Monday, September 20, 2021

HA HA menu plan

I do great at making a menu... I suck at staying on menu.

So in no order of when we will eat what. On the menu

beef and noodles, mashed potatoes and cole slaw or salad

123 pasta (one onion, 2 cups protein, 3 cups or more veggies and 1 lb. pasta..sauce floats) and salad

bfast for dinner... use leftover steak from Sunday for omelets or egg burritos, French toast with pie filling.

fried cabbage, fried potatoes with onions and corn bread  Might chop leftover smoked sausage in cabbage if enough left over.

philly cheese steak pizza with salad

Breaded fish with French fries and coleslaw. 

stir fry (what ever needs used up in frig) fried rice (actually it's yellow rice with onion, peas and carrots), eggrolls and pot stickers aka fried dumplings.

Hubby says we will do 3 meals the least. I say 4. Both of us will be shocked it is all of them. LOL

16th to the 20th


 Amish started working on the front porch. Hubby has to move the fence and due some filling in with gravel before they can build the ramp that will go on it. 

Since I was so tired but couldn't just sleep away the day as I was the only one home so the one to answer questions.

I caught up the mending.3 of Hubby's shirts, One of his work pants. Of mine there was a skort, shorts, and 4 bras that the cups kept coming out of  in the laundry. I also mended 2 hand towels and 2 face cloths. 

Just getting that done made it a good day. 

I also wiped down all the canning I did last week but I didn't carry it to the basement. I can do that tomorrow.

Having leftover chuck roast , mashed potatoes  and corn.


I carried all the recent canning down and put them away. Straightened 2 shelves. 

I harvested peas, shelled them and put them in pan in freezer to flash freeze.

I harvested concord grapes and using my new steamer made grape juice. I thought about making grape mash jam from the stuff left and decided against it. I have enough canning to do. 

We talked about getting rid of that grape harbor. We have 2 other grape harbors that should start producing some next year. This harbor is right next to the curve in the driveway. I really would like Hubby to take it out and straighten that section as much as possible by widening the driveway.. which lead to the conversation that he is still putting 2 wheels in the yard when he leaves and pulls in. We need to widen the driveway at the asparagus on the asparagus side. I think it will also help him as he keeps thinking he is going to hit the mail box. Can't move the mail box as there is no other place for it due to the country drain ditch. SO that was put on the punch list.

We had chicken wraps for supper.


I bagged frozen peas. We now have 18 meals. It's been a very slow harvest. If I was canning I would have never got enough at one time to can even a pint. By freezing even 1/2 cup is doable. 

Hubby hauled. Produce auction is having their annual pumpkin sale on Tuesday. S has 4 if not 5 loads to go. Hubby started hauling the first on today. He will do 2 more on Monday and possible another on Tuesday. It will be a mad house at the auction as a lot of the local stores have people coming in to buy for their stores.

We straightened up the front porch area. He stabilized the steps we are using for right now. Not sure if we will leave steps on that end when the ramp is up because that is where the ramp starts in the driveway. We might put steps at the other end of the ramp and change the fencing in that area as I wouldn't want to walk up that close to dogs if I didn't know them and they carried on like ours does.

We had leftovers for supper


The day of rest and we took it. We did talk about getting through the rest of the boxes, extra furniture, Daddy's stuff etc. as we just had some friends have to hire help to clear a parent's home and that was after 2 yrs. of being in assisted living home and them tossing stuff on a regular bases. Like Daddy's some of the wooden furniture had dry rotted so bad it couldn't be fixed. 

We decided to finish clearing the barn (house is done except for extra dishes) by next summer. I am 2/3rds the way through the front bay.

 Hubby has the last stall done and is going to put the tractor and it's equipment in that stall. Middle stall is half done, (he thinks mowing equipment and the motorcycle. The stall at the door..the south side of it is a kennel for the dogs if needed and he wants to put  his work truck on the northside so he can plug it in during the winter . He has a diesel truck and it needs the heater to be on during winter. 

The big bay and the loft over it is not been touched at lot. Goal is to have gone through EVERY THING by next summer.

I fixed shrimp cocktail, T-bone steak, twice baked potato and salad for supper.

Our tv started messing up today. Hubby sent pic to Son 1 and he said it was dying. BUT did tell us what he just bought himself as his had just died. We bought it in the spring of 2014. 


I called 2 doctors that I am over due for check ups. Neither are taking patients at this time due to high rate of covid. I won't bother to try again as it's been a month now for the same reason. It's getting worse not better around us.

I harvested 2 zucchini, 1 golden zucchini, 1 cucumber, enough green beans to make a meal for us tonight and maybe 1/2 cup of peas that went in the freezer. 

Hubby hauled a couple more loads of pumpkins for S and then picked up a load of pallets from another Amish that's driver that had to cancel due to truck breaking down. 

We are having green beans, leftover mashed potatoes and beef and noodles for supper.