Friday, March 11, 2011

when life rolls over you

you have to make some choices of what gets done and what doesn't. Pretty much any thing involving the internet doesn't get done when I am on overload with life.

Cleaning gets a kiss and a promise,laundry does get kept up because I only have a couple pairs of warm pjs and it's still cold here and hubby works out daily and only has 3 outfits for that. Cooking is a stuggle if I don't have a good pantry and precooked entrees in the freezer. I don't use much box stuff as I have a low sodium diet due to my heart failure.

Things that have hit in the last month... I was south for a few weeks, had some job interviews that went no where(or least didn't for right now). I came back to flooding and water in the basement...which caused my root veggies to start going bad.I had some family issues that was dealt with. AND I haven't even touched starting my seeds for this spring's crops.Let alone finish unpacking from our move here at Christmas.

Mean time I wiped out the precooked items in the freezer and it's started "I wished we lived in town so we could do fast food" feelings I knew it was time to restock the freezers.

Luckily hamburger was on sale so I stocked up, now I just have to deal with it.

I precook and rinse several pounds for casseroles and sauces,taco meat(homemade seasoning), homemade sloppy joes meat(for sloppy joe,sheppards pie etc)pasta sauce,meatballs,meatloaf and some patties with seasoning mixed in so they aren't just frozen beef. I think this time I will also make some salisbury steak as I have found myself wanting to buy this in the frozen food section at the store and ignore the sodium level.

Granted it is a lot of work and it's on top of having to deal with several squashes and 4-30 lbs pumpkins that need dealt with because of the moisture in the basement before I lose them. It can be overwhelming if you think about it.

How to get it done??? I have hamburger simmering in my large soup pot with water mixed it(helps remove the grease) while I check my emails, this blog,do the finances and do the laundry. I have a timer to tell me when to stir it. I drain it in the large colendar and rinse with hot water. While it drains I start the next batch. I prefer to only do 3 lbs at a time but did 5 lbs at a time when all the kids were home. I mixed the meatloaf first since I wasn't cooking it then did the meatballs as this was a lot of hands on time. When they were precooked(not done all the way or they will be dry when you do reheat them), I shoved them in the freezer on a cookie sheet and started on the rest. I"ll do the patties and salisbury steak last.

Maybe maybe I will catch up when I am 80 LOL