Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Garden planning.. rotation and spring planting

I have my rotation for the south garden

grasses (pop corn at this point) or lamiacea (herbs)

legumes (beans)

brassicas (cauliflower, broccoli cabbages etc)

Umbelliferial (carrots celery etc)

Asteracea (sunflowers, lettuces etc)

legumes (again)

amranthaceae (spinach, Swiss chard, beets)

solanaceous (toms, peppers, eggplant)

allium (onions garlic leeks)

cucurbits (cucumbers summer squash, winter squash, melons)

This year I am planting Grasses (popcorn) in the north garden as a 4 sister garden with bee balm, Lazy housewife beans(dry for soup) and 5 different winter squashes.

So I  will put lamiacea which is herbs. It will be the annual herbs as I intend to plant the perennial in the north garden  this year.

Morning glory family (sweet potatoes) will be planted in grow bags so I am not digging but dumping a bag.

Fingerling potatoes (solanaceous) will be planted in grow bags for the same reason.

Can you tell I am still working on learning plant family names?

I chose what I was planting each season

Spring is:
little white snow peas
little purple snow peas
Alaska pea
Royal snap pea
Sugar Ann snap pea
snow bird snap pea
red wethersfield onion
candy onion
patterson storage onion
zebrune shallots
American flag leeks
evergreen bunching onions
Tokyo bunching onions
white spear bunching onions
Danver carrots
St Valery carrots
Napoli carrots
Little finger carrots
Florence fennel
bronze fennel
Tall Utah celery
par cel celery
mars pelleted celeriac
bloomsdale long standing spinach
electric neon Swiss chard
cylindia beet
bulls blood beet
chioggia beet
Burpee golden beet
basella malaber spinach
Joan rutabaga
Daikon long radish
starburst radish
Philadelphia white radish
cherry belle radish
red glow radish
early scarlet radish
white beauty radish
Fioretto 85 cauliflower
redarling Brussels sprouts
Diabo Brussels sprouts
large Charleston wakefield cabbage
alcosa cabbage
Late flat Dutch cabbage
minute F1 Chinese cabbage
red dragon Chinese cabbage
Roamesco cauliflower
early snowball cauliflower
red Russian kale
champion collards
scarlet kale
snowdrop kalettes
autumn kalettes
mistletoe kalettes
calabrese broccoli
green goliath broccoli
green leaf salad bowl lettuce
red leaf salad bowl lettuce
Jericho lettuce
buttercrunch lettuce
rocket arugula
green party mesclun
red rouge d hiver lettuce
red romaine lettuce
four seasons lettuce
ez serve lettuce
looseleaf blend lettuce
flying saucer red lettuce
heatwave lettuce
summer bibb lettuce
super red romaine
Tom thumb lettuce
green ice lettuce
palla rossa radicchio
chio Italian dandelion

radishes and onions are good companion plants to help deal with some insects that aren't good... so they will be what is called a trap plant.

My lettuces produce from 30 days to 80 days.Since I am only planting a little bit of each I shouldn't be ran over, if I am, they will go to the neighbors, family or auction.