Monday, November 28, 2022

Looking at the end of the year and menu planning


This is our new decoration for this year. I made it from plastic clothes hangers 

We loved it that the cross showed through the light tree.

We decided to not really shop for each other, I'll get a few odds and ends for the stockings . It's the first time we don't have any essentials, needs or wants... We both feel that is the best gift we can give each other. We don't count savings as we always will want more there.

We went over the punch list... over 1000 when we bought this house four years ago. Was at 188 Jan 1st 2022. Been averaging 37 done each year. BUT we changed which way we were going and really cranked through some of the smaller items and it's down to 56 and that includes windows and siding to be done in a couple years down the road. 

We spent Thanksgiving at home with just the two of us. The only left overs was the pumpkin roll and the turkey. Turkey is being frozen and broth is being made with the bones. SIGH. I really don't need broth but I just can throw it out, seems so wasteful when I know not "simmering" the carcass doesn't get all the meat off the bones. 

We were going to go to Walmart to replace a couple outdoor pots but I got up coughing my lungs up at 3:30 this morning so I am home. Hubby is running prescriptions to CVS and delivering messages to Amish as they had another death out of state. AND then said half a dozen was in CVS coughing their heads off so when he got home he stayed outside for an hour hoping the germs were killed in the cold temps

The house is decorated, the prime rib ordered for Christmas eve. I will pick up some baking potatoes (ours didn't grow big enough) salad and shrimp for shrimp cocktail ( I use leftover shrimp for shrimp scampi). Haven't set dessert yet. 

Have a HAM radio dinner to go to mid December. I will make a cranberry custard pie for sure but not sure what else as I told Hubby to tell the guy in charge we would bring what he needed after he finds out what everyone else is bringing. One year it was salt and pepper and butter.

We wrote out menu thoughts. We have 3-4 days we will eat else where.

Christmas eve we will have prime rib, Christmas appetizers. New Year's eve will be pork and kraut. 

Cuban black beans and rice. 

Bean soup

Turkey, broccoli and rice casserole

brats and baked beans

pork chops 

turkey, noodles and mashed potatoes

Mexican (any where from tacos to enchiladas)

fish, fries and cole slaw

sausage gravy and biscuits


bfast (waffles, pancakes, French toast, fried mush, eggs (any style cooked) etc..)

I have chili and veggie soup canned in pantry. Son 2 just sent recipe for meatball tortilla soup that he thought was good and quick. 

Baby Charlotte waiting for me to come back to bed for a nap as Hubby just told her to take me to bed for a nap.  LOL He thinks you can sleep the crud away.