Sunday, July 16, 2023

I'm not the only one on over load plus July finances

 Hubby has tried almost daily to start putting the garden beds together. E yelled at me from the road that they needed help hauling hay, tell Hubby to bring tractor. The tractor goes same speed as horses and that's all the faster E wants his wagons with metal wheels to go. This is the second cutting and they got 10 times more than the first which is unusual. Even with 5 of them hauling the hay, it took 2 days to get it all up into the barns. 

He had one Amish come ask him to dig post holes for another neighbor that wanted to put a deck on the backside of their house. He had 3 come ask for him to weld something. He had one stopped and asked for him to come move the Loader. (fork lift) as the Englisher that was supposed to do it never showed up. 

Then the 350 work truck is FIXED AND HOME. I pointed out that he had a small crack from stone in the windshield so he is going to get that dealt with. Then he back up and realized the back up alarm wasn't working. He also checked the estimate list and found they were suppose to replace the ball in the gooseneck and they didn't. He is calling in the morning . Will have to run it back over but he is also taking a receipt where he had to buy a wind shield wiper as the driver's side one was completely missing. GEEZE. But that can be "a sit and wait for it" not leave it.  Returned the rental.  Ended up going to McD's for a sandwich. Haven't ate there in over 5 yrs. Sandwich was good especially since we both missed lunch and it was way past supper time. 

I canned 6 more quarts of zucchini. It's in a syrup base and has garlic, dill, peppercorn, carrot, cherry tomatoes, and zucchini.  I figured one quart a month even if we hate it we can handle that amount. M told me to just chunk it and can it with hot water. She'll add a jar of tomatoes sometimes when serving it. 

I started fermenting cherry tomatoes, has garlic and basil. Has to sit 5 days and then should be ready. If Hubby likes it (he loves fermented foods) I will make more. 

I froze 2 batches of strained blackberry puree for ice cream

I froze 2 batches of red raspberry puree and some raspberries for ice cream.

I froze golden raspberries as there is never enough to do anything with them besides eat them. 

I canned 7 qrts of red raspberry pie filling. There was 1 1/2 pints left over. I shoved it in the frig. Hubby ate part of it last night over cookies and milk and said it was good. To put pancakes on the menu for Monday.

I've moved some of the pantry around to make more room as it's really starting to fill up 😁. Okay some areas are over flowing.

Went to a informal get together of high school classmates for a late supper. Was nice. 

Hubby went to store and got me garlic bulbs as I was completely out and a gallon of milk. That is the only shopping done this month. I don't see needing to stop this coming Thursday after chiro as with the gardens coming in and he just got a gallon of milk, we don't need anything.

Electric was $104 ...$71 lower than last year. We still have not turned on AC. 

I paid the school taxes for this year completely 6 months before they were due. 

Hubby said he has a couple outstanding bills to come in from the business and then he can finish closing the bank account down. He was aiming for August first, the major part of it is closed as of last week.  He said he doesn't miss it at all as the Amish have made a point of connecting to him in other ways. 

Everyone be safe. 
Prayers for peace
Blessed Be