Thursday, February 8, 2024

Over whelmed and Over loaded

 We ordered Daughter 4 a dining table and chairs. It was the last of furniture she was looking for. We also gave her our old metal yard chairs. She said she can get cushions for them.  We can take her off the OMG list. 

THEN had to put Daughter 4's granddaughter on the OMG list due to her shunt malfunctioning. Surgeon said it would have to be replaced as she grows. SIGH She's home and doing well. Now she's off the list

THEN Daughter 1 was diagonized with MS (she knew it was coming) but she went on a drinking binge and her Hubby had to deal with getting her help as she was blowing everyone's phones up in middle of night drunk after he went to bed for a solid week. Triggered 3 of the family that are recovered alcoholics that ended up blocking her as she would not stop calling even after asking her to not call after drinking when she was sober. I told him to get ahold of her doctor as I know the meds she is on, that she shouldn't be drinking at all. TO remove all alcohol from the house as she can't leave the house without help and to make it clear to family and friends to NOT bring any to her. He wasn't going with her to appts because he didn't have time off at work to do so. Appts are now made after he gets off work, Doc has scheduled them for last appt of the day for now on. She is still mad she was ratted out for drinking... in the long run we are okay with her not speaking to us (her daughters do) as it's what was best for her. She could have died with the combination. Hopefully she will be able to accept we were trying to save her life. The ones that blocked her have unblocked her. 

Son2 is having serious health issues due to burn pits in Iraq then had his now ex girlfriend's daughter let him know her mother was cheating on him and she told him in front of her mother. I can't imagine how that went down after he walked out. 

We got the propane tank filled. Last fill was in May. It's warm this week so we are back on the furnace. 

We have started garden prep work. Hubby has taken care burning the old asparagus ferns. and pruning apple trees. I started pruning the flower gardens. Still have pollinator gardens, herbs and all the berry vines to prune and weed. We have 2 more days , maybe 3 if the rain doesn't mess it up to get it all ready. 

I started my sweet potato to make slips. I do not plan to plant regular potatoes. We just don't eat enough of them as Hubby prefers sweet potatoes. I will put potatoes on the buy as needed grocery list.

I have my GI appt. Doc said I was doing great off of biologic and on Visbiome (VSL#3 orginal formula prior to 2016). All my numbers were great. Potassium good but could easliy drop on me even though folate and magnesium is where they should be. He thinks it's the diuretic I am on for heart failure.  ANYWAYS... I do not have to go back for a year unless I have a flare up I can't deal with at home.

I have NOT had a flare up at all even through all the stress (which has always sent me to ER for flare up even on biologic). 

I need to sit down (on rainy or cold day) and figure out what I am planting this year besides sweet potatoes and mortgage lifter tomatoes 

Stay safe

Pray for peace

Blessed Be