Sunday, October 25, 2015

Last fresh local produce at the auction.

We went to the last Amish fresh local produce Friday. Got mums which I thought we wouldn't be able to get this year with the prices I was seeing. Paid $1.50/$1.75 for mums that are running $6-$20 at the stores.

We got more butternut squash, acorn squash,beets,cabbage, pineapple (shipped in), onions that are not in as good as shape so they are what we will use first or I'll dehydrate. A friend bought roma tomatoes and jack little pumpkins that he shared with us(we shared the onion) and I bought a loaf of bread, 3 tart size pies,3 dozen cookies, angel food cake, noodles and fresh cider from the "bakery" sellers that were at the auction. All good homemade food.

I only have horseradish in the gardens to pull and garlic to plant. The plants I put in died due to lack of water and wind...even though I watered them almost daily. The winds are wicked at this time.

We decided to start going to the store every 2 wks so that means we will most likely be combining non-food and food shopping. Our thought it less time in the stores less money spent. PLUS less gas used to go to town since we do live out in the country that will I'll save some hours that I need to do what I have going on the next couple months with National Novel writing month starting Nov 1st (50000 words a month) and Thanksgiving that we hold the Sunday before the actual holiday and then Christmas that I try to have ready BEFORE December 1st.On top of the work I haven't gotten done this summer.

We did (with regret) decide to not plant a fall or winter garden. My health has been at the low end and the testing to find out what was going on has exhausted me. SO to try to stay healthy this fall/winter I am not adding anything on the work load and try to focus on my health most the time.

 Part of the health is staying focused on keeping the food bill down and eating healthy.

Blessed Be