Wednesday, August 12, 2020

My kitchen is a wreck

 that is now starting to travel into the dining area and mud room.

It happens when I am canning, freezing, dehydrating and stocking up from stores. I know I know but really.

Shelves, drawers, and cabinets are on this week's deep cleaning list. Today it's the kitchen. AND instead of putting extra what ever's in the basement. It's in a box to give to Daughter 4 that will pass to those in need. I keep telling myself that.

I found the pizza box in the oven on Sunday, it was supposed have been burnt over a week ago in the burn barrel. Washed the skillet and cleaned things off. moved the spices and put the bread box on that end as it keeps getting buried on the bfast counter... Lasted 2 days and it's a mess again BUT at least the bread box is not buried. I think the problem here is Hubby unloads the dishwasher when he is making coffee in the morning. He puts down the dishes that come to dining room on the north side of bfast bar either on the roll cart or the bfast bar.He also puts stuff the goes to the basement on roll cart instead of basement door in crate.

It did look like does not stay looking like this. At this moment there is hummingbird food, a bottle of original Listerine (for feet soaking) a tea kettle that belongs on the stove, sanitizer spray I made for wiping door knobs, switches and faucets on a daily bases, the clean bacon grease tin and a can of furniture polish added to the clutter... why furniture polish? As M, my Amish neighbor told me she uses furniture polish on her cook stove (wood burning) to keep things like boiled over milk from sticking. She suggested I use it on mine but make sure I didn't get it on the actual gas burners. Which of course I got the spray on them, Hubby took a wire brush and cleaned them and we found if I take a wire brush once a week to clean the burners they work BETTER and yes the polish keeps things from sticking to the stove top. AKA the boiled over potato soup... the milk crud wiped right off instead of baking and needing scrapped off.

It looked so good but now I can't even see the radio or any of the table top. I don't know why Hubby put a Styrofoam cooler on the table but the rest of the crap is on me... extra plates I pulled from the china cupboard and paper crap .

 GRRR the eggs are put away and the tea chest is there now. There is sacks of food that needs repacked for storage and a cookie jar we don't use as it doesn't keep cookies fresh. A bouquet of flowers on the corner instead of the sprayer. There is two piles of papers and both my laptops (one on top of the other) sitting on the other side. This is always a battle ground. 

SO today is what L (M's oldest girl) calls kitchen work.