Sunday, September 1, 2019

Sept goals

First house goals..

One year today we woke up for the first time in our new home...
 Still a work in process but love it dearly.

we want to have the 4 rooms repainted and out of our hair and I can tell you our contractor feels the same.

Hubby wants to finish the deck , get the tractor mower fixed and his truck maintenance done. (Tractor mower fixed Saturday night, truck schedule for 18th at dealership (under warranty) )

After talking to another contractor about the energy audit issues that  he specializes in insulating he gave us this advice. Great stuff outside foundations and  roll insulation work since not in attics and the insulation board of doors of pump house and attics during Sept. Outside caulking with silicone paintable caulking, Flex seal late Sept/Oct. Air barrier work Oct to mid Nov.INSIDE caulking AFTER CHRISTMAS as that's when the inside is the driest so the gaps will be their biggest and use silicone paintable caulking.. It actually made sense.
Broke this down on to post it notes and taped each section to correct month on calendar. Listed what was needed from Hubby on his work calendar so he didn't over schedule work and not get this stuff done (silent nagging)

I want to have the 4 deep freezers defrosted and organized by end of Oct. Put on my new wrote out routines to do one a week or every other week. E asked if we wanted to barter, he cash rents 3 acres from us...would we take meat instead of cash... YES. BUT that means I have to have room. He came over and looked at the freezers and told me more than the small deep freezer maybe 1/3 of the bigger ones.

I would like to have green beans, beets, tomatoes,cucumbers and apples ...maybe some yellow corn in the pantry. Hubby is going over to produce auction today to see if there is anything he can pick up. I NEED apples as applesauce/apple butter are daily on the table during winter. I have 2 jars of apple butter. Our one apple tree was stripped by coons. The other will probably take a hit next. E lost 3 acres of corn to coons and deer.

UPDATE. Amish guy took an order of cucumbers, green beans and beets for us. Will do what he can to find and get the amounts we are looking for.  Green beans and possible cucumbers on Tuesday. Got a few candy onions from A and B.  I will use stock up funds for these

 N has tomatoes and his wife E said to stop over and mid week and see when we can pick them up, she might have a few beets after she cans for the "church" day as her family doesn't eat beets. Payment out of stock up fund

 The old orchard we used to go to has apples coming on so I will stop there to see if what I need for chunky applesauce and apple butter is available. Payment out of stock up fund

Even with my health issues right now this makes me very happy.Mother in law can come help can if Hubby can't help me.Might have her come over anyways to get her out of the house. Had to order handicap toilet stand for her to be able to get up off toilet. Father in law has the same issues.... at least this way it will be here when I get to that stage so not waste of money since they don't visit anyone much now days.

UPDATE LOL... I have a few beets and a couple lines of where more will probably be in 2-4 wks.

Hubby wants to have the deck on and the garden wrapped up and fertilized/composted by end of Sept ...we have a few tomato plants that are producing and I need to pull the cabbage and make freezer slaw.But he could actually do the north garden before the south garden as it's pretty much dead.

Credit cards get paid in full every month. I have Amazon on a credit card so if it's hacked I have better chance of getting my money back where with a debit card connected to the checking isn't as good let alone they can wipe out the money for our bills.Hubby uses a credit card for fuel due to skimmers for the same reason.

We have $260,177.05 mortgage and will be paying 1 extra payment a year as we will be 90 when it's paid off otherwise.

We have $48,275.68 left on truck (7 yr loan)... Hubby's hobby of hauling (doesn't make enough to be a business as he is just even breaking even but gives him purpose and is needed in this community) is being paid by his hobby along with paying maintenance and tags etc on trailers and truck.So at least none of this is coming out of our budget. Might a bit during slow season of hauling.

We have $10,454.50 loan (taken in 2008 crisis) on Hubby's life ins. We will pay the $91/ month interest so he won't lose anymore of his life ins.

We have $6, 093.65 loan (taken in 2008 crisis) on my life ins. We will pay the $75/month interest.

We  are short $13,600 in medical funds to get us to 65.

We have $3,537.11 in credit for propane (doing things on energy audit should make this last longer than the 12 month I ordered  I set is $275 to savings to pay for next year's)

We have 2/3 of one month out flow in our checking combined together... we would like this to be at least equal to 1 month AFTER all bills are paid

We have 1/4th of one month out flow in savings accts joined together we would like this to be at least equal to 1 month AFTER all bills are paid.

We have equal to one month out flow with our credit cards since they are paid off before due ALWAYS.

GOAL this coming year is to get the checking and saving up to equal a total of 2 months and get the medical savings up closer to where it needs to be... I figured we are $22000 short of where we wanted to be at this time... Hubby got a really strange look on his face when I told him that figure... then told me that was the last 2 trailers that he hasn't made enough to "pay" back to our savings... okay, so it's not been frivolously wasted, he is making some money as a hobby. And we just have to be focused on him making "payments" as possible (because there is no rhyme or reason for whether he is hauling or not) and truck payment, maintenance and tags etc come first.  We have been told that slow times are winter...late Oct to March. Might get a load here or there of lumber/pallets/ or taking someone to doc appts. March it starts cranking up with plants and produce to the produce auction. SO we know the "extra" won't be there during those times. Hubby thought about working ODOT again, I really wished he wouldn't. We have things that need done that takes 2 of us to do during the slow times but I left it to him to decide. Another summer of NOT having the deck on and he is kicking his own butt because he just" sat" on days he didn't have anything to haul. Told me I was lousy at nagging LOL

Daughter 4 messed up her finances, didn't pay some bills in full that came due or shut off, paid them wiping out savings and forgot to make her car payment so lost her car. Can't find a car to borrow (no we can not go 2 months without our car and she lives almost 2 hrs away so I can't take her to work) and is short of making the car payment up as they want 3 months total to give the car back (she doesn't blame anyone but herself). Did find a place to get a car, know what her temp tags would be (her birthday is next month so going that route for cheaper to give her time to get tag $$ up) and the down payment and I asked if that included tax and title, she thought yes but is checking to make sure. She is having her daughter senior in high school, sit down weekly with her to read bills and stay on budget. Also helps daughter to learn how to run finances of her own place which most likely will happen next summer when she turns 18.

UPDATE NO it did not include tax and title, she just got a promotion at work that will put her in middle management and was looking at losing that job with benefits because SHE DIDN'T READ HER WHOLE BILL as it's in her email on her phone and would have to down load pdf. She read current usage and paid that amount not total bill which included part of the bill where she was on some plan that let her make a minimum and then the rest at beginning of heating season.SO she is on the budget for heat and electric and her daughter to now monitoring the bills and budget. We lent her the difference between what she had and what she needed. Her daughter is redoing the budget to reflect a payment monthly to us and will send us what to expect and when next week as she knows her mom's (daughter 4) car ins will go up as this is a newer car....UPDATE... her ins WENT DOWN. with newer car, full coverage and her teen daughter on it. WOW.. she got Progressive

We went to store, formula for M as she forgot to put it on the list when E went as she was focused on stuff for church tomorrow.

I got 1/2 gal milk saving 20 cents
I got chip dip saving 30 cents (found new recipe to try for onion chip dip)
I got 2 butters saving 60 cents
I got cottage cheese saving 38 cents
I got 2 lunch meats saving $3.50 (all most 1 free)
I got 2 breaded shrimp saving $8.50 for buy one get one
I got chicken breast (frozen 3 lbs) saving $19.50 (one free and savings on 2nd)
I got 2 bacon saving $3
I got 1 pork butt on sale saving $5 off price and another $2 with buy $10 get $2 off in meat dept.
I got 2 packages of  hamburger *73 fat* paying $1.59/lb instead of $2.99. lbs saving a total $8.40

SO I spent the last $20 for this month and half of next month grocery budget.

Told Hubby we might need produce or dairy at end of Sept but that would be it... That's about $60 if I buy it at Kroger's. Save a lot is cheaper and he can pick it up when he is getting fuel for the truck around the corner.

Hubby also was told today that the one place he hauls from stays constant until Tday week and Christmas and then goes well until Englisher summer shut down at July 4th. So that's a good solid route for 1 day every 10 days.  Guy just signed the contract and thought he best let Hubby know so Hubby wouldn't be just going south for the winter.