Thursday, September 9, 2010

death of loved one

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He was in the slammer as a vagrant.Unloved and unwanted because he was disabled. I asked him if he wanted to come home with me and he stood up and said yes.He was honest, he was a begger and a theif, disabled and unsure of his age but he would do his best to follow the rules and get along with me and mine.

For five months and two days, he was a blessing beyond what we ever thought he would be.With in days he knew he was home and safe, that we loved him and accepted him as he was.As his lower back disks gave out and caused him to no longer be able to get up on his own or sometimes not even stand, he never stopped showing his love and how grateful he was.At the clinic he laid in my arms, not whimpering from the pain he must have felt but nuzzling to show both hubby and me that he loved us, that it was okay. I held him until his heart beat no more with grief to match the love.

Our only comfort is knowing he is now running on all four legs, playing as he as he needed to be and easily picture him sharing bread with our Lord

GOD BLESS YOU SAMMY...Sam I am, I am Sam...Sammy Wammy...Samuel Adams Sheltie.