Monday, March 11, 2019

In Hospital ,Looking at surgery in 4-6 wks

If my GI can push through the insurance, I will be having anastomsis surgery or ileostony surgery within 4-6 wks. He is wanting to me be recovered enough before gardens are needing canned. Nice to have a doctor that is willing to look at your life and say this makes it easier for you. 

 The cycle is getting more often on my Crohn's attacks, the attacks are caused by scar tissue from having my appendix rupture. He is HOPING that an anastomsis is possible and takes that cycle down to YEARS not months. Worse is ileostony...well in my eyes being told my entire small intestine was dying would be the worse because I am not a good candidate for transplants.  

I will have blood work done before I leave here in 2-3 days. Then on prednisone   4 wks. and at week 2-3 depending on ins hoop jumping I will have testing to see which surgery would be the best. He is hoping anastomsis... but gave me the time line of surgery, recovery until I will able to lift weight to do my canning... He wants to push it as hard as he can to have the surgery as soon as he can so not to mess up my gardens so much

Worse time line is full recovery June 6th.

The first 2-3.wks recovery I can blanch, freeze or put Qrts jars in the canner. I just can’t lift the canner. I don’t lift the canner now so that’s not really a difference for me.

I do need to look at what I am planting in Spring garden and how much help I will need in it BEFORE I plant.

Blessed Be