Thursday, March 30, 2023

Plans for April

 I took the Flylady calendar I usually use for what I am canning and put our protein on it and then in markers of yellow, orange, black, purple, blue, green and red for the color of the fruit and veggies we need to eat. I will either write the food down or just cross off the color it was. I used pencil for white/tan.

I cashed in 2 CDs and turned around and bought 2 more that are paying 1.5% more in interest. 

I got an annuity from Daddy... Man has been dead almost 3 yrs and they just let brother and I know it was sitting there. I got the back payment and then will get a monthly payment. It's not a lot but it would have gave him some spending money for the month. As it is Brother and I get 50%. 

I was talking to older cousin on Daddy's side about what to do with such a small amount and about gardening. I mentioned Daddy growing roses which seem weird as it was after my stepmom died. She remembered Daddy talking her mom, his older sister, into growing roses as the rose hips help with inflammation and have vitamin C. 

Hubby and I talked it over as we were already planning to put in more perennials. I figured this would be where Daddy who grew his own veggies until his late 80s would like his money used this way. 

I have or have ordered a dozen different roses (rose hips have vitamin C plus help with inflammation )to go along the back fence at the pasture behind the barn. It needs the fence replaced. So that's where the back payment can go on. I also ordered 2 elderberry bushes (helps with immunity) because right now I either get it from friends that get it from other friend or I have to order it. I ordered horseradish  as what we planted last year did not grow. I have 5 blueberry bushes in and 2 on their way. I have 10 black raspberry bushes (helps with inflammation, nausea and mouth sores) ordered.  

I still need to replace some herbs that died and find apple mint  also. 

We have another large medical bill coming in as our eye glasses will be in.  

Our federal, state and school tax refunds are in. I hope to put most if not all of it back after paying off this year's coming school tax due. I would like to see the budget cut by at least 10% BUT AND have 3 months savings incase something happens to one of us and the other doesn't have access to money

Hubby wants to pay the mortgage off. 

I'm still dizzy enough to not try to work on that.

Blessed Be

Prayers for peace

March finances


Until I got sick middle of the night Sunday we stayed on point with eating the protein on this calendar.  


IRAs $6800.78

Social Security $3634.

Son 2 payment on loan $100

Business income $2992

Interest $87.45 (2 CDs cashed)

Cash back from credit cards $242.49

TOTAL INCOME $13856.72

Out go

Irregular expenses $1040.15

Down grid / maintenance $241.15

Automatic savings $180

Dog food/treats/vets $0

Household expenses $2448.46 

Business expenses $2444.64

Medical/OOP $2349.40

Garden $1284.23

New CD $1000

TOTAL OUT GO $8543.57

IN BLACK  $5313.15

Considering Hubby didn't work for a solid week we were surprised he was able to cover his bills. He lucked out and was able to double up 4 small jobs and then had one job hauling out of state. Which definitely put the business in the black this month even though not by much. 

Health update

 I saved money by calling my GI instead of just showing up to the ER for my Crohn's attack. After answering what seemed to be a million questions, the PA asked if anyone around me had the stomach bug that is going around. I didn't know so I called the kids I had been around.... Daughter 4 said it was like having hard labor while sitting on the toilet and dry heaving in the trash can... HUM... Called PA back and he said the treatment would be the same but they would run a CT Scan with contrast to see if it was Crohn's or stomach bug. Not putting my veins through that or spending that kind of money to be treated the same. Plus 3 hrs. of driving and the gas money.

Hubby said we saved 2 pots of coffee and 4 pots of tea as the only thing I could keep down was water... room temperature water. Last night I ate a grilled cheese sandwich with crusts removed (Charlotte love it as she got the crusts). Kept it down but still spent 2 hrs. in bathroom.

Last night was the first night since Sunday night I slept in the bed. Charlotte has been sleeping beside me on the bathroom floor. Rascal used to do that. She was happy to be back in her rocking chair that she has made into her bed. I got about 3 hrs. of sleep at a time with 30 minute bathroom break. BUT hey, I slept in bed and made it to the bathroom every time. Lots of improvement there. 

We saved gas as we didn't go see the kids and after I told my symptoms none of them wanted me any where near them. I got a lot of I love you BUT ... 

Hubby took a lot of short hauls to keep the money rolling in but still be able to check on me. He has a long haul today but different Amish along with the kids blowing my phone up will be checking on me. 

I get tired easy... not surprising with out eating. 

It took me 3 days to do finances that normally take me an hour. SIGH

Blessed Be

Stay safe

Prayers for peace

Saturday, March 25, 2023

End of the week.

 M had the younger boys looking for this fellow. They noticed that Charlotte kept jumping at the door and barking... they thought at first she was barking at them until she ran to the other window and barked. So they were able to figure out where he was and get him back home. Since they got cookies for bringing the rooster home, they brought over two cookies for Charlotte for helping them. LOL.

A friend screen shot these to me

He thought it was interesting as he has always told his wife to pitch it after 6 months and they fought over it more than once. I just wanted to bang my head on the wall... or maybe his if I was close enough. 

Four days of medical appointments has been a drag, both of us are worn out from it. Hubby said we got 16 mpg with the work truck, we get 15 mpg with the other truck that we now only drive local as it's rusting out and we don't trust it to not hit a pot hole and frame break to drive it very far.  We saved 20 cents /gal on the first tank through his credit card with the gas station. Then 30 cents/ gal with Kroger's. We ate out once (instead of the normal every single time). 

We had lunch at friends home on the last one. I took a side dish and they did the main meal. It was a nice visit that we haven't had for a long time. They let us know they bought some elderberry bushes to grow and if they had extra they would share. I had already ordered some myself

On Wednesday I told Hubby we needed to not do the 4 days straight with appts as it is a killer and he wasn't able to work. As soon as  I said it his phone ran.

 A 144 was needing a load hauled Friday. It's on the calendar. 

On Thursday A B  called needing scrap hauled Sat... junk yard is not open on Saturdays so it's now on Monday. But Hubby told him he would bring the trailer over on Saturday afternoon so they could have it loaded. 

J. A. B. called right after needing to have stuff hauled to his in laws on Saturday. So Hubby dropped the trailer off after A 144 so J.A.B. could load it. 

When done hauling it this morning he will drop it off to A B. Monday he will haul scrap to junk yard, then drop trailer back off to J. A. B to reload for lumber for barn that is going up at his in laws and Hubby will pick trailer up on Wednesday.

Add in there we are driving 2 hrs. (4 hrs. total)to do pit stops to drop stuff off to kids on Tuesday evening. 

N... E's brother and whom we bought the house from stopped last night to see our stove as he is thinking of getting a new one for his wife. I told him to have her come over to see if she liked it.I know she would do the warming closet on the top that I don't have. He also needs 47 bunk beds he made hauled on Thursday. That's an all day trip and he is going with Hubby as there are a couple stores he wants to stop at. Hubby did tell N to remind him to drink his water as he is dehydrating and it's making other health issues worse. N has no problem with that as he said he has a worker that he has to remind also. Trailer is going to N on Wednesday night. 

As N was leaving I closed the window on my screen door. It has a retractable screen... N thinks he wants to change his doors out to like that as it would help during the winter when the wood stove is running them out of the house as his wife doesn't want to leave doors open with the little ones.

I bet ten bucks that A 144 and/or D P  most likely both, calls with a load on Friday.  

I am glad Hubby thought to ask Doc if he was okay for still hauling.

Hubby had to stop and get a piece of pipe and 2 fittings to finish the solar pump connection to the pressurized tank. He was upset about it and I just told him to laugh it off as it's ALWAYS something  PLUS he was able to pick up new leather gloves for us ON SALE and we wouldn't have been there if he hadn't needed to get the last of the items. He calmed down after that. 

He got upset when he went to make popcorn and couldn't remember where I kept the popper for the microwave. Told me that he wouldn't be able to make popcorn if something happened to me because he couldn't find it. Asked me where it was... small appliance cabinet... still a blank. I pointed out he would do what he has always done... get a skillet, lard, bacon grease and butter and pop the corn on the stove... He laughed until he cried because that's exactly what he would have done. 

I did tell him even if I label the cabinets when I spring clean (May, no sense doing it as long as we are using the wood stove off and on), I didn't think it would help him. Because I would put general list like small appliances.

I need to work the budget for April.

Blessed Be

Prayers for peace. 

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Hubby MRI results, planning for the future.


This was Hubby's fortune after we ate at Hong Kong before we got his MRI results. Even our doctor who is a friend laughed. 

Doc told him he has to write down stuff that is important, to pull over and input jobs when they come in while he is driving (he has hands free but has twice forgot he agreed to jobs when I was in the truck with him). He has to have a set routine. He has to lose weight, exercise and eat healthier. IF he doesn't want me to nag... he is to do it... other wise I have doctor's orders to NAG.

He has small vessel brain damage, enough to be causing problems but not enough to stop him from working as a hauler at this point. He sees the neurologist May 25th.  

I will give Doc credit, he knows Hubby well enough that if he had said you have a type of dementia and it's the kind that lowers survivor rate, Hubby would go into denial and I would be battling daily.  When Hubby went to check out, Doc held me back, he said he was surprised I caught it like I did as it is in the early stages. Which means we can slow it down. He is at a higher risk of stroke especially when he had rheumatic fever as a teenager. 

I caught because I know what to watch for. Both parents and step dad had it. Hubby's grandpas had it and his Dad has it now. I first thought ADHD because he easily sidetracked ... then worried it was his heart since he had rheumatic fever. Then the migraines came back after years of not having them. The change in his personality, though slight was enough to send warning bells off. He cursed using the F word and loud enough for E's children that were playing in the pasture to hear him. That is not him and I knew it. Especially when I said something about the kids and he cursed me.

Since I just had my own brain MRI (It was good), we can be thankful it's only one of us and not both like Mother and Pop before they died or like Hubby's parents now.  

I know I can't put off or let him put me off of learning to deal with the tractor. I even said something today and he started to put me off when I reminded him I have a learning disability and it takes me awhile to learn to do something. True statement as he tutored me in high school. The tractor is the only thing I need to learn to deal with this home. Finances need changed a bit and the will crap needs updated (again). We talked about getting things around for cremation also. AND were already dealing with this before these results.

Daughter 3, daughter 4 , and Son 2 know small vessel damage is dementia... they both have worked in nursing homes/ elderly care.  The other 3 not so much but I am okay with that as Hubby hasn't clued in to it. He thinks vitamin deficiency or his migraines is messing with him. He can go right on thinking that... I'm okay with it. Means he is not stressing or worrying about what will come. 

He did mention getting longer welding sleeves so he doesn't get burnt on his arm again on the wood stove.  I wear one already when loading or cleaning the stove. 

I know I need to make a list to not miss getting something done. But I've always made lists LOL  

Sunday, March 19, 2023

this coming week

 I thought of my brother when I saw the sun reflecting in the clouds. He lives in city so doesn't see the sunrise unless he is working (part time at high school as he is SUPPOSED to be retired) . He loved it. 

I also sent him these two.

I am not sure if it is the same two geese that was here when we bought the house but every year we have 2 or 3 come. They spend the day here and then go somewhere else for the night. Probably will be not visiting so much when the little ones come along LOL. Temperature is hovering around 32 but the wind is blowing around 10-18 mph. Keeps the pond from freezing but definitely cold. I was surprised they didn't take off when I walked up to the fence to take the pic... they are so used to Charlotte that they ignore her when she barks at them.

We finally saw a male and female robin. We have seen some wrens.  Hummingbirds are due to come in this week. Purple Martins should be coming in around the 1st of April. 

Four days this week we have appts. One changed times to a later hour, not real thrilled but it is what it is. As it's either the later time or 2 weeks from now. 

We made a list of what the errands are and then Brother texted me that Daddy had an annuity that just popped up. GEEZE, Daddy's been gone 3 yrs this coming July. You would think that places like this would clue in when banks accounts are closed. Brother thought it was part of the financial group we have but it's not.  I got the paperwork to get notarized only to find my name was misspelled. What a pain. SO more paperwork to fill out and get notarized. I am glad the person I am dealing with was willing to wait until we were already out this coming week.

I handed Hubby the break down of where our money went last year and the fact I cut the budget by $59,000 last year.(We spent $200,000 bringing this home to wheelchair accessible for our old age). He couldn't believe I was able to do that (taxes showed I did, if you don't pull it you don't spend it and it was out of my retirement not his). He was still upset when he saw he "blew" $15,000.  He has canceled some memberships he doesn't use, called his business insurance and got a reduction of $200 a MONTH.  I did show him that we might next year cancel Prime... right now it saved us $1000 in shipping and he watched the free shows. This year might not be worth paying for it. He also agreed to call me if he out buying something and wants buy something not on the list. 

We still have medical bills out, his MRI included. Eye appt. is Wed so we will know how much that is. We need to update wills etc. We need to have more in each of our own savings to cover monthly bills if something happens to the other one until estate would be settled. Hubby's is almost there but mine is lacking. 

Going into spring, I have 6 new strawberry beds, 3 new pollinator beds to fill and 1 heart shaped bed that I think will just be pretty flowers in the back yard as there is NOTHING there but the driveway to the pump house , barn and deck.

Have a great week
Prayers for peace
Blessed Be

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Past week and Next week

 Sunday, Turned clocks forward. I prefer standard time right along with the Amish. 

Monday, did Saturday's and Sunday's laundry, reloaded wood into house, cleaned out the frigs, organized the kitchen frig using cheap sheet cake pans and took trash to the road. Caught all the dishes up. 

Tuesday drop off to bank for 2 of the Amish, drop off to our bank for Hubby's business. Got lunch at sit down restaurant and was proud we only ate salad bar and sandwich. LOTS of veggies and fresh fruit on the salad bar. I brought home half my sandwich. Stopped at CVS as I had coupons and saved 33% there. Still need more burn pad/band aids. Went to chiro, Hubby got fuel while I was in Kroger's. I saved 25 % using Fresh Mode, coupons and sales. Hamburger and chicken breast ended up costing $1.25/lb. Got salad items, baking potatoes, and a bunch of flowers on clearance.  We had to stop at CVS here in town as Humira was in. NO extra trips to go get it . Amish paid for the drop offs for their banking. Hubby said it paid for 1/3rd of the fuel.

Wednesday we went to H&R and paid for our taxes and picked them up and dropped off bank stuff to the 2 Amish. At 10 pm our time (9 pm Amish) M came over and asked if we could make a trip to Walmart as her school kids had just remembered to give her a note that on Friday they were to bring finger sandwiches for a "gathering" at school. 

Thursday we went to Walmart to get M's stuff, dropped that off and then to A &W enterprise as Hubby forgot to stop when he was dropping off bank stuff in that area. We need a 2nd floor mat for the wood stove and he was supposed to have ordered it. 

Friday we are home. Lots of rain and wind coming in.  Saturday will be pick up the limbs that come out of the trees into the north gardens if not to wet from the rain. No since stomping through the mud.

Sunday is the day of rest.

Monday I have doctor appt 2 hrs. away one way

Tuesday Hubby has doctor's appt for results of his MRI, we also will stop at Menards for some odds and ends since it's within a mile of appt. 

Wednesday both of us have eye appts. Both need new glasses

Thursday  We have chiro and as Doc is on vacation for 2 wks. and lunch at friends home.

I am hoping for a quiet Friday. 

Asparagus up

 that little pinkish purple stub is an asparagus coming up. There is two in the patch. The patch is 4 ft by 100 ft.  We had some Amish dig some out last year to make it only 80 ft long... It grew back SIGH.  I told Hubby he might be taking some to auction to sale ... he responded with blackberries also. LOL

Saturday, March 11, 2023

5 yrs and looking towards future

 Five years ago today (which is  a grandson's birthday) we signed closing papers on this home.  We had chosen it in Dec 2017, took 3 months to do paperwork and get a loan.  August 31st (brother to the grandson bday. LOL) we moved in.

While waiting for Hubby to go in for his MRI with contrast we talked about how we felt about the home. Was it set up to deal with one or both of us down? Would only one of us be able to maintain the property? 

We do not have buyer's remorse. Do not regret any of the extra money we have put in it even when things get really tight because of it. Don't regret the money spent on down grid. Hubby still needs to hook solar pump to pressure tank.

We could take the couch out of the front room and move a small table and the printer and put one or even two hospital beds in that place. French doors and front porch ramped. Sidewalk goes from front of the house to French doors to barn is 3 ft wide. Doors in house are 3 ft wide. Would have to move humidifier and clothes hamper if you were taking a wheelchair to the bedroom and move the bed over 6 inches to get back out the other door but there is enough room as is to turn wheelchair around and go back out same door. Our carpenter brought his late wife's wheelchair down to make sure it could be done. I had forgot about that until our HVAC guy was down in this area and just stopped by to say hi and see what else we had done and had mentioned that the carpenter is now in the wheelchair from drinking and driving accident. HE was the one drinking and driving. No one else was hurt. He will be recovering for at least 6 months. 

We decided we are as close as possible to be able to stay in our home even if we need help taking care of ourselves. We need to work saving more to cover finances if one of us dies and have to wait to get all the paper work done to get money flipped around.

 I would like to change the gardens to an easier maintenance  with no mowing between the raised garden beds like it is in some areas. Metal or cedar beds instead of painted plyboard or composite board . Hubby is agreeable even though that means $$ spent.  I would like more perennials, pollinator gardens for bees, butterflies and hummingbirds along with more herbs. I already ordered black raspberry bushes. I am hoping the fruit trees fruit this year at least for some fresh. We might add more fruit trees. I hope the apple trees don't get bit with frost this year like they did last year. At least we got cider out of it with sharing with E. 

We picked up some puff speltz grown locally. Think Honey Smarts or Golden Crisp without the sugar. We were told that it's good with warmed honey over it. We had it plain and thought GOOD, then put butter over it and thought air popcorn. This 5 lb. bag costs us $10.Daughter 2 said that is about equal to 4 large boxes of cereal that sale for around $5 each if you don't buy name brand. I already either grow my own popcorn or get it from E.

Prayers for peace
Blessed Be

Monday, March 6, 2023

Rambling mind

Daughter 1 is back into physical therapy for her legs and hands. 

Daughter 2 is having migraines again... referred her to my specialist.

Daughter 3 stepped down from being manager at job to reduce the hours she is working. She moved and now needs to transport the youngest 2 to school and the older two are either at work or already at college. Financially she is okay with the reduction, but decided to put in a garden. We strongly suggested to start with pots as they are easier to weed and water since we both know her ADHD will flare and she will abandon the garden. Her landlord told her it was okay to till it up but if she didn't maintain it her rent went up to cover someone coming in to deal with it. Sounds like he's had that issue before.

Daughter 4 is working as much as she can get since she will be off for a week without pay at the end of the money.

Son 1 got brochities... he hasn't had that in years. Ended up in ER over it.

Son 2 is back to 4 jobs as he is working at the AF base, then as secretary to Combat vets' , and inventory for the food/drink section of the VFW when the commander of the VFW had a heart attack so Son 2 is now filling that position also until he returns.   

Hubby's parents are starting to struggle with their home as the doors to the bedrooms and bathroom are too small, you can't get a walker through let alone a wheelchair. They are letting the oldest decide whether to change size of doors (which is what we would do) and change layout of bathroom (which is what we would do) and call it done. Enough help to redo it in the family that they would only pay for materials.  The Oldest let Hubby know last night he is also thinking of just moving them to his old house that he rents out as it's already handicap accessible including bathroom. He and his 2nd wife were going to move into it but they have horses now and there is no room for the horses at his old place.   He would let us know which way it goes but is hoping that with the physical therapy their mom is getting (she had polio as a child) that it keeps her on her feet for awhile longer. His parents had to change their power of attorney to lasting power of attorney due to changes in law. 

We unloaded the wood wagon almost 4 cords of wood that took ALL weekend 17 hrs. without the last cord being stacked. Hubby will have to restack the last 1 1/2 cords as he knocked the pile over when he stubbled. THEN told me we have another one coming... not sure when... but I definitely didn't know whether to cry or laugh but was glad I kept track of the manhours of the jobs as this time we had to have the wagon back today and that meant we worked over half of Sunday. Which neither of us like to do. E was butchering so his boys and him couldn't help. 

Taxes are being done tomorrow. I know we will owe school taxes plus taxes from the business. I am happy I am not doing the taxes with having the business.

Hubby made us eye appointments for later in the month.

He has a MRI of the brain on Thursday. He is worried that his problems are dementia and not just vitamin deficiency or dehydration. He brought up that he always planned to by my caregiver not the other way around. How could we deal with this. I pointed out that catching the changes early is a big plus. It could be Idiopathic dementia that surgery could correct, it could be something from the migraines he has since he had rheumatic fever when 16. He just needs to stay active, eat healthy, drink his water and use his brain. His dad has had Alzheimer's for 5 yrs and has NOT gotten worse and is still driving safely and his mom has mild dementia and is doing fine also. 

I can definitely say he had some dehydration going on and if he isn't driving it's worse. As when he is in the truck he will drink water while waiting to be loaded or unloaded or waiting on someone. At home he doesn't want to take a water bottle to the barn. SO I took his old work lunch box out with refilled bottles of water and placed it where he was working. He came in that evening and said that worked as he drank all 3 bottles and then refilled them at the water hydrant in the barn.  I really didn't understand why he didn't take it with him to begin with as I carry my travel mug with water to the gardens all the time. Doc added B complex vitamin to his Meds.

But since he is dealing with health issue, he is not fighting me over updating the will crap or saving more money. SILVER lining in the storm.

Friday, March 3, 2023


 We were down to this on wood... definitely under estimated amount needed. We thought 4 cords would be enough. Had more soft wood than hard wood. Soft wood is good during 50 degree days. By the stove

What is left of what we stored

We used 20 bags of coal... Coal is good for when the HIGH temp is no more than 32. Even the Amish that use only coal said they were struggling to not over heat the house. Buying coal to replace what we used is OFF the list.

Hubby kept all the wood from pruning and projects we did through the summer.

Including all the scraps of crap. When E saw what we were down to he dragged up some trees that a person had cut down but never came back for( upset E as he doesn't like waste of any kind), plus a few he cut down to help keep his woods healthy. They just transplanted over 2 dozen  2 yr. old hard wood maples .

So Hubby cut those up since they are cured about 2 yrs, we can use them now.

Hubby felt we would be okay to get through this spring.  He was just finishing cutting the last of this when he got a call to come to the sawmill and haul wood.

When he got there, he found it was OUR wood. We had moved our name on the wood list to put E's dad in front of us so wasn't expecting any wood until end of March, maybe April. We won't be unloading it today as we are expecting 3 inches of rain and 30-50 MPH winds. It's under the barn over hang with a tarp with weight covering what little isn't covered by the over hang. Plus Hubby thought about wind driving the rain under the over hang. 
E's brother N who sold us the house, said he would fill the garden shed to the rafters with wood and have 2 cords of wood up by the house.  The garden shed is 12 by16 by 10 (to rafters). That is 4 times the amount we had figured. But we definitely need to make sure we keep the hard wood separate from soft wood. 

Thursday, March 2, 2023

Frugal plans for March


We have 9 "errands/appts etc" in March. I hope to combine 4 of them to save on fuel.

On this calendar I listed what protein we will be eating. We followed it 10 days in February. I just add what ever sides needed ate from the frig first and fill in from the pantry. Goal is to only buy dairy, bell peppers, mushrooms and lettuce during this month. We are still too cold for planting. Grocery budget set at $150 which is a reduction of half.

I ordered 2 varieties of black raspberry plants. The honey raspberry is still struggling and the red raspberry just started good last year. The blackberries run us over but M said she would send the girls over to pick if they get too much for us. 

I ordered a couple varieties of peas and a variety of green beans that a friend and  I was out of using a discount code,  picked up a seed tape for carrots that was marked down to 25 ¢ from last year from another store.  Hubby picked up two varieties of early peas from the local Amish green house that had them marked down. The owner's wife charged him $1.00 for 1 lb. of seed just to clear her bin for this year's seed.  I am going to try to plant some dwarf peas in flower pots to hang instead of buying so many flowers. She told Hubby if it worked to let her see a pot... she would like to do that if it's looks good.

Hubby drinks dandelion root tea for his gout. I googled it to see how to make our own. Decades ago I used to make dandelion wine for the elderly gentleman that was a neighbor and make dandelion jelly for my kids. We do eat the greens in salad. Amish neighbor said I needed to try it with gravy over potatoes like they do. 

Propane is at we saved $1626.93 PLUS enough to cover the expense of buying coal and what little we paid for wood as most of our wood was given to us. Our furnace guy said we could let the tank go down to 10 % before refill and the furnace would be fine. Since we are only using it a couple times a week instead of the wood/coal stove, we might save another tank full if we wait until it's that low. Summer fills are cheaper than winter fills.

Temperatures are up and down. Seems like every Wed/Thurs we hit high  50/60s and then go down to low 40s for with mornings below freezing. 

Blessed Be 

Prayers for peace

Wednesday, March 1, 2023



We ate 10 meals out of 10 from the menu....first ever in our married life LOL.🤯

Instead of listing the whole menu, protein, veggies, fruit and grain... I listed protein ONLY. We eat what ever sides need finished like the frozen asparagus as we will have fresh in about 2-3 months. The salad that wasn't enough for both of us and the last of the applesauce. I think we have finished a jar of something pickled every other day. I know I finished the black olives as snack instead of the chocolate bar. Didn't stop the want for the chocolate bar. 

All the bills are paid until March 9th. Groceries are in and we don't need milk. 

We have the medical outstanding bills yet but the money is in a money market making as more than the regular savings account. So I count them as paid since I am not hunting for the money to pay it.

We had 2 medical appts that were 2 hrs. apart not including the 1 hr. of driving between them and two hrs. back home ). We dropped off Hubby's prescription at local CVS. Drove to Sidney, made drop off to Goodwill, then to the bank (our branch closed) and then to chiro. After chiro we got diesel fuel for 34¢ LESS per gallon than what it runs here. Hubby was happy. Then we drove closer to the next appt. in Dayton area and got something to eat. We did a sit down restaurant so we could get veggies that are not deep fried (drooling I am going to miss my deep fried veggies). I had a strawberry salad that I can make at home and just change out the berries when in season. Steak and lobster (got my seafood LOL) and a loaded baked potato that came home. Hubby got steak and shrimp, mixed veggies (carrot, yellow squash and zucchini, boiled but still crunchy) and rice. They messed up and brought him a baked potato also. He brought home the potato and most of the rice that they brought out. He ate his potato last night. Went to the next medical. GI appt. for my Crohn's. I am doing good, no hospitalizations due to Crohn's.  PA was not happy and a little worried when I told him the phlebotomist said I only have one good vein and I am not a candidate for infusion therapy. When I go on Medicare next Jan.  I won't have insurance to pay for my Humira. I've already called the company to see if they have something... they do but it depends on a lot of other stuff and they were hoping that the gov't would include biologics in the reduced prices.  I am not going to stress about it. I will focus on life style to keep it steady instead. 

We drove home (2 hrs.) picked up Hubby's meds. I had some extra bucks and coupons to get some things that was on the wait until on sale list. Pharmacy made the comment " I see you are shopping so I am printing off your receipt because more coupons came out today"  There was only 1 coupon I wouldn't use. 

I got shampoo, conditioner, 4 kinds of toothpaste (I know the kids will be raiding that ), 3 body/ hand lotions,  children allergy meds for Charlotte (vet told me to), allergy meds for me (ouch $44 before sale and coupon), scar med with sun screen for grandson that got hit in face with tree limb while cutting down tree and was off work for 3 months, pain rub as GI want's me off meds by mouth as much as possible, and Aleve for Hubby's Mom.  Sales saved me $44.96, coupons saved me $44. The register had a fit about it and the lady running it said it's because I so many coupons and sales and just laughed. Manager dealt with it and she laughed. Said it happens every day now days. I got a $5 extra bucks that's good to the end of March and will get 2% back on my credit card.  

We then picked up Charlotte when we unloaded at home and went over to deliver a message to H and B about B's medical appt. Hubby confirmed it for them so they don't have to come over and use the phone. 

I found 39 ¢

Hubby decided he wasn't tossing the volunteer concord grape vine that had sprouted up last year. We started growing seedless grapes as we just don't drink that much juice or eat that much grape jam. He was trying to figure out where to move it. I suggest the back fence that is needing replaces anyways. He could transplant it when he does the fence and it will have support as it grows. 

 TO finish this off.. H said maple water (known as sap to Englisher's) is running more this year. Already have over 2000 gallons of maple water and that's the 1st "run". E said it takes 40 gallons of maple water to make 1 gallon of maple syrup. 

E got two of his wheels off the road by cutting the corner too sharp pulling out of his lane and the road was wet so the horses couldn't get a good enough "grip" to pull it back on road. Hubby went over with the tractor and pushed the wagon to get it on the road. 

I have to write up this month's to do list so we don't miss anything. 

Blessed Be

Prayers for peace