Sunday, January 31, 2021

Savings. Simple Sunday

Should be sleepy Sunday after a night of snow coming in a mere 3 inches with the forecast calling for a lot more. Dogs were pacing a lot during the night and had both of us up and down. We are expecting freezing rain next or a wintery mix. I really don't want the freezing rain. We decided against plowing or shoveling until after the system passes. 

Saved 50% on seeds. I have had 3 places I had ordered last year that couldn't fill my orders sent me discounts. I focused on things I can plant for fall crop.

Moved some things around in my IRA and made over $20,000 in 6 wks. Knowing how it's went I will probably lose it by next week. 

We only bought milk this past week. 

We have been eating from mostly the kitchen frig freezer. I want to put 10 meals in the freezer to easy things while I am down. M said to say something to her on Tuesday or Wednesday if we need her to bake bread for us on Saturday. We saw that there is pork butt on sale for 89cents/lb at the local Save A Lot until Feb 2nd so we will go get some of that. One for smoking and another for adobo pork. 

I pulled frozen corn, a round steak, instant mashed potatoes, cherry pie filling and whipped topping (freezer) to go on top of the choc chip angel food cake M sent over for our meal tonight. 

I put ham out for tomorrow's meal... thinking scalloped potato and ham, maybe coleslaw as I have a cabbage in the frig. I can use part of it for coleslaw and the rest for fried cabbage and fried potatoes and sausage.

Blessed be