedure of left leg done. Next one is Dec 29th if injections are needed to finish closing vein down. 

Appt with ortho , had MRI of both hips and lumbar (wished I had the back injections afterwards as it took me 3 days to walk right ) Had follow up for results of MRI. Arthritis in every joint (duh) and the right hip will need replaced but hopefully it will last a bit over 3 more years as Doc said Medicare pays better for it than my health insurance. In Jan I will see what that estimate costs through our ins and get it put aside.

House, inside and outside is decorated. 

What is still needing done

Starting the  7th I will be making cookies for 50 people.

Starting  the 14th I will be making candy for 50 people 

The 20th we will be at grandson's wedding( Army in AZ and bride here in Ohio). Masks required. Families sit in their bubbles. Church used to be a roller rink.  They asked to include Christmas exchanges (yes they know all are getting cookies and candy from us)Thought it would help with gas costs and social distancing. Having a nonalcoholic "cocktail" outside (heaters will be there) while there will be a bride and groom dance, and mother and son /father and daughter dance. Nothing else. Soon to be granddaughter said they would be greeting each and everyone.  

The 8th we have chiro and vet for the dogs

We added some things to the grocery list: hamburger to make more chili, Hubby has ate a lot of it as a dip. Ribs for New Year's eve. IF I can find a small rib roast I will get that other wise is will be steaks E gave us a couple months ago for Christmas eve.  We still need a boneless ham to slice and another bone in. Milk.  We didn't spend all of Nov's money so I am okay with it within reason.

E sent over 10 lbs of pork loin I cut into 3 roasts and 8 chops to flash freeze. I will vacuum seal tomorrow.

I need to finish the last 2 hot sauces.

I need to finish canning the last of the red tomatoes 

I need to bake, puree, dehydrate and grind 5 pie pumpkins

I need to can dried beans (first time to ever do)

I need to transfer stuff to the 2021 calendar 

I need to set the goals for 2021. Household and personal. Hubby won't do any goal setting... that is his goal...not setting any goals.