Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Sept.28th working on the diet. Winter meals

It's getting too cold (50 degrees with wind chill of 43)for this. LOL. The husky in her is showing. I stayed out with her about 30 minutes. Long enough for me.

Since I am recovering from getting my bivalent booster (mild, really mild but the fatigue is strong and a sore arm) and Hubby is hauling across the state. I decided to finish dealing with the "eating" issues.

 Sunday was a nice day to be outside. So we sat on the kitchen porch with Charlotte and talked about the biggest problem we have in our life right now... eating healthy. 

Doc has been on us about some low numbers in our blood work. Mostly for Hubby. 

Hubby is one that was raised on big servings of meat and corn, was not made to eat their veggies as his dad hates veggies and most fruit, and potatoes was seldom on the table. They were farmers and raised beef and pork. Sunday's meals was popcorn. Cereal was their breakfast, lunch was the big meal of the day and usually a roast of some kind. Supper was leftovers.

I was raised on very little meat, potatoes are every meal (Grandpa grew them) and half the plate of veggies. Eggs, potatoes, bacon and canned biscuits (or toast) for breakfast every single day. Mother never fixed lunch for her or us two kids. Daddy got a bologna sandwich every day (just like his Daddy). Supper was a small piece of meat, half a plate of fried potatoes and a little bit of corn or green beans that Mother canned

We had fruit in season and Hubby had applesauce during winter. I didn't.

Our eating habits SUCK. 

We decide to do what Hubby's former employer had us do one time (got insurance for free if we did it , boy those were the days). 

Eating a rainbow diet. You can google it to get all of it but general guidelines of eating veggies/ fruit for each color group a day.






Since I am in process of inventorying the pantry/freezers. I set the spreadsheet up to list under the colors.

We also decide to rotate through what the main dish would be each day










Neither one of us is much into eating bread daily but need grains to stay healthy. I struggle with grains flaring my Crohn's. BUT we need grains daily so I need to get that in.




Rice (over a half dozen different ones)

Cornmeal: yellow, white masa and polenta

Wheat: white, whole wheat, speltz, cream of wheat

I do have rice flour, semolina, and almond flour.

Barley: flakes and pearl, cream of bulgur

Oats: steel cut, regular and instant



Grapenuts... I use it more in desserts as a layer in parfaits than a cereal 

Hubby's calcium is low... So we have cheese, yogurt, sour cream, heavy cream, half and half and milk (plus dried beans will help also). 

We decided to list main dishes, then figure out which colors of veggies and fruit, grains and dairy to add by day. Hubby thought the color blue/black/ purple would be hard to keep in the diet. Some sites say beets and cabbage fall in this. I think beets are red but I have raised purple radishes. My "red" cabbage is more purple that red. Depends on variety I think. 

Here is the list we made sitting there. I went back through the inventory and added a few things we had like pizza burgers and breaded tenderloin.

Green beans, potatoes and ham one pot with corn bread (my favorite but it was the first thing Hubby thought of)

Ham steak, scalloped (or au gratin) potatoes 

Sausage gravy and biscuits

Potato soup (I have purple, yellow, and red potatoes I can leave the skin on)

Baked pasta (lasagna, manicotti, stuffed shells)

Pasta with salad 

Aunt Dolly's oven meal casserole (1lbs cooked ground or shredded meat. carrots and potatoes with condense soup of choice for "sauce" bake.

Hamburger pie (or Chinese pie or shepherds pie depending on which child I am talking to)

Frittata aka big egg to Hubby

Roasted chicken

Roasted beef roast

Prime rib roast (Christmas only unless he finds one cheap)

Loaded Omelet

Cuban black beans and rice

Red beans and rice


Dried beef and gravy

Scrambled egg with potato O Brien

Shrimp stir fry

Shrimp pasta  

Salmon patty and mashed potato cake

Mackerel patty and boiled potatoes with peas

Mac and cheese with smoke sausage and peas

Grilled cheese sandwiches with carrot salad

Grilled lunch meat sandwiches canned cole slaw 

Cheese quesadilla with refried beans and salsa

Apple rarebit with salad

Country boil 

Reuben casserole

Baked beans with ground meat

Chicken and noodles with mashed potatoes, canned cole slaw

Beef and noodles with mashed potatoes, canned cole slaw

Bean soup (white bean mostly) fried potatoes with onions 

Pork loin roast (leftovers go to BBQ sandwiches)

Pork butt roast (leftovers go to mock Brunswick stew)

London Broil flank steak (leftovers go to stir fry)

Smoke or oven brisket (leftovers go to ragu over polenta or beef and barley soup)

Baked round steak

Pork ribs

Beef ribs

Uncle Ed's cube steak sandwiches


Brat patties

Philly steak subs

Philly steak pizza

Taco pizza

Nonna's pizza *bread dough for crust and deep dish... LOADED


Eggrolls and pot stickers

Fish and chips (potato wedges deep fried)

Fried cabbage, fried potatoes and onions

Meatloaf and mashed potatoes with green beans and corn

Home chef recipe Autumn stew

Sweet potato soup (use leftover sweet potatoes)

Pumpkin soup (good with leftover turkey sandwiches after Tday)

Meatball subs

Sloppy joes

Mushroom joes

Pork chops with red cabbage and apples

Beef stew (leftovers as pot pies)

Chicken (turkey) stew (leftovers as pot pies)

Pizza burger


Taco casserole

Ground pork /mild sausage/hot sausage  some as patties and some as loose ground meat.

Chicken wings

Fried chicken 

Bread tenderloin

Appetizers (what ever we decide on but about half the time loaded French fries)

I have canned beef stew, chili and veggie soup. I have a package of dried broccoli cheddar soup and tortilla soup. I can quickly make taco soup as I have taco meat in freezer. I have store bought soup of chicken noodle, tomato, cheddar and fiesta nacho that I can use as soup or sauces. 

Leftovers that are not enough to make a 2nd meal will go into 123 pasta, casseroles ,stew, soups,chowders and stir fries. I have added liquid to casseroles to make soups. 

Amish elderly lady told me she will grab 2 jars of veggies and 1 jar of protein and calls it pantry soup on a regular bases through the winter. Serves it with pie or a cake with fruit instead of frosting and of course homemade bread

I still need turkey for the freezer and Hubby wants Fritos which he forgot to buy yesterday while we were at the store. I sighed as they were on sale and it was the last day of the sale.  We each had a cart and our own list as I got the perishables.

I will get fresh cabbage and brussels sprouts off and on through winter. Not often on the cabbage as we are making kraut (fingers crossed it's good as it's in the crock).  I put buy 3 on Hubby's list for brussels sprouts... he only got one as he had his finger on the number. I'll have to pick up my pepperoni in 2 wks. Hubby forgot to order the bologna (special made) from a restaurant we grew up around so we might not be able to get it. 

Blessed Be

Prayers for peace and common sense and GOOD MANNERS  


Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Frugal thoughts.

 Blank  mind HA HA. Sometimes it's just automatic to stay frugal. 

Another rainbow

We have seen more rainbows since moving here. HUGE so we can't get the full one in one pic. I love the violet.

Like today... we have a chiro appts. in Sidney. So we will pick up the saw blades that were sharpened that Hubby dropped off while running a job. We will drop off bubble wrap to the thrift shop that uses it. We will get our Covid booster. We will go to the store... I did that list yesterday after we figured out we had extra money for stocking. I worked coupons and sales together. This half need (ham and brussels sprouts) and half want. Our prescriptions should be ready so we can stop and get them and then go to Walmart to get my glasses fixed and Hubby get arrow aka bolts for the cross bow he got at an auction. E said the bow is worth about $1000... Hubby paid $25. AND while on way home we can stop and ask H what time he wants picked up tomorrow morning to go to Holmes co. Hubby is also bringing home apples after his hauling job this morning . He got them off the guy he is hauling for so no extra trip to get them.

The dealer that sold us the solar water pump let us know it was being shipped and should arrive by Friday. 

We harvested more potatoes, crockneck, zucchini and peas. Tomatoes are slowly ripening on the picnic table. I got enough ripen to make 16 pints of pasta sauce. That is done completely. Next batch (will be tomato sauce or juice), will be done Wednesday, as it looks to have enough turned for a canner load. I separated pears for pie filling (never have made pie filling of pears before) and just pears (which I have down off and on for years).

Hubby cleared more of the garden and finished harvesting his last 6 pumpkins so I have my compost pile back. NICE.As I've been putting the scraps around the pond yard part and around E's hay field with his permission. No squash seeds allowed  as his kids last fall tossed the pumpkin seeds in his hay field and now the whole acre is covered in pumpkins. Said he got enough out of the pumpkins at auction to buy the hay and seed for hay but barely and now needs to replant the hay.

Winter curtains are up, windows are locked closed to keep drafts down. Furnace is set on 65 during the day and 70 at night. Curtains open during the day will bring the house up to 72 to 74 as we get sun from east, south and west without the furnace running. 

Hubby got the lamp oil and filled the lamps. We have used the dining room lamp in the mornings. I try to have supper by 4:30 so we don't need the "light".

Dishwasher is ran only when it's full. 

We combined errands either when we are both going or when Hubby's work takes him close to what ever is needed done.

We made a list of meals we haven't had in awhile, compared it to the pantry inventory list and added a few more meals to use what we have.  

Leaving to run the errands.

Blessed Be 

Prayers for peace 

Saturday, September 24, 2022

I am so


The garden is coming off ... 1st frost in forecast.

I picked all the tomatoes and will cover the green ones that are on the picnic table.

I covered the last 2 heads of winter lettuce.

I tucked my flowers and basil in next to the house.

I covered the celery. 

We dodged the frost but wouldn't be shocked if we get an early freeze. Next chance is next Thursday. 

Hubby pulled all the tomato plants including cherry tomatoes. I have a couple small cherry tomato plants in pots we can get a few off at a time. 

The crockneck and zucchini are still producing, slowly. 

Peas are still producing slowly. 

I have 2 heads of winter lettuce. I have some green onions. Both I will need to pull this coming week or cover.

Carrots are really slow. We might end up covering them with straw to keep them going.

I had already started the potato harvests. Yukon gold was done( 5 meals) and started on the russets (3 meals).

I got Purple majesty harvest done

This will make at least 5 meals for us. 

Red luna is done , 

Another 5 meals.

German butterball are done

at least 4 meals, might be 5.

We went back through the sweet potato beds.

smaller but almost doubled what we had pulled the first time. With both harvests we have enough for 30 meals.

I harvested more peas. Another 2 meals in the freezer. I will be harvesting again this afternoon. I have dehydrated peas to add to soups and such. I would like another 8 meals for the freezer but know I will be lucky to get another 2. I need Brussels spouts. I have zero of them and Hubby really likes them. 

I have pears to can today. Thinking of  vanilla bean pear pie filling. Have never ate pear pie filling. 

Zucchini to peel and shred for freezer for zucchini pies through this winter which we both love. 

Zucchini and crockneck squash to chop up for freezer. 

Cantaloupe and watermelon to put in freezer.

Tomato left over skin and seeds to grind that I put in dehydrator yesterday. Should be done to grind.

Tomato juice to cook down to sauce to can today.

Broccoli I blanched (stems diced and blanched for soups) that I flash froze to be vacuumed bagged today.

Cauliflower needs blanched and flash froze today, and vacuumed bag tomorrow.

Tuesday I have 1/2 bushel of red delicious apples coming in to make applesauce and 1/2 bushel of golden delicious apples to make applesauce or pie filling. I will use the cores and peeling to make apple butter. In October there should be fuji and honey crisp apples.

I might pick up more pears. I will know after I can this 1/2 bushel. OR I might just pick up some canned pears at Aldi's.

I washed all the summer bedding and curtains and line dried them and then packed into rubber maid. I have 1 container to take back to barn.

I washed and lined dried all the winter bedding and curtains. Beds are now made with winter bedding (except one that Charlotte decided she wanted to take a nap on, so that's for later) 

I NEED to finish washing the windows and hang the winter curtains. I did lock them so there is not much air coming through them (old windows).

We are out of bread but still have tortilla wraps. I can make corn bread or biscuits if needed as I won't be baking bread while canning.  

Days keep rolling, to do list gets longer. We write what we think about needing done down but right now it's more of "what HAS to be done today?" mode.

Blessed be 

Prayers for peace because insanity is running wild.

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Plans for this week.

 On left is Mr. Cuddles... because he likes to cuddle

On right is Miss Bailey... Miss I don't want anything to do with Nonna unless she's giving treats.

Sucks up when I came in to drop Son2's and his lady's birthday cards off along with the magazine he had lent me. She ran straight to the cabinet where the canned cat food is (that's a treat). I split the can between them and figured I would get a chew out for giving it to them since they are on diets LOL. But didn't. 

I had a doctor appt at noon, almost 2 hrs. drive SOUTH  so routed everything to do the following: 

Stop at Meijer's as we don't have one near us. Got coke a cola and sprite on sale. If I do what I used to ...divide the amount of each bottle into 3rds. I have enough to go 162 day... I can add the Vernor's ginger soda (the only canned pop I drink) to stretch it farther.  I also got broccoli and cauliflower on sale.  

I drove across the street and had the doctor's appt.

Then drove to Son2's...15 min. drive a bit SOUTH of my appt. Dropped off his birthday cards (he is 40 today and next week his lady turns 43)and gave treats to the 4 legged grandkids.

Then drove NORTH 25 mins. to Daughter 2 and dropped off bday cards for 2 of her kids(26 and 22) as she will see them this coming weekend. Gave me a chance to see her also even though she was at work (bartender) and give her a hug.

Then drove NORTH 25 more mins. to Daughter 1's to drop off her bday card (50 SIGH, not sure which one of us is feeling that more).

Then drove NORTH 15 mins. to the Mennonite store and got a half of a bushel of Honey crisp apples and a half of a bushel of bartlett pears 

Within 10 mins of being home Hubby let me know to pick up a prescription and Subway sandwiches.

It really worked out at I only went out of my way of coming home by 10 miles. 

The guy that was ordering saw blades for him let him know it wouldn't be in until Jan but ordering them now froze the cost so he ordered them. If his blade on the buzz saw breaks... he will be using the chain saw again. 

We started taking down the gardens. I have zucchini, yellow egg zucchini, crockneck squash, poblano peppers, yellow wax peppers, cantaloupe, and tomatoes to process.

Autumn is arriving in full force on the 22nd... morning temps in low 40s or high 30s. I am getting the winter curtains and bedding washed and dried HOPEFULLY today. I won't worry about clothes until next week.

Blessed Be 

Prayers for peace.

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Sunbathing ..grid down update and gardens


At least she waited until after I brought the tomatoes in from the deck table so I didn't have to step over her.

I showed Hubby these pics I took while walking the perimeter. It's our east maple tree. Usually the west maple turns first on the south side. It's still green completely.

If we go by old timer's weather, we will have 20 snows (we had 20 fogs in Aug) and a colder winter as the apples skins and corn husks are thicker. Waiting for Oct. 9th, if it's sunny the winter will be very cold, if cloudy then mild. Hubby is hoping for cloudy as it's his birthday also. BUT with Alaska getting hit with Hurricane type weather we can see that affecting what comes our way and when we get hit with colder weather.

I am definitely not ready for the weather to turn. Looking at the Weather channel and seeing I have about 10 days before the weather goes down to the 70s. Nights are already in low 50. Slows down tomatoes ripening. We don't usually see orange leaves until after the first frost which has not happened yet but the nights are cooler than normal. 

A mini celebrations... 

The solar water pump batteries are in  and less than budgeted.

The jumper boxes for the truck (so you can jump the truck/car without another car) are in and less than budgeted.

Oil for lamps is in so Hubby can go get that. It's under budget also since he is the one that hauled it he knows what the price set is. He forgot to take our can to get filed. Not a big deal as E's dad is the one that sells it along with the guy we ordered our wood/coal stove from.

2 sawblades for buzz saw (Hubby uses to cut firewood) is being ordered today so that cost should be in later this week. Another English driver for Amish offered to order them and pick them up when ready as he is in the area of the dealer every two weeks. Saves Hubby the trip across the state as they only do in person orders. The Amish gave Hubby estimation of the costs as they buy that size also.  

The wood/coal stove $$ is in Ally savings earning interest where our local bank interest rate sucks but I like my checking local( or should say was local as they closed that branch but we can use the one every 2 wks. when we go to Chiro) and not online only.

I have 1/3rd of our 2023 medical out of pocket/co pay in Ally also.

I reworked the budget. Our electric average has raised $25 due to increase of kWh costs. I just bumped everything to costing 25% more than it does now. Still will be able to reduce pull from Hubby's IRA. 

We started clearing the gardens. We have more baby butternut squash curing. Sweet potatoes curing. We pulled 1/3rd of the tomato plants. I have a 6 ft round patio table full of  green tomatoes and very few ripe tomatoes. Hopefully today when we go for just the ripe ones, I'll get enough for a canner load. We have more crockneck, yellow egg zucchini and green zucchini to eat. Peas are starting but not getting much... maybe 1/3rd of a cup was ready. I'll take what ever I can get since I freeze them.  

M sent over a pumpkin pie (Amish pumpkin is NOT orange, it's tan when cooked.) She makes a meringue and adds cooked pumpkin... she doesn't use much spices and she forgot the sugar this time... We liked it... wasn't sweet at all. She called it squash pie. It ended up a good laugh. Also let me know I could leave the sugar out of our pumpkin pies LOL.

Sitting down today and figuring out what still needs done before we get hit with autumn weather. 

Blessed Be 

Prayers for peace 

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

In a day

 I found 2 gift cards we had bought 5 yrs ago... didn't completely use... $24.64 lost due to cards out of date. I need to put gift cards in a different spot in my wallet so I see them when I get in my wallet.

I hung laundry on the line even though the day before was not dry yet. Now I have laundry hanging on shower rods and drying racks. Told Hubby I was not washing until it dries. We had 2 fogs back to back that didn't go away until almost noon and then no sun until after 5 pm. 

We went to CVS. I bought $119.41 and between coupons and CVS extra bucks and only getting what was on sale and had the coupon. I paid $63.77.

Hubby needs a "lift" to finish the chimney and he wants it for the weekend (E is helping) that wont' happen until the end of this month or going into next month between their work schedules and when the lift is available. WHICH is okay as Hubby found he was short 4 pieces of the connecting pieces. Won't rent lift until those are in. BUT he at least has the price.

While out he checked at 3 places about his hauling.

We bought 2 meals from our small local store. Scalloped potatoes and ham with a roll. Fed us lunch and dinner. Hubby added a bit of the ratatouille to get more veggies in. Owner told him that she sells out on Wed (meatloaf) and Thurs. (beef and noodles) and Sat is always some sandwich (buyers choice) but the rest of the time she almost has leftovers to figure out what to do with.

After eating I wiped down the pasta sauce jars and Hubby took them down to the pantry. My cerebral palsy is flaring so I am stumbling.

We dropped off the propane contract for winter fuel. So that's off the to do list and to pay list.

Then while he went to deliver messages to Amish ( he now charges for that) I harvested. The chimney bill will be in by Saturday for Hubby to pick up. He asked if it could be ready Friday as he would be in that area then... they were okay with that so he wasn't making a special trip for it. 

Hubby also harvested 6 tan pumpkins. AND there is at least 6 more out growing in his compost garden. 

Cherry tomato vines are breaking when you bump them. 

A&W called about the stove not coming in until Nov. But the coal was in and the next load would be more expensive. So Hubby arranged to go get it after supper as A isn't home until after 6:30  our time. 

We ordered 1 ton... A had extra come in and was expecting another semi to come in with more next week with more expensive coal. Asked if we would be interested in taking 2 tons if he gave us a discount, took 15% off. Yep we took 2 tons (4000 lbs.) of coal. Then had to unload it off the pallets on the trailer BY HAND as our tractor will not lift over 500 lbs. REALLY need a small pallet jack. Especially when the stove comes in. A offered to loan his as long as Hubby brings it right back.

Wasn't bad until Hubby dropped a 40 lb. bag of coal on top of the back of my right hand. He thought I had already adjusted the bottom bag and was in the move up pick up, turn and drop. Terrified he broke my hand... just really smoushed... not even a bruise, just tender this morning. He told me to make a fist and then decided he didn't want me to do that because I might use it on him LOL.

Since A got us a discount on the stove since it's not delivered like promised ... we have the total saved for it.

SO the only things we need to save for NOW is the 2023 medical and down payment (or total payment ) of what ever we buy to replace the truck . Everything else is either paid for or the money is in savings. 

To keep from spending money I shouldn't... When we ordered something on the credit card that is off the grid item,  I wait until I see it has been sent, then I go in and transfer the money to the card as a payment. No worries of getting hit with a high credit card bill and no worries of spending money on one thing when it should have went for something else.

Plans for today.... shred squash for freezer, make eggroll filling for freezer. Might make egg rolls if I make the dough up. Can red cabbage and apples, start pizza sauce as I have enough tomatoes to finish that and what ever is left I can add garlic (the only difference between my pizza sauce and pasta sauce) and can more of that. 

Back to work for me. Have a blessed day

Blessed be

Prayers for peace (and common sense would be nice also)


Tuesday, September 6, 2022

keep just rolling along. Wood stove delayed

 I got 12 jars of plain tomato sauce, 12 jars of BBQ sauce and 12 jars of pasta sauce over the weekend

I still need 34 jars of tomato sauce, 17 jars of pasta sauce, 25 jars of pizza sauce and 12 jars of tomato juice. 

Also at least 16 cups of summer squash,10 cups of peas, 26 jars of applesauce , 42 jars of pears(probably won't happen unless E ends up with extra from someone else)... red cabbage *with apples (what ever I get as I have 4 red cabbage) eggroll filling (using the last 2 green cabbages) along with noodles, eggroll wrappers and dumpling wrappers. Ham and Turkey... chicken thighs if I ever find them.

I have potatoes that are cured that I need to brush off and put in baskets so I have room to put the next batch to cure. I have herbs to be cut and dehydrated

We took a walk out to the fruit trees in the rain (off and on all weekend actually made me feel cold) that are in pots as Hubby is going to transplant them this month and on the way back to the house we toured the gardens and it took both of us to carry 4 of the tomatoes (they would almost make half the pizza sauce as I can 6 oz jars). Goat bag tomatoes are turning red LOL. 

Peas are blooming. Hubby point the blooms out and that he needed to go ahead and pull the Brussels sprouts and kalettes that did NOTHING. First time that happened. Depending on price is I buy any Brussels sprouts. for the freezer. 

Sweet potato vines are starting to turn yellow so it won't be long that we will be harvesting them.

The last piece of chimney is in. Hubby is going to find a lift to rent so E and him are safer that standing on a ladder or the roof reaching out.

Chimney came in under budget so did propane so the "extra" will go to the medical fund for next year. 

The manufacture let A know the stove was waiting on 1 piece to come in, since it's the piece to hold the top , it's kind of can't go around that issue.  Won't be in until Nov.  

I rechecked for the millionth time where we would be with propane. If it comes in before the end of Jan (worse possible in my mind) we would be okay. Worse would be we order more propane and pay the going price. We could use a gas buddy heater in the pump house instead of the propane on the main tank. Will lower the thermostat more than last year.

The coal is in and ready for pick up. A said to come get this load not wait until stove is in because it will be increasing by 10 %. This was also under budget at we figured the inflation would have already been added in.

We have 2 things Hubby had not ordered that I told him to order now. The stove is going to be the last to save for instead of the medical and these last 2 items.

Other orders for grid down items has came in UNDER budget ( I would rather over budget than under budget) that money WAS going to be shifted to medical $$. 

Now I am finishing paying for the items not ordered and transferring the medical to savings and then finish saving for the stove since I have 2 months to do that.

Now to go to CVS and use my extra bucks before they expire.

Saturday, September 3, 2022

Have you heard about the tomato shortage!!!!!!

 Drought hit tomatoes hard. 

I decided to look at what all that would affect...

shortages will affect

Restaurants with salads, sandwich toppings, pasta, Mexican and other dishes that use tomatoes or tomato sauce.

Pizza places and BBQ joints would get hit also.

On the home front if you don't can it yourself...

tomato soup

tomato juice including V8

some veggie soups.

pasta sauce, pizza sauce, salsa

tomatoes fresh , diced canned, whole canned.

tomato sauce canned, tomato paste canned

BBQ sauce, some steak sauces, cocktail sauce.

Another thing I have noticed is in short supply/cost raised a lot. Campbells Fiesta nacho cheese soup and Campbells cheddar cheese soup. I noticed it when an Amish lady mentioned she was going to have to change her pantry soup because those two were hard to get. So I checked .... none of the stores around here have it...said it is on back order and it's through the roof in cost on Amazon. 

It's not HERE WE GO AGAIN... it's more of HERE WE ARE STILL.

Sept 3rd....wrapping up August. Checking finances.

 I know we will have a bill from the Urgent care for Hubby... but it should be the last bill we have to pay out of pocket, being the first time he has finished paying his out of pocket deductible. I can imagine what the Xray and lab will run let along the Urgent care bill 


Solar water pump is paid for

The money for the chimney, coal, wood/coal stove, propane for this winter, 2 jumper boxes for trucks, 2 solar pump batteries , and 2 saw blades for the buzz saw are now in the savings.

We STILL need to save for next year's out of pocket. The company Hubby retired from puts out the health ins for their retirees mid Oct. about the same time Social Security puts out the COLA raise. So we will also know what we need to pay for health ins.

IRS is trying to change how those that inherited IRA's 2020 and after withdraw the money. If that changes I will have to withdraw more...and that is okay as Hubby will just not withdraw as much. 

End of Dec 2018 Hubby retired, three months later we bought this house and as of Jan 2019 was pulling enough to cover doing this house  (Amish no electric, running water or heat) to ADA wheelchair accessible with propane, electric, running water, water heater, and internet. IF money gets bad we could slap plastic up on the windows in winter (like AMISH HA HA) and call it done.

At the end of the 1st year starting 2020 we reduced withdraws by $2000. Even with supporting Daughter 4 while fighting cancer.

2021 we cut it another $1000. 

2022 we cut it another $1000. even while supporting the business when the work wasn't coming in and buying the off the grid items.

2023... even with adding 25% increase in our costs as things are already up 10%( we aren't pulling more) and our financial guys are worried it will go up another 15% next year ... we will be cutting the withdraw by $3000...worse will be cutting by $2500 if we have to replace the truck sooner than later. Mainly it's only being used once a week if that. We really try to make everything on the Tuesday our chiro is on. 

I am down to needing ham and turkey for stocking.

I am finished as of today with BBQ sauce. 

I still need 26 of pasta sauce. 26 pizza sauce, 26 tomato sauce and 12 tomato juice. 

Garden is still coming in so there is plenty of tomatoes to gather.

Sept 1st Urgent care and update on daughter 4

 and it was weird to drive Hubby to Urgent care (this is Wednesday)

He thought he broke it at joint of big toe, I thought gout. NP thought both.

Was neither... still don't know. Put on steroids and to call his primary who he had called but couldn't get in to.

Primary got him in after hours on Thursday... thinks it's the beginning of gout so put him on gout meds. Hubby started them today(Saturday as Primary warned him they cause diarrhea and hubby is hauling during the week). It's only meds for a couple days. We think.... too low of carbs triggered it as it helps flush uric acid out of your system. He was eating less than 100 grams instead of the 225 he wasn't to go under. 

Daughter 4 went to Urgent care for stomach pains. Found she had fatty liver , Type 1 diabetes, and gallbladder on top of her lupus. Her cancer screening results(test is the 14th) will be in Oct 21st, the day before her birthday. She had surgery for the cancer ON her birthday....said it was the gift of healing from herself. Diabetes runs thick in our family.  Her job is working with her right now, figures crossed they will continue to do so. Helps she works 2nd and can get appts done in the morning. BUT  it put a hold on her getting a promotion in the dept she is in (welding).