Tuesday, January 5, 2010

day 5 Eating from the Pantry

Last night we ended up having tacos.I wanted something spicy to help clear sinus and ears.We had everything so we still ate from the pantry.

Today we have ate from the frig and tonight I will make pork and veggie stir fry using the last of the pork tenderloin from New Year's Day. Everything from the pantry again.Just going to find a recipe for ginger sauce to use with it.
I have chosen to NOT shove any leftovers in to the freezers. I think we could eat a month on those that have been shoved in the freezers right now.

Meantime while fighting my own ear/sinus issues. Our older dog,Tashy, had to have a bruise drained on her ear and get ear drops due to her ear infection. Been nice if she would have been scratching or had stinky ears so I would have known she had an ear infection. She thinked her ear on something and the bruise didn't dissolve on it's own so the vet drained it.She goes back in a week to get stitches removed.

we still don't have Hubby's truck back, been at mechanics since Oct 9th>hubby's 51st bday gift from his truck was the transmisson going out and having a area of rust( that wasn't seen without removing the bed or going under the truck) that was about to let his bed fall off. Sigh.

Right now I am going back to making veggie broth from my peelings I've been saving in the freezer ( recipe from Gayle over at http://www.grocerycartchallenge.blogspot.com/) and checking what is next on my to do list.

Blessed be