Wednesday, December 13, 2023


 We went to see Hubby's parents. Like us they are keeping away from social activities due to the virus going around. We sat 6 ft apart for each other. MIL sprayed Lysol as we left. We talked about ways to save money and keep bills low. She was surprised I was canning meat until she checked the price at her local store. She down loaded the same coupon I had used and went. Got three chuck roasts (all cooked and in freezer in servings for two) and 2 whole chickens cooked and in freezer also. She won't have to cook for 3 weeks she said LOL.

Son 2 was in ER again, high BP AGAIN. They are changing his meds but he also told me this morning the job he changed to when he retired from Army is worse stress (and not due to wars even though it's a civilian job on base) than being in military. PLUS he is bouncing through denials from  Army over working burn pits for a year in Iraq. 

Daughter 4 caught the virus I had for 6 wks. Her two sons picked her up and carried her to the car and took her to the ER. She's passed out on them twice in the past 24 hrs. They had enough of her "I am okay". Her lupus is one of the worse flare ups the ER had seen , but not the worse the Lupus doctor had seen. On different meds and getting her BP up from the low she had.

Son2 said if they shared BP , they would both be normal. 

Daughter 2 said she fainted at work (custodian at school) due to hot flash. Was lucky she warned the one she was working with what was going on and that she needed to lay down. They caught her before she fell over. School nurse checked her out and now she has appt with her doctor over it.

Daughter 1 has out patient back surgery the 18th. 

Daughter 3 and Son 1 wants everyone else to stay away from them. We agree with those feelings. 

We are doing phone conference with finance guy tonight (he doesn't want virus and said it went through the office so he was not having anyone come in either) .

We are changing budget so I need to sit down after conference call and deal with that.

Most the Christmas decorations are up.

How is your month going?