Thursday, August 25, 2022

future plans for the house

 Tomorrow E is coming over to help carry some furniture upstairs from the front room and then help Hubby put the wood stove chimney on the house so that's already done when the stove comes in during Sept. 

Hubby wants one more cord of hard wood and a cord of soft wood for kindling. We might not need that cord after I get done cutting the limbs that have been sitting for over a year.

Hubby was going to lower the ceiling in the pump house but now needs that height for the solar pump so that job is off the list. We are going to put some cabinets in it as its a good place to store some veggies like potatoes, squash and such.

Hubby still plans to replace the steps on the front porch and kitchen porch and add a set of steps to the south end of the kitchen porch (railroad ties are there now, E will take them afterwards). All of it is here.

The paneling is here to finish the south bedroom loft that will most likely be a winter job 

We were going to fix the garden shed... now that's for next year as we are debating on tearing it down or fixing it. 

On next year's list is windows... highest cost is $16,000 as they would have to be custom built to fit in the same space.

Building and buying what ever to organize the barn. 

Redoing the garden beds. I want to redo strawberry beds also. Blackberries need extended fencing.

We are still debating on a dormer shed over the north/south lofts. Will depend on costs. IF we decide to do that ..insulation/crawl space will get bumped a year.

The following year is to be foam insulation  and crawl space encapsule. I will have another energy audit done before we add insulation. We were doing decent on the first one, but we've done a lot of gap closing since then. 

The following year is siding.

Somewhere along the line we will have to redo the wood floors. We will either build more closets or buy a couple more wardrobes.

A lot will depend on money. I do have certain windows that need replaced so it might only be replace the bad ones and make due.