Sunday, February 7, 2016

Frugal things I did this week 2.1.2016 thru2.7.2016

On the first, we went to the local store. Every few months they send out coupons that are good for certain weeks. I try to go on Monday when it starts.  While I was gathering the items with the coupons and checking sales on meat (frozen chicken breast was $2.33, cheapest I've seen in several months and we have been out for quite awhile now PLUS ground beef 80/20 was on sale for $2.88 where it's been running around $5.39)...anyways...Hubby always checks the discount carts...most time this is very good and being frugal...Monday not as much as it should have been as he picked up  11 different breads and 3 different cakes. Neither of us eat a lot of bread let cake. SINCE they were discounted they aren't going to last long and I specified we didn't have freezer room or frig room for much....SIGH. BUT I won't argue with him over such things in the store.

Still he saved me several hours of bread making and desserts and has came up with ideas and even a couple recipes to use it up. He saved $48.32 on all of it. We lost one loaf (so it's $46.33) savings. He had sat it on the dining table in the sun light and with being in plastic it produced moisture and then molded by the next afternoon.  Now he understand what I don't let much of any food sit on the dining table.I had moved it back to the kitchen twice and he moved it back.

We got gas for his truck using our fuel rewards from the store and saved 50¢ a gal.

I did our taxes online instead of going to the local office which saved us over $200. I was a bit  worried even though I used to work for H &R Block of doing it myself with all the new rules and such.

I found a cheaper place to get my printer ink (thanks to Jen), and to check  for the coupons first.

I made 1 lb of red beans into soup and made it last 3 meals. Soup,fried potatoes and onions and white corn bread. Beans and rice  and then beans and rice burritos for the last part. We ate odd and ends the rest of the week of things that needed used up bacon (SMILE)

What did you do this past week to be frugal?

Blessed Be