Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Not a frugal week

 unless you count we dropped off stuff to the 4 kids needing it and picked up the motorcycle at the same time. The rest was a down hill slide. Then we still forgot to get the lawn chairs from Daughter 2 SIGH. IT's okay Son 2 forgot to get the title to the motorcycle notarized so he will be heading this way or us that way again. Maybe Daughter 2 will bring it to us if she decides to come fishing LOL.

We started checking out the field tiles that run to the pond... only one worked, it blew while we were running the water to fill pond so it was hunt to find where it blew since it didn't blow UP any where we knew it had to blow downwards and could cause a sinkhole. 

Two hours of digging, Hubby came in and said he couldn't even find the line... I went out and pointed out the TRACTOR was sitting on top of where the line should be. He moved the tractor and dug 1 ft from where he was digging and found it.One tile had a crack in it... the other one blew.He called a friend that had a ditch witch (digs  a ditch for field tile) and it was broke down. SO he is going to have to call a business to see when they can come do it. Triple the cost but got to be done. We will have to add more tile to connect everything like it should be but better in the long run.PLUS we are having the 2 yr old rain gutters fixed and they said it would be easier to run it so everything goes towards the tile or the pond it's self. They don't know why the contractors changed it since they didn't put it in any or the tiles that was already here and at down spouts. The head contractor already stopped using them right after we had them come back and fix areas that weren't right at all.

We got beets in that we had bartered for and Hubby's mother then requested twice as much as she had ordered. I just gave her ours as I know that was pretty much the end of the beets. I repeatedly asked her if she was sure that's all she wanted and she said yes. We are fine with what we have but I definitely will be starting her order in the spring so when she says she needs more it will be easier to get her some. She also started looking for veggies to can relish (I call it picadilly) since she found canning lids in her basement. Hubby made arrangements to pick it up for her Friday when hauling produce. She will be paying for those as Hubby pointed out he had bartered for us to have half those beets and paid for hers. She could pay for the veggies she was asking for now. I thought it was strange as we don't usually have any of the family pay. His siblings that actually live closer and his brother that oversees his parents told him to quit giving everything to the parents. I guess  they are tossing food out left and right and then going out to eat or get take out. Except the beets... his dad eats the beets. 

Hubby went to get prescriptions, milk , dog food (on sale) and flex seal. He also picked up a fogger for the pump house as he has been battling flies there.

We finally got rain.... way too much at one time as it was 4.5 inches (1/2 mile away got 6.5) in hours. Basement has some water in it. We got it blocked when I realized last night it was coming through the door and casement sills. That will be taken care of as soon as it dries out. A few things will be moved in case it happens again but most of it was up off the floor so it would get wet . We still need to add water to the pond. The guy that built the house told E he filled the pond himself running the pump 5 hrs a day for 7 days... it was completely empty when he started it. So that's nice to know.

After we talked it over I ordered another dehydrator , plastic lids for canning jars for storage and more Tattler lids. These were not in the budget.Hubby felt we should get them now while we could and not chance waiting for next year. To keep the budget in line I moved several areas over to cover this. We can go without for a bit in those areas. 

How it things going for you?

Blessed Be