Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I am back

worn out and frazzled but at least here for a week or so LOL.

Here is a pic of my son's kitties that I was babysitting while moving him while he was out of state. Cuddles in the black cat and he definitely likes to cuddle. Bailey is the gray cat.She is a cat for sure LOL

Now that I am back here I've started the deep cleaning of our own place.Not as bad as I thought it would be since I missed my regular spring cleaning but still in need of a good scrub. In the midst of it all I am also moving the pantry items around and checking out what needs used up. I need to start making desserts before it over runs all the pantry.

Dinners have been what ever needs used up as I go. Last night was chicken satay made with coconut milk, turmeric,cumin and coriander for the marinade along with avocado salad (lettuce in garden is over running us).

Tonight is going to be soft tacos, refried beans and more lettuce.

have a great day, got to go finish scrubbing the kitchen cabinet doors.