Saturday, December 31, 2022

We don't do New Year Resolutions

We do goals.

Charlotte's goal is to make sure she gets the pillows before I get in bed.

Hubby's goal is not have to cut ice from the pond like the Amish for storing food during the summer.

Speaking of Amish, M just sent over eggs and asked if I had 2 dozen wide mouth lids to spare... she's canning meat and ran out of lids. I have enough wide and regular for 2 canning seasons. I think I have flipped these 2 dozen lids four or five times with her. 😁

Goals 👫

Stay Healthy.

Have more in savings and lower withdraw from retirement funds. It's the first year we haven't reduced the pull. We have a few things we want the money in savings as it's due in fall.

To have the solar panels installed on pump house by spring.

Replace garden beds

Refill garden beds with dirt

MAYBE plant garden beds. I do have some that I can plant limited.

To declutter basement, barn and garden shed

To organize basement, barn and garden shed. 

I already finished the house doing that but of course will need to go back through drawers and cabinets... never ending to my way of thinking.

Son 1 was up and said the house seemed "settled" and comfortable. 

BUT first is take down the Christmas decorations and put it all away and plan what we are doing with the gardens.

Happy New Year ... may this one be calmer and more peaceful

Blessed Be

Prayers for peace


Wednesday, December 28, 2022

On the Menu

 Mushroom Wellington (Blogger Sam, coffee, money and Thyme) maybe with a risotto or beef and barley soup.

Creamy Ham Veggie soup (once again Sam, coffee, money and Thyme) with Homemade rolls or bread

Autumn Stew (Home Chef recipe of poultry, butternut sq and Kale) 

Prime rib, baked potato, salad, shrimp cocktail, rolls (Son1 up for Christmas)

Sausage balls and mac and cheese with green beans and applesauce

Spare Ribs and kraut and mashed potatoes

Leftover pork roast with mashed potatoes, kraut, blackeye peas and cranberry sauce

Philly steak pizza

Shrimp scampi with CA blend veggies 

Country boil (Amish B recipe)

Mackerel patties, fried potatoes and peas

Sausage with red cabbage with apples

Turkey enchilidas

Taco salad in tortilla bowl

Taco pizza

Salisbury steak mashed potatoes  and corn (or Brussels sprouts)

Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes and red cabbage with apples

Pasta (Hubby's choice) 

Bfast. I found the waffle iron so probably waffles.

Now I am hungry LOL

Blessed be 

Prayers for peace

End of year

 Second day of Amish cutting ice from our pond. Pond was froze 8 inches in 2 weeks. It's usually around 6 inches in February but they were worried it would get warm and stay warm or we would get a lot of snow which makes ice mushy. 

We ordered more coal thinking it wouldn't be in until Jan. It's in so maybe we will go get it tomorrow when it's 50s and not raining like the rest of the week is to be. Supplier said it went up and another raise is coming in Jan. So instead of the 1 ton we got 2. 

I checked the budget. Couple areas we were over budget... way over budget and in others we were way below budget. BUT over all we were balanced. We even have more in savings than we did at the end of last year and the IRA's are at the about the same amount also as they were last Dec.  Lots of big ticket items, wood/coal stove and solar well pump. Second order of coal and the on property fuel tank also that we saved for.

Next year's big ticket items... gardens beds along with dirt, replace my truck, 4 tons of coal and odds and ends on the porches. Wood is going to be cheap if not free. Out of pocket for Medicare will be double of what we half now.  I gathered estimated costs of each. We will figure out which we need to save for first and take care of the priorities first.  

Blessed Be

Prayers for peace

Prayers for the blogger whose Husband died of heart attack Christmas morning

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Saving money through Christmas to New Year's

 Daughter 4 got this for me... The other 5 agreed it was the best present for me and all got a laugh. She also got us some off grid stuff, travel mugs that we can take out side and a wood rack to put on our porch so her dad won't have to go to the barn to refill as often and to put what is in the barn in the wood rack at the end of the season so we have this year's wood separate from next year's wood.

We saw most of the kids by making the loop only going 10 miles out of the way of a 2 hr. trip one way on driving to Daughter 2's to see her son in on leave and having Christmas with him. For the 1st time in years we only saw the daughters. Son 1 is coming up on the 30th when the weather is good and we will see Son 2 on the 2nd though we did drop his gifts off as he was out of town. I got kitty time with my 4 legged grandkids though. I took appetizers made from what I had on hand. 

The 2 legged grandkids got a kick out of the dollar store regular envelopes I put their Christmas cash in and the advanced birthday cards of the ones in Jan and Feb. Most the evening was answering questions on how much to save, how to save, and being getting back up for the grid going down. One made the comment he would be packing his cats and coming to live with us if bad crap happened, Daughter 4 told him to wait and she would drive pass so he could follow her as she would be heading this way. Hubby told them to plan on living in the barn since only 1 of them has a home over 1200 sq ft, they could do that as the barn is over 8000 square feet. As we were leaving they yelled see you in March, that's when the next round of birthday cards would be. All of them asked about how much to save for retirement about half of them are self employed and know not to count on Social Security to support them.

We came home a different way (10 miles shorter LOL) and saw more Christmas lights.  

I cut the Christmas eve prime rib so we had some Christmas eve, put the rest in the freezer  so can roast the rest on the 30th for Son 1 instead of buying another roast. Actually it was better as I have only enough leftovers for 2 small Philly steak subs and a pizza for the two of us. 

I checked all automatic payments making sure they had the correct information and would continue as automatic. Son 2 had 2 stop last year because he didn't confirm his info. Was a mess 

I donated to the food pantry in memory of Mother, Salvation Army in memory of Pop as they raised him when he was put on the street at age 12 by his parents and Seed Savers in memory of Daddy as he was always a gardener until his late 80s.

We ate appetizers made from what I had on hand for two meals.

I baked 2 loaves of bread. First loaf was used for bread on Christmas eve along with croutons for the salad. Then into bread pudding. Half of the second one was  French toast (got free eggs from M).

I transferred $2.96 cash back to the card and then took the same amount and put it in savings. 

During the 35 to 50 below wind chill temperatures I closed off the two lofts and the basement. Kept curtains closed, only turned on Christmas lights on Christmas eve and day to help with power grid . We didn't lose power thankfully. Still needed to turn the furnace on to 65 even with wood stove to keep the south end of the house from freezing pipes. Found one window that allowed snow through it and then had ice on the inside. I covered it with an old towel. Will be researching windows for sure. Hubby checked the propane tank level as we turned the furnace back down to 55. We are at 59 % so we only used 2% during the week of sub zero. Not bad at all as the last time we had that type of weather we used 15% . 

I used the wood stove to cook and bake instead of using the propane cook stove. 

We are sitting down today and talking of goals/plans for the next year. We do know we are decluttering/downsizing. 

Blessed be

Prayers for peace

Be safe and healthy (as I cough my lungs up LOL)

Saturday, December 24, 2022

Level 3

 in this area we are level 3. Means we can be arrested if on the roads without reporting to essential work or going home from essential work. Personally with it a negative 31in temp and gusts over 50 mph... we are NOT going out. 

Got 1 kid without heat, furnace went out. or water pipes froze, she forgot to let them drip when she lost heat. They got space heaters and bought water as they can't get anyone to fix it until Jan. She's planning on the pipes being busted so turned the main water off. She rents so notified her landlord what happened and he brought her some water and a space heater he had.

Another kid had their car go down while going after one of their kids' whose car went down. 

Son 1 will not be up due to weather. He is coming up next weekend when it's suppose to be in the 50s (pneumonia weather).

We might not be going Christmas day to drop off Christmas and to daughter 2's to see grandson in from deployment, he thinks he is being sent back to Italy which he loves. That sucks we might not see him but we went through the same thing with son2, so even though it tugs the heart, we know we need to stay safe and a 2 hr. drive one way might not be safe as the wind is still causing white outs and drifts not to speak of windchills if you break down.

E came over and checked the thickness of the pond. The kids want to skate on it and he wants to go ahead and cut ice for the ice house as he is worried about it staying warm after this. Normally it would be 2 1/2 to 3 inches . He won't let kids on it unless it's at least 4 inches. It's 6 and will be closer to 7 on Monday when they skate on it. Tuesday he will be cutting ice. 

Even though it's Christmas eve, the day runs the same, feed the stove, feed dog, feed stove, do laundry and hang on drying rack, feed stove, feed us with a couple drag dog out on leash to potty as she won't just go out. She did get Hubby through the night to do business...on the steps to the porch but at least she was out. 

Prayers everyone is safe and warm.

Blessed be

Merry Christmas, Happy Yule, Happy Holidays.

Prayers for peace

Thursday, December 22, 2022

Winter nasty coming in

 Our internet and phone has already been up and down. Better it than the electric. I ran the dishwasher even not full so it's done 

We are ready if the grid goes down and for what ever the 30 below plus temps bring with 50 mph winds. Hubby thinks we have what decorations we have up can handle that wind. Otherwise they will end up at E's. 

We and E checked on both widows. They have full tanks on cars and groceries. If electric goes out in middle of night, they have our cell phone numbers. One will go to E and the other one here as neither have back up heat. The one might go stay with their granddaughter who has a generator. Said she would let us know if she did.

Hubby's parents are ready. Had their propane topped off as their generator is hooked to it and got groceries in. So set.

Stay safe

Blessed be

Prayers for peace

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

bad weather prep, frugal items, update on kids.

 It's going to be a wintery mess the end of this week

Rain/snow depending on what time it comes in due to being in low 40s to dropping to 30s ... anywhere from 1 to 5 inches of snow on Thursday

30 to 50 MPH winds on Friday with the temps in the single digits

Artic slam on Saturday with wind chill at 20 degrees BELOW if not more

High possible on Sunday (Christmas) is ZERO for the temp with 25 mph winds. 

Hubby didn't finish getting the solar pump installed , hand pump does work and will pump to pressure tank at least nor did he go get diesel fuel for the tractor and other generator (he keeps the work truck full) BUT he had regular gas delivered  for our tank that would also help if E runs out of gas for their water pump he uses a small gas motor to pump.(Just a side note, E is changing to wind power with gas pump back up for his water after Hubby told him why we were going to solar, grid down affects them also)

 So I put diesel fuel on the to do list along with all of the other things we want to get done while out for appts. 

We had all meals but one from pantry/freezers. Hubby picked up $11 gas station pizza one night.

I cashed in my pinecone and swag bucks for gift cards. Matched amount went to savings.

I used Menards rebate to pay for a couple items Hubby needed for the solar pump. Matched amount went to savings

Hubby used a TSC rewards, matched amount to go to savings

I used 4 coupons at Kroger's and 10 cents off gas... matched amount when to savings

I bought thrift bakery buns (amount difference compared to Walmart went to savings) and used the condiments we had at home for the HAM radio group dinner. There was no horseradish cream to come home. 

We are using the Christmas lights as our lighting in the mornings while we drink our coffee and talk over the day and oil lamps if needed. Hubby uses a task light at his computer and I use one when reading.

I found a total of $1.20 in coins that is in the coin jar 

I paid off the last of the school taxes that were not due until Feb.

I went back through our subscriptions, if it's not saving us the amount it is costing us it got cancelled. I will not renew one and the other 4 will be continued.

I am using the clothes line to freeze dry and/or the drying rack for laundry

All the bills that came in that was lower than budgeted amount... the "extra" $$ got transferred to local savings so if they come in higher during winter the money is sitting there but making us some money while doing so.

I broke even on my IRAs. I earned the same amount I lost.

Hubby made money at the shock of our finance group when most were losing 10-18%. We are hoping this coming year things settle down.

I figured out that we could use 22 bags of coal a week to equal what we would spend on propane. Our coal provider let us know that with what is coming in we would use 4 bags a day and he isn't getting the next load of coal until Jan so we went back to wood which mainly is FREE. It's just we do have to feed it during the night and load it like night time if gone over 2 hrs. I just turned the furnace up to 62 so if the stove goes out, Charlotte will still have decent heat along with the plumbing.

Today we are going to doctor's appt. Since I am not going to run around in horrible weather I combined stopping at dentist office to drop off info, drop Christmas cards at post office, getting dog tags, doc appt., picking up prime rib on way back as we pass the butcher shop (it's 10 miles outside of town), getting the last of the groceries and milk that I will be out of today for holidays , Hubby will get diesel while I am getting groceries and then hopefully my meds will be in for me to pick up.

Hubby ran (since Amish don't have phones) his business errands this morning to confirm what jobs he was doing this week since he will not haul during the bad weather. He was able to shift some things around and one of the Amish won't be ready for him to pick up a load anyways due to flu hitting the family. He wasn't even willing to open door to talk so not to pass it. 

I had enough in local bank savings to move to our "savings" bank that has better interest (negative is it takes a week to move it from one acct back to checking acct. but that definitely makes us think if we want to go through that or not).

We have a money market 3 % interest set up for medical. We now have 50% there *25%  is in another savings as we will be paying co-pays again Jan 1st .SO only need to save another 25% and then start saving for 2024 on Medicare.

We have a 12 month CD 4.15% interest (no minimum to open)

We have a 11 month no penalty 3.5% interest (no minimum to open)   

It's been a long time that my savings didn't out earn CD's or I had to have a large amount to open one.

I set up monthly spread sheets to track outflow and income. I set a separate one for savings . Hubby is now listing what category on receipts so I know what it is for besides how he paid for it.

Daughter 1 is doing better since surgery on her wrist. Back to work as floor  manager of Walmart. Her family is fine, all 5 kids working, and grandkids are starting to come along at a steady rate LOL

Daughter 2 changed jobs after 19 yrs would have been 20 in March. Server and bartender... She is now custodian at a local school with solid 40 hrs. a week, benefits and retirement. She is working Saturdays at the old job and willing to be on call for fill in on weekends. Things seem to have settled down some with the job change. All her kids are working, one in Army is to be home this week and she is expecting another grandchild.

Daughter 3 is working steady, has her 2nd child getting ready to move out on their own (I've gotten lots of texts of her struggling to deal with the child being old enough even though the kid is a nurse working full time) The other kids are doing well.

Daughter 4 got her cost estimate for her surgery as it's pre existing she has to pay a chunk of it. Thinks she will have enough before her doctor tells her it is a must for surgery. 

Son 1 is working and doing fine, said he is just dating around. 

Son 2 is still celebrating retiring from Army. Loves his job at Air Force (civilian)  and is doing well in his relationship with his lady as her focus is raising her 13 yr old and he is fine with that. 

It's nice to know going into the holiday that drama and health is good. We will probably all come down with some bug or another after Christmas which seems to be the norm after 50 yrs (Lord the oldest is 50 LOL)

Blessed be

Prayers for peace

Monday, December 19, 2022

SIGH this is why

I get frustrated with Hubby

This is how the coal fire looked when I went to run errands

nice lovely fire, not full but a good amount .

One hour later what did I come back to???

I grew up with coal stoves and I told Hubby to not load over the full line and not load a lot at one time think of thin layers. Coal burns from the bottom up so there has to be air coming up through the bottom. To NOT poke or stir up like you would wood..

He closed the air off to the coal, then added 40 lbs. (way too much at one time) and then stirred it thinking (not thinking to me) it would help it. THEN he moved the shakers (the vents in bottom) to the point he had a ash tray full of hot coals and the shaker (what controls the vents) stuck open with lumps of hot coal so nothing was staying in the fire box and he couldn't get the ash tray out with the hot coals being bigger than the door way of where the ash tray is. He did say he was sorry he complained I bought 3 buckets for the stove as he used all 3 and the ash tray after he got the coals out of it. He didn't know what he would have used to carry hot coals out. I suggested the bottom of the fire pit that is on wheels and could be rolled in and rolled out and not burn the wood floor if he didn't have buckets (that he made sure was on the fire protector on the floor).


AFTER spending 2 hours cleaning up the mess as there was dust everywhere and reloading coal from those buckets as I'm not throwing coal away and getting it going, he went to run his own errands. Saw one of the Amish that burns coal and said something to them about what he did. They asked if he ever burned coal before, nope just wood in fireplace. Asked if I did. Yep  and I had said blah blah blah.... 

The guy asked why he didn't listen to me . Hubby said he thought he knew it all since he was a guy. Just FYI he really isn't that way most times. But it gave the Amish a laugh and was advised the same thing I had told him AGAIN and don't need to add fuel every hour either as coal is not like wood at all. He still struggles on not loading it every hour or two (coal can burn 10-12 hrs.)usually around 3- 4 hrs.  is good to load, you don't want it on the low side and you still don't want to dump a lot on it as you will smother it.

Sunday, December 11, 2022

Planning for 2023.

 Planning to declutter and organize the house, garden shed , barn and property. WITHOUT paying extra to get rid of it. Tempting to hire it done just to not deal with it ????

We kept a lot of stuff, everything from cabinets to dishes to to tools to crafts and to what ever through the years . I have Daddy's, Mother's, Pop's, late Husband's, Hubby's grandfather's, and things from all 6 kids and a few things from the grandkids that their mother's passed to them that they don't want now either.


Son2 is doing happy dance over that plan as he is in charge of our estate and us if we need care. EVEN though we have put in the will to have an auction (noted for him to go to E as E's dad deals with the auctions for the Amish).He would rather see it gone before we get to that stage of old age or die and stick him with it. At least he no longer threatening to just burn it down.

I found on This Old House an idea of knee wall dresser. Knee wall( Hubby calls them half walls) is a wall that comes up to about your hip and then goes into an A frame or like ceiling. There was a built in book case also. Both thoughts would help in the loft bedrooms. I can't even put all my bedroom furniture in my bedroom but the dresser is too tall for the knee wall loft bedrooms.

In the old homestead I had a cabinet that was my baking center. That cabinet is now in barn surrounded by other stuff and not being used. BOY do I miss it when I have to hunt for what I want as my baking stuff is now in 4 places.

I decided we had to have a list and broke it down to 40 areas ( I multiplied it by 3 for 120 as it's 3 parts to the whole) and a plan of when to get it done as we decide to declutter, organize (what will make it easier to take care of also) and clean. 

Hubby's first thought was how to get rid of it. 

April our township has a clean up day and we can take "trash, non hazard stuff, to the township hall and they will haul it for FREE. 

Our trash company takes 6 kitchen bags a week. Our usual is 1 a week so that's 5 more bags that can be gotten rid of without extra charges.

We have a Habitat Restore in 3 place near us, 1 Salvation Army store, 3 Goodwill and 1 Fish thrift shop and several churches also taking donations.

My thoughts went to time to get it done.

IF I started now (even though we said we would do nothing until Jan 2nd) and did 8 to be done by the beginning of April for the township clean up day.

If I start Jan 2nd I have to do 10 

IF I start Jan 2nd and focus on doing 1 area and do all 3 parts in 1 wk. I would be done Sept 30.  Which means we would be storing some things that can't be ran through regular trash until the next April or we would be paying to have it hauled. 

Cardboard boxes (not used to cart stuff to thrift shops) and paper items can be burned in burn barrel. Bubble wrap goes to the one thrift store along with extra plastic bags that the Amish don't take during the winter months. Amish use them for their veggie market stands. Couple grandkids said to not get rid of any kitchen stuff as they plan on going out on their own next summer. I am okay with holding stuff like that. 

We are flipping it back and forth how to do it but by Dec 31st the choice will be made. 

Blessed Be

Prayers for peace


Saturday, December 10, 2022

frugal in kitchen


Fried potatoes and onions from our gardens

Navy bean soup , we grew the beans, made the broth and chunks of ham from a leftover ham bone.

Jiffy cornbread muffin mix in memory of Daddy. Son2 bought me a dozen mixes even though he knew I had yellow and white cornmeal because he was thinking of his Grandpa. He also has always used Jiffy as it makes only 6 muffins which is enough for him. He also uses Daddy's bean soup recipe using smoked hocks instead of ham. He has a butcher shop around the block from him so he can get them pretty easy. 

We had baked oatmeal with apples I had kept from canning.

We had pork chops (from E) sweet potatoes and green beans we grew. I made custard pie (eggs were from M) and will put raspberry pie filling on top of it. Had to buy that we didn't grow enough last year. 

So far the only thing we have bought at the store is milk twice.

Hubby had bought powdered buttermilk at an Amish store a couple months ago (he used it when he was single parent) that I have been premixing and let sit until thickened to use in the Irish soda bread I make as it's just flour, salt, soda and buttermilk. Sometimes I  add dried raisins or cranberries to it. Saves the yeast plus if I float between different types of bread, it gets ate before it gets bad. I like bread pudding but not with store bought white bread.

We got the electric bill, it's $75 LOWER than this time last year even though we have had the Christmas lights on when usually we don't turn them on until Dec 1st to be on only one month's bill. Part is it's a bit warmer but I know that our furnace fan costs us $50 a month as I have ran it full time instead of automatically to help hold the heat steady. The wood burner has a non electric fan that is run by the heat coming off the top. Even the lofts which has always been below 50 degrees fall- early spring is at 72. E says it won't be that warm once the below freezing weather comes in and stays.

At this time last year we had our second propane fill and we are at 65%. Hubby considers that a savings of $550 as that what it would have cost to fill the tank

I boiled eggs, made frittata, custard pie and fried eggs for meals as the eggs are free from M. 

We focused on eating the menu we made. We had 7 off the menu along with 3 of them repeats as leftovers and bfast twice for our lunches /suppers. We had lunch out once when out with appts and errands. Got 2 sandwiches and split the French fries and drank the water we took with us.  

Blessed be

Prayers for peace

Thursday, December 8, 2022


 It feels weird to not be figuring out how to get the canning done or what needs canned first LOL. 

I did get most the Christmas cards ready to go out tomorrow, I have 5 that I want to include letter in.

Hubby spent the day working on the solar pump for the deep water well. He got the hand pump attached which is the most labor but still needs to install the solar panels and the batteries. 

Thought it was kind of funny the morning before he started on it we lost power and my first comment was I have no water to do laundry. I have water for 3 days for regular uses but that wasn't the point when the solar pump had been on site for a month. He immediately went to install it. Did not think it would take more than a couple hours to do it completely but if necessary he can hand pump water. I grew up doing that at my grandfather's and aunts... 860 pumps with a hand pump for a wringer washer and rinse pan.  (UPDATE) he found it was going to be harder to install solar panels as he thought they went one way narrow side as side and longer side as height and it was the reverse. E is going to help him install them after he braces the walls they will hang on the pump house.) AND the electric went out 6 hrs... not big deal as I had already pulled water for the morning and just put off laundry until the next day.

We are changing the times we eat since Hubby is not hauling as much (slow season) plus he needs a snack around 7 pm or he munches through way too much (1/2 gallon of caramel popcorn that was suppose to be for me and I got none of it). I made the mistake of suggesting cheese and crackers... he ate a pound of each SIGH.... and he realized that wasn't good when the next day Doc was on him for gaining 6  lbs. in 3 months when it took him 9 months to lose it to begin with.

 I eat at 10 and 2 and eat light meals or snacks and dinner (supper) was at 5. Hubby wants to eat dinner/supper at 4 to 4:30 and have a snack at 7 as he is usually asleep by 8:30. I think the oatmeal bars I used to make for the kids' breakfast would be a good snack for him at night. Since he told Doc he was getting hungry a couple hours after eating supper. I just have to make sure he doesn't munch through them like he did the caramel popcorn. He drinks over 1 gallon of water a day not including his 20 ounces of coffee or 20 ounces of dandelion tea (for his gout). 

We went and got fuel additive for the generators , lawn mowers , tractor and both trucks. When it clicked none of that was written in the budget... nor was the fuel for the tractor, lawnmowers or generators... SIGH. Nor was the grandkids moving out on their own money that we give them. Back to redoing that budget.

We haven't had sunshine for almost a week. Drizzle , foggy  and dreary.

The sun came out but the wind was above 25 mph. Charlotte doesn't like wind in her ears but wanted the sunshine. Kept going out , getting in her chair and then coming right back in . So I moved the dog bed into the sunshine


I spent the day , moving the bed with her on it to keep her in the sunshine. Hubby just laughed. 

Hope you are well and safe

Blessed be 

Prayers for peace

Friday, December 2, 2022

End of canning for this year

 12 meals of turkey canned

15 pints of turkey broth canned

14 pints of kraut canned (after fermenting in crock)

I told Hubby I am done canning for this year. I will be taking the 4 canners and the large stock pot (25 lb. turkey fits in it) and moving them into storage so I can walk to the clothes washer or to my dresser in the laundry room without walking around canners or moving them. 

Hubby is installing the solar SIMPLE PUMP on our well pump this weekend. I've checked on him a couple times. He is doing fine just very slow going. 

The guy in charge of the Christmas dinner for the HAM radio group sent Hubby an update of what is coming so far. He is bringing a ham (wants us to bring bread and buns for it). Someone is bringing lasagna for those tired of ham. Sounds like some sort of salad is coming. Hubby is going to pull the list up when he is done for the day . It's a small group of about 30 with families included(that is less than us with the kids and their families). The other ham radio group Hubby used to be in was closer to 50-60 people with families included.

We are bouncing some thoughts on goals for next year around also.

I am heading for a nap as I just took the meds for the RSV and now I want to sleep LOL