Thursday, April 8, 2010

rain on the way and today's meals

Rain is coming YEAHHHHHH.It will knock down some of the pollen and I won't have to shower and change clothes every time I've been outside for any length of time.I actually had a green cast to my hair yesterday from the pollen...yuck.

today for lunch I am having homemade beef and vegetable soup that I brought with me along with a ham sandwich. Tonight though I will be cooking chicken breasts,whole grain medley and asparagus. Not sure what spices I will use on the chicken since I have a really good selection on my herbs and spices with me.What ever it will be throwed in an electric skillet to cook.I have enough chicken to make 2-3 meals total. I'll marinate some of them with Italian salad dressing and cook them in the crock pot tomorrow. If any isn't eaten then they will go into wraps. pitas or on salads.

Have a blessed day, stay safe

Blessed be