Friday, October 27, 2023

Health updates.

 Great granddaughter born at 30 wks. in Aug. is home with her shunt in head working great. 

Uncle who had pneumonia is home doing rehab to teach him to not shallow breath... that is a common thing with elderly (and yes mid 60s is elderly with your breathing). My aunt laughed when PT was teaching him... told him to breath like I do... take deep breath as counting to 5 slowly, hold 5 and release 5. PT told her that was good. He got it but could only count to 3, said give him a week and it will be 5.Knowing how he is, he will work that above 5 in couple weeks.

Son2 is getting through his heart testing. He has a glitch (he is his mother's child) on left side of his heart, his BP is higher than the doctor likes. He has sever sleep apnea so machine is being ordered unless his ins will pay for Inspire. His cholesterol is over 250 , his sugar is borderline (he had sugar problems as a child) He has hearing issues (I could have told them that). His PTSD is flaring but not bad. His Cardiologist is not putting him on meds until the sleep apnea is taking care of because it could be what is causing the glitch. Son2 thinks it's Mother's genes and then laughs as he still remembers my parents talking about Children's hospital telling my parents I only had a 50% chance of living year WITH surgery for heart and digestive issues, without I maybe had 6 months. IN GOD'S HANDS. 

Hubby's check up yesterday with Cardiologist went well. Told him he was doing good but still to go to Cardio rehab at least 3 times, more for knowledge that actual work as Hubby told him he trims and mows 2 acres (1/2 acre is with push mower), he cuts wood, stacks it, then moves it with bucket on tractor, unloads and restacks in house and on porch. Though he needed to find ways to move more during winter but not walking behind a snowblower for a 400 ft. lane and then all the ramps, sidewalk and porches/deck. Also needs to lose weight. He told cardiologist he has metabolic syndrome and he had been losing about 2 lbs. a month but since he had heart attack and then covid, he hasn't lost. He is to eat 3 meals and 3 snacks with the last snack 3 hrs. before laying down. I texted his Mom and asked if his Dad had the same problem. YES and to get the weight off she made sure he ate bfast (Hubby doesn't) and main meal at lunch time (he hates stopping to eat and never ate lunch when in the factory), and then soup, salad or raw veggies, fermented or pickled foods and whole grain bread for supper around 4 pm. (our meal time also). She does have some kind of fruit dessert daily. His Dad doesn't like ANY fresh fruit. 

I am still sniffling, coughing, hacking especially in middle of night unless I sleep sitting up which KILLS my back. I have found if I take my honey, turmeric, pepper and cinnamon mixture, before bed, I still wake up sniffling, coughing and hacking but I DO NOT have the nasty sore throat. I've gained 3 lbs. I am up to size 4 (I was wearing a 10/12 when I got sick). Doc told me to use generic Vick's rub before bed and hot shower if I am coughing hard. It's not as hard as it was, though I have morning sickness (HA HA) from the drainage.

Over all we are either getting better, or at least getting answers of what is wrong, which actually is better because you aren't worrying causing anxiety wondering.

Prayers for peace 

Blessed be