Saturday, February 10, 2018

The new expensive clothes/frugal/dogs

Daughter 2 took this picture for me, right after she cracked the joke she plans to inherit this hoodie in about 20 years.  Definitely warm as I only had a tank under it and didn't need my coat with it being 10° outside and I ran around without a coat.

This is the skirt, really comfortable. The only negative I found was I had to carry a lint brush with me as Charlotte's baby fine white fur stuck very well to it.  I wore it when we went to Basil's on Market for our Valentine's day dinner. Early but we got the all you can eat crab legs with house salad and truffle french fries for $30/each . It's not a meal on their menu.  Each time they brought out more crablegs for us( we ate 4 claws (4-5 "fingers") each their brought out more truffle french fries... I have enough french fries for a meal for the 3 of us if not more.Top it will chili, sour cream and cheese and call it done.I did notice that even though you could order a drink, appetizers etc plus the special. every single person that was getting the crab leg special was only ordering water to go with the meal.

We decided since there is Valentines day and our anniversary(I made reservations for this meal at Basil's on Market) and we wanted to eat out at a nice sit down restaurant we would not get any fast food this month .We will be taking Daddy to Bob Evans but we have a coupon and gift card for that and Daddy pays the tip.

We have been eating from the pantry, have not been to the grocery store since Jan 31s Someone is going to have to stop and get milk/ half and half/ heavy cream probably Monday.I used all the half and half and the heavy cream and custard pie is on the menu as I use a 1949 recipe.

Daughter 2 got excited as I opened the beef veggie soup I had canned last fall. She is the only one that eats it in her house. She got a new place and will be moving March 1st. I will have to vacuum my own floors SIGH  well I won't when we move in new house ... HA HA.  Next time I can Veggie soup, I'll can some pints for her.

I see empty spots in the pantry and freezers which is good though part of me wants to refill it...not doing that so don't have to move it.Lots of sales right now and I just started pitching the ads directly into the burn trash so not to even think about it.

I washed baggies, box inserts,and foil.Daughter 2 brought home some plasticware that someone had left at work and didn't claim. She washed it out and brought it home. Hung delicates on drying rack, washed heavy clothes first so if they weren't completely dry they went in with second load for dryer. Cold water, homemade laundry soap and vinegar for the softener.

Mixed water with dish soap, hand soap, body soap, shampoo and conditioner. Used orange peel vinegar to clean floors.

Turned off coffee pots, laptops and printer when not in use. Daughter 2 said she is down to running heater in her room 6 hrs if that.

Reloaded the medications, toilet paper, paper towels and dog treats from storage in upstairs.

Reloaded dried fruit and M&M s from storage upstairs.

Didn't go anywhere as Charlotte and Wilbur got fixed from Wed to Friday...Vet said she wasn't pregnant as I had him make sure before surgery, yes that was an unnecessary expense  but I feel better about the choice of surgery at this time. They are doing fine, Charlotte is recovering faster that Wilbur due to her age even though her surgery was more than his.

Her favorite place to sleep even though she thinks she's hiding (under a glass dining table) and is now too big to curl in the middle.

Wilbur was goofy. He slept most of the evening and then got up and did this
Yes he is totally asleep standing with his head on the couch by Hubby. Hubby picked him up and laid him on couch.

I transplanted the tomato seedlings I had started.

Blessed Be