Monday, October 25, 2010

7 wks later another death

This is Cookie when she was healthy and happy before she got a tumor on her spleen.She was a joy and prancing like the princess we felt she was.

I took this picture yesterday when she was sliding down hill so fast.She wasn't eating and had already lost 20 lbs but was "blowing up like a ballon" in her stomach area.By 1 AM this morning she was struggling.I was surprised she made it through the night.She insisted on being out side in the coolness of the night and laid in the gravel of the driveway. I laid in the gravel beside her and held her with prayers of GOD not letting her suffer.

We got her in to the clinic and had her put to sleep.Though my heart is broken I know I looked inside my heart and placed hers above my own.She's on the other side playing with Tasha (2/25/2010) and Sam (9/7/2010).Of course when I get to the other side Tasha and Sam are going to nailing me for cooking a turkey for Cookie and not them.

Blessed be those that love us unconditionally, accept us as we are and greet us with love and affection no matter what our moods are.

I miss you Cookie...I love you even more.