Wednesday, February 1, 2023

How conversations can start

 Are you going to be ordering anything online (Amish husband) 

What do you need? (Hubby)

Walmart (our only store besides Save A Lot) will no longer carry the bottle nipples the Amish use and they don't want to buy new bottles if we can get them online. (Amish husband) 

I ordered them through Amazon and we got the $ for the nipples and a homemade cherry pie.

Amish guy came to fix grandfather clock that had stopped chiming... where did you get the stove (wood/coal stove) fan? Non electric and the heat from the stove makes it work. 

Hubby answers Amazon..

How much was it?  


Can you order some for me for my shop? I did find the price was up to  $45.

I ordered 10 which was really good as his own died and within a week the other nine were sold... He was paying $80 for the SAME FAN. He didn't charge for the repair that would have been $40.

Another Amish guy asks Hubby if we were going anywhere near DeGraff when we were running errands... It's 2 miles out of the way of coming home. Not really a biggie. Amish needed a deposit dropped off at the bank and his driver was down sick. 

When we dropped off his receipt and he asked if we could go deliver 2 messages and handed Hubby $40 for the "errand" running we did for him. All errands were within 5 miles.

E comes over last night and asks if we had cardboard as they are butchering today and he didn't want M to have to deal with a lot of blood on her floor while cutting it up to can. We had cardboard. We asked if they had extra eggs. Daughter 4 wanted 10 dozen eggs but the price for cage free organic in her area is $8-$11 per dozen. He went back home and checked (as M does the eggs) and they will have 10 dozen for her when she comes up on Friday. $2.50 a dozen. AND then told us they talked to another Amish that was willing to make sure they would have eggs for us if we let them know on Mondays and they would keep enough back (they sell eggs) for us what ever day we wanted eggs.... it's cold, chickens don't lay much when it's cold. I have eggs in the freezer for noodles, scrambled/omelets and baking and such but Daughter 4 wants them boiled for her lunches. 

E's youngest brother came of to E's for wood that he had cut and left to cure in the woods... told E that he found 2 more trees that the other guy was suppose to get last fall and he left them to rot(this guy won't get any more wood from E) in the back side of the woods. E and his brother came over and got Hubby to show him where they were at. Hubby has more wood to cut now for free. Youngest brother got help hauling his wood to the his wagon.

Englisher called Hubby as he knew Hubby had ordered saw blades for his buzz saw. He is going to be at that place next week or so and offered to drop off the check and pick up the blades for Hubby to save us the trip. Hubby will be calling to verify the blades are in and total for the 2 blades. One of the Amish mentioned to the guy Hubby was still waiting on the saw blades. Didn't see any use of Hubby driving an hour one way to get something that is at a place he will be at every other week until April.

I called my dentist to reschedule my appt. that I had missed. When she verified my address she asked if I was close to E as they forgot to send him a reminder of the kids' dentist appts that are Friday. I said no problem and I would call them back to let them know he remembered. Since they are butchering today I knew he would be up at the house and not in the fields.  Confirmed (he had forgot but M hadn't) and called dentist back. Got a $5 credit for the message delivery LOL.

Never know where the conversation is going to go around here.

Prayers for peace 

Blessed Be