Saturday, December 19, 2020

Busy time this week

 A company Hubby has been hauling for part time finally found a full time hauler (Hubby turned it down) so he isn't getting last minute calls from them any more. It was becoming more of a hassle than what it was bringing in. 

SO since he didn't have to wonder if he was going to get called to haul... he hauled us and the 3 dogs to the vet. 

Wilbur took up have the back seat and he is sound to sleep. 

Charlotte and Rascal (who is taller and longer than Wilbur) was smashed together on the other side. Charlotte was not happy but Rascal finally just sit between her and Wilbur and but his head on the console between Hubby and me and went to sleep. Everyone has shots current, toe nails clipped, ears cleaned and Charlotte got a shot because she itches all the time (so does her mom and brother that lives with Daughter 4)

I've been baking... I am now down to the sugar cookies and dipping the 360 buckeyes. Deliver starts the 22nd and finishes the 23rd which really works well as the weather is to turn bad on the 24th.

PLUS I will get to see Army grandson who is in from AZ. 

He is carrying his paperwork that says he is covid negative. Mollie, is the lady to the right. I am surprised Sky's dad was able to get this pic without her jumping into Sky's arms before he got it.

Back to baking... still have 36 dozen sugar cookies and have to dip the 360 buckeye centers