Thursday, July 28, 2022


 I told Hubby I was tired. Breathing was messed up through the night, probably allergies since I spent 8 hrs. each day in the gardens yesterday and the day before.

He told me to take the day off . THEN as he walked out the door to his hauling job, mentioned the dishwasher still needed unloaded and reloaded and he had 2 items needing pretreated before they were washed and they were on the floor of the laundry room and we were out of boiled eggs and he forgot to put the blackberries in the freezer. 

Work done this week:

Helped widow two houses down with charging her dead battery, spraying her driveway for weeds and going through so legal paperwork that was confusing her. Hubby dealt with the battery and weeds. Since I dealt with that paperwork before (I was widowed in 1989) I got that part. She was making it harder than what is was. 

I updated our finances and we went over the get it done list.

Cleared 2nd wardrobe so we can take it upstairs from front room.

I canned green beans, broth, turnips, and beets and froze blackberries, angel food cake and a handful of red raspberries.

I loaded, dehydrated and unloaded 27 trays twice.

I put over a dozen dill heads (for dill seeds) in paper bags.

I harvest and have curing 50 onions.

I planted 50 more onions.

Hubby checks his "garden" daily. He thinks pumpkin, maybe a zucchini and he's not sure if the other is cucumber or a different zucchini. He doubts if the corn does anything unless the field across the road in corn pollenates it.

I harvested, weeded and replanted 32 (actually 34 as 2 are 16 ft long instead of the 8 ft of the others) garden beds . I watered all of it (will have to water daily where I planted carrots until they are up) and the 59 potato bags/crates.  We got 5 very small (golf ball size) peaches. First time our tree fruited. 

I fertilized 2 dozen pots of flowers, herbs and cherry tomatoes.

Hubby spent so far 20 hrs. removing cow poop from our pond. E feels horrible and would love to help but Hubby is using a trash pump (think septic tank pump of a smaller size) to remove it. He has gotten it clear 3 times now and then it rains and brings more up from the bottom. E said he will never put a cow anywhere near a pond or stream again. We are trying to get it clear so they can use the pond to cut ice for their ice houses. Otherwise several families are not going to have ice next Jan/Feb. when they usually cut. I would add the geese, duck (first time for that) and heron have been in the pond fishing... that's a good sign.

I have one room completely deep cleaned. I thought maybe 4 hrs. since it's a small room... took 2 days. SIGH . Old age sucks. 

 Still needed to be done:

I have grapes to harvest, zucchini to deal with, cucumbers to deal with, cherry tomatoes and a few red oxheart tomatoes to deal with.  A large head of cabbage was given to us that I need to deal with. I need to blanche the last of the broccoli. Our cauliflower did not make so I will buy some and process it for the freezer. Apple trees took a really bad hit with the freeze that came in after the blooms were on so we will need to buy apples.

I rechecked the need to stock list. Instead of getting sausage dinner patties I want to get some ground pork to cook up for eggroll in a bowl. I can use part of the cabbage we have in that along with the carrot I already have. 

We still need chicken thighs, breasts, and wings. Still need turkey and Jif peanut butter.

How is your week going? 

Blessed Be

Prayers for peace

Stay safe.