Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Busy week


The manager from the paint store came and down checked ALL the paint in the house. Noticed I had a coat rack and broom rack sitting in the mudroom and told me to NOT put anything on the walls until after they figure out what to do about the paint after the testing comes back. SINCE I kept all the paint cans that still had paint they were able to test that paint instead of taking a sample off my walls.
This is the paint off the mudroom wall, it's a dark teal metallic... they were thinking the metallic was the problem BUT the 24 x 24 ft crimson front room is doing it , the cobalt blue dining room is doing and the lime green laundry room is doing it. I was shocked the purple in the bedroom was NOT doing it.

I finished the laundry after the guy left and worked on turkey.

I did soil tests on north and south gardens. North garden needs nitrogen.. South garden needs nitrogen and potash.


Errands and chiro appt. We got the potting soil for the grow bags for the potatoes. We were getting 1 cu ft bags as that is easier for me to move, they had the 2 cu ft on sale ... so we went with the 2 cu ft bags. I just told Hubby I would use the 1 cu ft ones I have to do the flower pots with and he would have to help me with dealing with the 2 cu ft. Saving us $148.They didn't have enough of the bags for all that I needed but I told Hubby I can watch for the next sale and finish picking them up then.

We went to chiro.... Hubby wasn't any worse than he normally is ...but it's the first time I ever heard my chiro cuss when he started examining me... I was told to knock the Sh.. off and told Hubby to keep me off the ground which Hubby being to smarty pants he is said he couldn't since I had to be on the ground to WALK.  He warned me I would be VERY SORE and have a headache for 2 days... I already was sore and had a migraine. DUH. What usually takes him 5 mins took him 20 min. He adjusted, waited about 5 min and the adjust again until it quit popping back out of place. The combination of my knees being out and my cerebral palsy acting up was causing me to fall. With drawl from from the medication they gave me after being in the hospital which I just finished triggered my CP. Migraine went away and eased down to a regular headache that went away at 2 am the next day. Little "shakey" with the knees , just going down sideways when on stairs when I am not sitting on my butt going up and down the stairs.

We were going to go to the grocery store... I tossed that out after the adjustment to come home and crawl in bed.


Just a little bit of headache and not much soreness and a beautiful day...
Hubby moved the burn barrel to where we can use it.
and then dump the ashes into the gardens.

I picked our first batch of asparagus for dinner


We spent the afternoon putting down weed barrier in the south garden for walk paths.

We only have 10 of the cross sections done but the rain was starting to coming in so we called it a day and put every thing away.


It's a rainy day and we were planning on being outside...no go now. BUT this week we got 38 items off the punch list and about half off our monthly to do goals. Hubby is going to help move some calves and a bull for a friend tomorrow. SO we are taking today to relax and look over the goals and the punch list and the weather forecast which is NOT working with us.

Today is the last day of school for the Amish. The boys will be going to the fields to help their dads and the girls will be in the gardens or watching smaller children for their mom's.L is leaning over to tie her shoe.It's amazing to watch these children all under the age of 12 with their work ethic ... Reminds Hubby of his childhood a lot. I didn't think anything of walking a mile to my friend's house to help her corral sheep and sheer them, we were 10 yrs old.

I will miss watching for them in the mornings and afternoons. Always wave high or if at mailbox ask how their day went.


Calves and bull got canceled but Hubby was given $20 for his time and for stopping another person from going over to J's house as J was on his way to meet Hubby. Bull is a maybe for Wed night. Calves are now sold to someone that has their own trainer so no need to move them twice.

We went through our goals list and took off things we know isn't going to happen due to paint issues. Checked punch list and then some May to do's that might get done when it's not raining.

Checked our finances.

Hubby went to get fuel for truck so I had him pick up the groceries I was going to get that was on sale at Kroger's.

I canned turkey and beef broth from what I found in the freezers looking for the ham for Easter.


A  quiet day.We spend part of the day visiting with Daddy and some of the evening communicating aka texting my brother who was very sick.He thinks allergies but since he works in the school system figured he best go to the doctor to make sure he didn't pick anything up and starting passing it around. We nearly lost him 3-4 times due to his allergies, I think he's allergic to everything..

I fixed ham from the freezer, baked sweet potatoes and asparagus from the garden. We had ice cream for our sweet.


Laundry washed with homemade laundry soap and hung on kitchen porch clothes line. Area at yard clothes line still too wet to walk in unless you have boots up to above ankle. Hubby checked before I started hanging clothes. Said he could see that a fall waiting to happen.

We had fruit muffins for bfast that I pulled from freezer. Sliced ham, cheese and crackers for lunch. Will have one pot green beans, potatoes and ham for dinner with biscuits.

Hubby did some odd and ends jobs he had on his list this morning since he had to taxi an Amish horse to the vet this afternoon due to an infection after being "fixed".

I checked soil temp in south gardens... 60 degrees, if it holds there after the next batch of rain comes through I will be planting peas and beans at the same time... just like spring 2011. SIGH

Hubby came out of barn and he had found bulbs growing in kitty litter buckets ...

I didn't take pictures of the ones that were super small. I am hoping they are the grape hyacinth.I planted 150 flower bulbs that Hubby for some reason decide to NOT use the labels I made when we were digging them up last year when moving. Going to be interesting of what comes up and when next year as I know they are spring early summer bulbs.Unless the one is garlic... I really think it is garlic. If it is , I should be able to tell this summer because all my garlic is hard neck so produces scapes.

Stay in the light
Blessed be