Sunday, October 13, 2019

Spent the day working together

On Friday and  Hubby figured out that he moves like a snail (his words) and I am a Belgian plow horse. Since he said it in front of E, he got ribbed over the comment. Yes, I take breaks but I don't side track or wonder off to check something that has nothing to do with what I am working on. I will send a memo to myself on my phone to check it later. NOR do I look at my phone every time a notification or text comes in.It took him 6 hrs to scrape and paint a trim on the house that should have only took him 2 hrs. Since E was going up and down the road he could see him and how he was doing where I was inside working , E came over to see why it was taking Hubby so long.

The items still on the to do list

finish stocking the pantry

finish inventorying the pantry

cut and sew the winter curtains for the bedroom

hang the rest of the winter curtains up (have 50% up)

finish 72 things off the energy audit list. I am fall cleaning while I do the audit stuff.

build, paint laundry room closet

install deck railing.


the trim has been painted that wasn't on his list but should have been.

He has 1 board STILL to cut to finish the deck and then start on the ramp

He looked at the list he made and realized he is going to working outside in the cooler weather when he really should have had that stuff done and be working in the attics before we start getting freezing temps. E talked to him about taking care of the home on the way over to get some lumber for E's calf barn.

I wrote up a routine...AGAIN... BUT this one includes me spending time doing National Novel Writers Month that starts Nov 1st.

It worked for over the weekend.